Alyce in Jodi-land

Points made by the prosecution:

1.  After spending an hour building up AL’s (Alyce LaViolette’s) credentials JM (Juan Martinez) tore them down in minutes. Under cross she became an out-dated (no formal education in more than 3 decades), out of touch (she now lectures about Snow White being battered), under-qualified (because she has no PhD she cannot administer or score tests and is not qualified to diagnose anyone) joke.

2.  AL based her opinions on a 44 hour interview with JA (Jodi Arias) and her Journals. She never spoke to anyone else (just read some other things and watched the 48hrs interview). JM pointed out that despite being paid $250 and hour to read JA’s journals she could not come up with a direct answer without wanting to refer to said journals. He simply asked her if there was anything negative in the Journals about JA and she requested that he show her the journals. She had no problem with questions about the journals with the defense because she was reading directly from them as spoon fed by the defense attorney. In fact the judge actually busted her for reading from the journals directly. Not to mention these journals are just like “Snow White”: fairy tales and this is basically what this expert regurgitated on the stand for 6 days.

3. JM got AL to admit the ‘continuum’ she based her ‘expert’ opinions on was made up BY HER! She even admitted to him that she could alter it at will. When asked if there was any diagnosis for “battered Women’s Syndrome” in the DSM (the ‘Bible” of psychological disease according to the last defense witness) she admitted there is no such thing. (Oh, and if there was she is not a Doctor and not qualified to diagnose anyone).

5. Remember when AL went into great detail to point out that because Travis had come from an abusive family that he would grow up to be an abuser? (And according to her everyone else in that circumstance would unless they received some kind of therapy). Well here is how JM used the Fairy Tale “Snow White” to prove the exact same point about JA:

     -Snow White was abused by her Step-Mom and her Dad did nothing to protect her. JA was abused by both her Mom and Dad and neither protected her.

     -Snow White fled into the woods to get away from the abuse. JA fled to Bobby’s house to get away from her parent’s abuse and control.

     -Snow White ended up in a shack taking care of people. JA moved into one room of a hoarder’s house and she was the only one working and bring the food in.

     -Something bad happened to Snow White (the apple). Something bad happened to JA (Bobby choked her).

 -Snow White becomes unconscious and waits for her Prince. JA starts looking for her Prince. Unfortunately I think her Prince was Travis.

-Doesn’t this then mean JA would grow up to be the abuser according to this expert?

**Mr. Martinez accomplished all this in about 30 minutes.

IMHO: In this version of Snow White the witch was Jodi and the apple she lured Travis with was SEX!




7 thoughts on “Alyce in Jodi-land

  1. Patty Hayes

    Excellent analysis! The only aspect you left out was how Martinez was able to elicit AL’s inner fire-breathing, man-hating, aging feminist perspective on gender roles. Despite having lulled the jury into semi-consciousness with her soothing demeanor, she just couldn’t resist releasing the kind of toxic thinking that so apparently is just beneath the surface.


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