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Laugh Today

So I was trolling Twitter while watching the “Modern Family” marathon today and a great hashtag came up. I know some of my readers don’t like Twitter (and it can be annoying) but this is a good one: #AddaWordRuinaMovie


The Lord of the Onion Rings

The Shirley Temple of Doom

Iron Deficiency Man

Paranormal Activity Book

Jurassic Trailer Park

Tax Return of the Jedi

Schindler’s Grocery list

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Antidepressents

Field of Wet Dreams

Batman Begins Chemotherapy

Death March of the Penguins

The Breakfast Burrito Club

Finding Nemo’s Remains

Dances With Teen Wolves

Grandma Debbie Does Dallas

Lincoln Nebraska

Men In Black Hose

Lady and the Tramp Stamp

The Human Remains of the Day (Thanks, The Bloggess!)

Mr. Holland’s Gaping Opus

101 Delicious Dalmatians

The Sound of Dubstep Music

Caddyshack II

Three Men and a Dead Baby

Miracle Whip on 34th Street

Old Yeller Dies

Aliens Vs. Child Predator

She’s Gotta Have It Biopsied

Last Bouncy House on the Left

…yes there are better things I could be doing ….

Arias Motions Still Unresolved



This is getting ridiculous! Today they had a closed door meeting to address issues that were supposed to be addressed the last three times and guess what? No resolution. What is the point? Well at least the defense is getting some more money. I have linked the article about today’s hearing and it is worth a read. It brings up how silly it is for the defense to want to deny media access when the defendant was all over the media. They also want to sequester the jurors, move the trial and monitor the jurors twitter accounts. Read the article for Mr. Martinez’s response. He is the only voice of reason.


What The Government Shutdown Really Means


Before I begin just know all the facts that I state are from a USA Today story (“66 Questions and Answers About The Government Shutdown”) which I will link to at the end. Some of the highlights:

1.  You will still get your mail (more bills).

2.  If you are currently enjoying nature in one of our national parks you now have 2 days to clear out.

3.  The Smithsonian, the Holocaust Museum and most Presidential Libraries will be closed. (I have a group of 8th grade students leaving to see the Holocaust Museum next week as they just read ‘The Diary of Anne Frank”.)

4.  ‘eVerify’, the government’s system for owners to check the legal work status of employees is shut down. (I did not see that one coming).

5.  Seniors: Good News! You will continue to get Social Security. Just don’t lose your card as they are not issuing any right now.

6.  The IRS has suspended all audits! More time to hide stuff!

7.  Number of furloughed government employees? Estimates are 800,000 to 1 million.

8.  Congress ( and the President) will continue to get paid. (Saw that one coming).

9.  If the shutdown continues into October the money helping wounded Veterans will run out. This could have an effect on more than 3.6 million veterans. My Dad was a vet and this is unacceptable. Oh, but they will still have the money for their tombstones.

10.  The odds are that this will not last long. Most of theses shutdowns (there have been 17) only last a matter of days. The longest recorded was 21 days. Here’s to hoping Congress can get it together. I hear one of the holdups is they do not want to fund ‘Obamacare.”


If you are wondering why I all of a sudden went into politics (which I normally hate) I just couldn’t resist this story. Also no good trials right now.

Arias Settlement Hearing

There is a settlement hearing scheduled for October 24th where a retired judge and the attorneys from both sides will sit and discuss a settlement. This could be the end of the case. I have a link to a short video with Jeff Gold, an attorney who has been in Arizona on this case, going over the possibilities. Very interesting.