Blade Runner Trial- Day 5

Some points were made for the prosecution today. Here’s the rundown:

The first witness, Samantha Taylor, brought up several occasions where Pistorius brandished his gun. (Pistorius has several gun charges as well as the murder charge). One time it was after he was stopped for speeding. Apparently he was mad at the police officer so after he drove away he shot the gun through his sunroof. He also woke her up at least two times during the niight because of a noise and got out his gun. This is important because Pistorius admits he did not wake Reeva up or check the bed before shooting her in the bathroom. She also countered the defense when she said he does NOT scream like a girl. Samantha broke up with Pistorius because of his temper and his roving eye (he cheated on her).

The second witness, a security guard named Pieter Baba, said Pistorius called him after the shooting and was too upset to talk, so he called him back and then he said: “Security, everything is fine.” This was about 10 minutes after he shot and killed Reeva.



11 thoughts on “Blade Runner Trial- Day 5

  1. Susan David

    I’m so happy that they are able to bring in all this evidence….in the Arias trial so much was not allowed in because it was too prejudicial….perhaps south Africa has it right….they are in court to find the truth….in the USA you are in court to tell your tail, throws things up against a wall to see what sticks….thank God there was so much evidence for the prosecution and she received the appropriate charge….now another year goes by before she even gets sentenced…’s a messed up system!….OP probably wishes he was in the states….well not a DP state, but in the states….or Canada…if he did that in Canada he’d be out of jail in five years, with time served, good behaviour and the automatic one third of your sentence gets taken off right of the hop…Canada has the best judicial system for murderers …’s truly disgusting!

    1. edimminger Post author

      Wow- I had no idea about Canada. If I was a serial killer I would move there. I agree with you an=bout South Africa- they would never allow the gun charges in the U.S. And there is no jury!

      1. Susan David

        Yes….Canada judicial system is a joke…life doesn’t mean life and killers most of the time don’t even get life….it’s truly disgusting!….very few are in there for life, people like Paul Bernardo who had to be deemed dangerous to society or something like that…he got life…his whole life….but thinking on that I gotta look that up…he probably can apply for parole doesn’t mean hell get it….his accomplice, his wife was out in eight years…and she did everything he did but she testified against him so they made a deal with the devil…very sad because they hadenough evidence against him

  2. Susan David

    Also…..thank you for the daily updates….it’s so easy this way….for me that is….I’m sure not for you….so thanks a lot!

    1. edimminger Post author

      Thank you! I love to follow trials but think it’s easier to just state the main facts for the readers. Fun for me. I am not paid for this. By the way so you see ads when you read my blog?

  3. K

    Saying everything is fine 10 min after the incident is all I would need to hear to sentence him. Even if it was an accident, he’d be so upset and flustered at that point he’d be screaming and asking for medics. He was trying to contain the situation, probably considering how to cover up.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I know- that was it for me, too. I mean you just shot her three times, her brains are coming out, she is dead and ‘everything’s fine’?? WTF?

  4. deej

    Am I the only one having a heard time paying attention? “Tawndilly” had the videos up on you tube, but I just haven’t really gotten into it yet. And I was SO looking forward to this trial. Maybe now that people are taking the stand, I can get more into it. Damn, that guy is hot!! He will certainly be the “one down under” (men at work) =). If he gets convicted and had a roomie that thinks he I’d hot too. (hope that comment was not too “debasing” (JA) quote.

    Thank you again for following this trial! I always come here 1st, them on to you tube if something sound interesting.


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