Arias Settlement Hearing

There is a settlement hearing scheduled for October 24th where a retired judge and the attorneys from both sides will sit and discuss a settlement. This could be the end of the case. I have a link to a short video with Jeff Gold, an attorney who has been in Arizona on this case, going over the possibilities. Very interesting.


95 thoughts on “Arias Settlement Hearing

      1. Pam

        I;m so sorry to hear that. Its very painful to lose a long time pet. It happened to me long time ago. Some people don’t realize how deep they dig into out hearts. 🙂

      2. ldlpllpenny

        My beautiful daughter is going through a break up right now. She is broken. I’m so glad she has her 2 doggies because he isn’t worth the pain. Being her mom I want to go scratch his eyes out. Plus she was blindsided makes the pain worse when you have no idea. Think I have one of the only great men out there. Sure there is a few but not many.

      3. Pam

        All men suck or at least most of them do. I learned that lesson starting with my father. Tell your daughter to hang in there. Just don’t trust them. Next time keep her eyes and ears open.

      4. ldlpllpenny

        Just happened this last weekend. She is not even 5 ft and is 95lbs. but is a fireball with a smartass mouth so I know she will be o.k. I tell her everyday she is better then this. She has 8 sisters and 3 brothers and the oldest brother calls he everyday and they are just alike so he will be the biggest help.

      5. edimminger Post author

        So glad to hear it. There are much more deserving guys out there. She will forget all about this one eventually. I have a hard time even remembering the faces (and sometimes the names!) of some of the guys I thought I was in love with.

      6. Pam

        I moved into an apartment building almost a year ago for people over 60. It is in the country in the woods. Its kind of modern for this area. We have a coin op laundry on each floor and garbage disposal. An elevator and indoor mail delivery and pick up. 25 apts each floor. We have a common room on first floor with a generator for power for bad storms for heat and electric and a nice new apts with bedroom room…kitchen and nice big bathroom. I live alone and LOVE it. I have a TWIN bed. My friends laugh at me. You might meet some one. I tell them ” the hell with that” my clicker is where I put it, I watch what I want… go where I want and don’t have to listen to any shit. Some day your daughter will appreciate that too. Tell her remember me when that day comes lol

      7. ldlpllpenny

        If something happened to my husband I would be living just like you. To hell with men. I have kids and friends if I would want to do something with someone. Think my kids would torch any new man in my life anyway. So he would be ashes and you can’t do much with that.

      8. ldlpllpenny

        Edimminger I can feel the hurt for you. I lost 1 of my little doggies a year ago and it broke my heart. I have 3 adopted dogs and they are like my kids. So sorry this happened to you and your baby.

      9. edimminger Post author

        Thanks. I miss him every day. He used to greet me at the door. And he was a loud crier. Now the house feels empty and silent. It sucks.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        Lets go sharpen everything that we can and take a trip to Az. If I could find where M.J. Dr hid the propofol I will bring that along. If I get caught I will plead for my life by saying I can teach blood draw and injections. By the way that is true so I should get that teaching job.

      1. Pam

        Their chicken..we will tar and feather them..Elaine gets a pass she lost her kitty.I hope she is feeling better. It is really sad to lose a pet.

      2. edimminger Post author

        It’s Eileen and it is getting a little easier every day. He was my last kitty so I feel so alone, he was always talking to me and following me around. I really can’t stand being alone in this house now. I went and got another day job…

      3. Pam

        Sorry about the name always did get Eileen and Elaine mixed up. People call me Pat and Pam. I am not going to give you any platitudes about this or that about grief. You will deal with it your own way. We are here for you. You can help us find more weapons. Look under your bed. Ok?

      4. Pam

        with so many to kill we need more weapons…. are we vigilantes ??????? lmao
        I was reading this article about this woman who emailed her friends and family about a death in her family. She ended her notes with LOL. Her family and friends were getting pissed off at her because they couldn’t understand what she thought was so funny about the death. Her son called her to find out what her problem was. Come to find out she thought LOL meant “Lots of Love”

      5. ldlpllpenny

        OMG that is something I would do if I didn’t have older kids to correct me. My oldest son thinks I am the most niave person walking the earth. When I tell him some of the things I put on post or twitter he doesn’t believe me. Boy do I have him fooled.

      6. ldlpllpenny

        I’ll have my husband get tar then we better look for feathers. We can wait for Eileen to feel better. This is going to take awhile anyway and we can’t let her miss out on the fun.

      7. Pam

        I didn’t vanish on purpose lol All of a sudden I wasn’t getting any posts and when I tried to contact you guys through old posts to find out where you went they didn’t go through The night before everything stopped we all talked for hours. I thought I got thrown out lol. Then one day I got a post. I still don’t know what happened. I know I’m really blunt so I thought I said something really rude to some body and forgot. roflmao. I miss you guys too!!!

      8. Pam

        Ok stop distracting her. so she can go look for weapons…girls you are falling down on the job…get cracking lol

      9. ldlpllpenny

        O.K. girls came up with another idea. Killer wasp spray. We can pertend we are after all bugs then spray her. If doesn’t kill her it least it will really burn her eyes then we can drag her out and finish her off.

      10. Pam

        Don’t you worry we wouldn’t leave you behind. We have a lot of killers to go after. That doctor who killed his poor wife in the tub is next.

  1. ldlpllpenny

    Eileen I hope each day is healing you. When I lost 1 out of 3 of my dogs I told my husband”I will never get another dog” Guess what 1 week later I had adopted another. There are so many beautiful animals out there that will be killed and I just couldn’t let that happen to this little guy. I will always have a whole in my heart but time has helped. Maybe in time you might want to adopt another little kitty. I lost my son 20 years ago so believe me I do know what pain is. That one I really didn’t think I would live through but now I help others so my sons death didn’t go to waste. It taught me a big lesson. I can be there for others in pain and I am blessed to be able to.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I am so very sorry about your son. That has to be the worst pain on earth. My Mom says if one of her kids dies before her you might as well bury her with us- God Bless You for sharing with others. I am sure your son is by your side.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        I thought I was going to die when I lost my son. He is with me every day. Was not the mom I should have been for the other 11 kids left behind. Took about a year. Now we never forget to say I LOVE YOU.

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