What The Government Shutdown Really Means


Before I begin just know all the facts that I state are from a USA Today story (“66 Questions and Answers About The Government Shutdown”) which I will link to at the end. Some of the highlights:

1.  You will still get your mail (more bills).

2.  If you are currently enjoying nature in one of our national parks you now have 2 days to clear out.

3.  The Smithsonian, the Holocaust Museum and most Presidential Libraries will be closed. (I have a group of 8th grade students leaving to see the Holocaust Museum next week as they just read ‘The Diary of Anne Frank”.)

4.  ‘eVerify’, the government’s system for owners to check the legal work status of employees is shut down. (I did not see that one coming).

5.  Seniors: Good News! You will continue to get Social Security. Just don’t lose your card as they are not issuing any right now.

6.  The IRS has suspended all audits! More time to hide stuff!

7.  Number of furloughed government employees? Estimates are 800,000 to 1 million.

8.  Congress ( and the President) will continue to get paid. (Saw that one coming).

9.  If the shutdown continues into October the money helping wounded Veterans will run out. This could have an effect on more than 3.6 million veterans. My Dad was a vet and this is unacceptable. Oh, but they will still have the money for their tombstones.

10.  The odds are that this will not last long. Most of theses shutdowns (there have been 17) only last a matter of days. The longest recorded was 21 days. Here’s to hoping Congress can get it together. I hear one of the holdups is they do not want to fund ‘Obamacare.”

Link:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/09/29/questions-and-answers-about-the-shutdown/2888419/

If you are wondering why I all of a sudden went into politics (which I normally hate) I just couldn’t resist this story. Also no good trials right now.

54 thoughts on “What The Government Shutdown Really Means

  1. rrredmeat

    Are Republicans the new Democrats?

    Remember how in the 90′s Democrats used to whine and complain that Republicans won battle after battle because they were better organised, more disciplined and more ruthless? Well maybe the boot is on the other foot now…

    The budget / Obama-care battle is looking like one that will (sadly) be a victory for the Dems. Poll after poll shows that voters will blame the GOP for the shut down. Which is why Boehner desperately wanted to avoid this battle and save his fire for the debt ceiling fight which is just around the corner. But could he control his caucus? No. Well, not nearly as effectively as Harry Reid controlled his. Not a single Dem senator broke ranks on the budget fight, even the “red state” ones who are facing tough re-election battles and could be hurt by this.

    If Boehner had had his way, then the GOP in the house would have avoided this fight and instead been alive and well to win the debt ceiling fight. But he couldn’t control his flock as well as Reid controls his.

    So we will bleed centre-ish support over this fight instead of scoring valuable points in a totally win-able debt ceiling battle…

    And by being totally inflexible on any compromise to the budget, Reid has ruthlessly forced the first of these two big battles to be fought on terrain that favours him and will thus deliver a well-thought out victory for our Democrat friends.

  2. Judy Peal

    I personally am fed up with Washington, DC…. I am fed up with the fact that here in America, WE ARE ALLOWING TERRORIST TRAINING CAMPS…(THIS MEANS WASH, DC, AGAIN ARE NOTHING BUT PENCIL PUSHERS) IN 31 OF OUR STATES. I know we cannot depend on FBI, REMEMBER, they closed their files on the Boston Terrorist. WASH DC SHOULD ALSO BE SUBJECT TO NO PAY/NO BENEFITS WHEN THEY SHUT DOWN AMERICA. Mixedbagblogdotcom, you are correct.

    J. C. Peal


  3. Judy Peal

    Great, now I have more gray hairs and I am only 62. 1) TERRORIST TRAINING GROUNDS IN USA. 2) Wash, DC, where are the Educators to stop THIS ARGUMENTS BETWEEN OUR REPRESENTATIVES 3) WHY DO THEY STILL GET PAID, HELL, THEY DO NOT DO NOTHING. J. C. Peal


    1. Pam

      We said no taxation without representation……now we are getting taxed to death to pay all these useless people to represent us so they can legally tax us to death while they live high on the hog… what made me sick this morning when I heard they still get their checks was hearing about a special formula some babies have to have due to some condition. Its to expensive for parents to afford. The babies will NOT get it because the offices that help them get it are closed…….. as you say they will still get the babies doctors bills..the jokes on us.

      1. Pam

        Ok Dr; Drew…Nancy Grace and Jean Valez. I agree your right about the rest. I admit when I’m wrong

      2. ldlpllpenny

        Pam my girlfriend just called to let me know M.J. family lost lawsuit. I am so glad. If they go after Dr I have know problem but M.J. was nothing but a drug addict who had all the money in the world to get help. Dr played his part and is where he should be – jail.

      3. Pam

        ok cool..these eyes what they use to be. will read it again tomorrow.. been reading my book all day a little blurry thanks I agree with you about Michael and the drugs. I loved his music but he was a sad man who did not want to grow up

      4. Pam

        I don’t think i’ll sleep to good tonight. I had a lump last year that had to come out but it was ok. six months ago they found another one. It was really small so tomorrow I am having a ultra sound on it. I am kind of worried a little. I am thinking since the last one was ok it will be fine. I have just had a bad month with all the intervenous and infections. I am tired of it. A little stressed. I think thats why I didn’t see article right. I wasn’t paying whole attention.

      5. Pam

        Thanks.. I’ll be fine. I just kind of stressed there for a minute. lol sitting here on computer and figuring out my budget. My SS comes tomorrow. I just checked my calender. My ultra sound is Friday. I thought tomorrow was Friday. When I stress I get messed up lol Did I tell you guys I learned how to give myself needles. Its not so bad. getting it in that little bottle straight is the hardest part.

      6. Pam

        I had my ultra sound today. It hurt when she pushed to hard on my breast. I see the doc this coming week. I’m kind of nervous but…oh well. I’m off to bed its 1am…talk to you guys soon laters

      7. Pam

        I thought I took my ambian sleeping pill and laid down…no sleep up and up. I finaiy got back on the computer and it was sitting on my desk. I didn’t take it.. so I just did it will hit me so lol

      8. Pam

        I was on a political page and made a sarcastic comment. OMG still laughing. I forgot some of those people have no idea what sarcasm is. roflmao. I was referring to whether our government cares or doesn’t care so I wrote…Obaamacare or Obamadon’tcare..what program is that? I was referring to what is happening with the shutdown.Because I think he needs to give a little too to end this. Well I got blasted with so many comments attacks.and insults I was shocked. I explained and most apologized but one guy still said I was drinking to much kool aid lol

      9. ldlpllpenny

        Pam I don’t care who blasts me. Boehner and Obama sat down for 90 min but Obama refused to discuss any changes. My daughter received her cx notice for her Ins. as of 1/1/14 a friend lost his also and called the exchange it will cost him $500 more to get Ins. The people who are poor still will not be able to pay for Ins. Obamacare is a joke. I do not want the government running my life. Give me freedom.

      10. Pam

        You have the freedom to #1 pay for a drivers licensce #2 pay for car insurance #3 pay for car inspection #4 to pay for registration for said car and then #5 pay taxes to use it. Now that is just to have a legal right to have the freedom to use a vehicle on your roads. So much red tape to have a nesscessity of life. It costs a small fortune and it all goes to the state or government. Now lets start on the right to assembly….you have the right to assemble…” where they tell you ..you can assemble”” if not you will be dragged away maised in the face and arrested. You have the right to a fair trial ” if you can afford it”. You have the freedom to pay your taxes or they take your home your car everything your own.There are more poor people in jail then any other. We “do not” elect the President. The electoral votes does!!!! If we tried to assert half of the rights the constitution gives us the government would turn the military on us in a second and call us subversive. We are being taxed to death to keep the Washington elite in fine clothes and good wine. They don’t care about us anymore. Washington isn’t even a state its the District of Columbia so the Congress doesn’t even have to pay state taxes. I could go on and on…………

      11. ldlpllpenny

        Pam loved what you had to say. I will go a little farther.Our forefathers understood that power corrupts and made sure all branches remained independent. The constitution is not a revolving document as Obama would like it to be. This administration is threating that very foundation.

      12. Pam

        Thats ok I will stick with you guys killing all the bad guys….maybe we should go get us some congressman to roflmao put some glue on their chairs or gum in their hair lol I know I know we could replace all their suits with Walmart clothes.

      13. Pam

        My friend is full blooded American Indian. She is so funny. When she explains things ..like traditions ….sometimes she says you do it different being a white woman and all. First time she said that I kind of looked at her like what the f**k is she talking about shes white too. Then it dawned on me and I stared laughing. The other day we where walking in Walwart and she starting telling me something and I looked back and said “I don’t understand Bev, why don’t you tell my ” me being a white woman an all” lol just joking with her. People were walking by that we didn’;t notice. Every one started laughing. One lady said ” Oh its so nice to see race relations doing so well walking away all smiles. Bev and I just rolled our eyes and walked away lol

      14. edimminger Post author

        Those political people have NO sense of humor! That is why I stay away from politics. (Oh- and because I don’t know much about it).

      15. edimminger Post author

        Hard to focus with worry on your mind. I read somewhere that 98% of what we worry about never even comes true! Of course that doesn’t really help—I still worry. I had a lump in my thigh checked last month. It’s just a lump…

      16. Pam

        On the news this afternoon was one of the families. Their son is allergic to all food ALL FOOD he has to live on this special formula. $40.00 a container. The news show had the family on. The boy was about 31/2 yrs old..cute as a button. It was his birthday. Can’t even have cake. The news said to send donations so they could buy the formula. It happened so fast . I was just coming in the room. They also need money to take him to some institute for testing because their insurance won’t pay. That is just wrong. Government should pay for our kids health with taxes for life and death issues like that. It should depend on money

  4. ldlpllpenny

    Yes they are all getting paid which pisses me off also. Also they do not have to take obamacare. My daughter, husband, son and a friend just got a letter saying their ins. ends 1/1/14. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on all day about this but I will shut up now.


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