Arias Trial 4/17


  1. Sexually violent perps will try to evade arrest (they agree).
  2. JD defines pedophilia: sexual interest in pre-pubescent children.
  3. JD has not lectured or presented on own at any conferences.
  4. Men who are abused more likely to grow up abusers.
  5. JD disagreed that women abused as children more likely to grow up to be victims.
  6. The greater the violence when young the worse the effects as adults.
  7. JD has not had anything published or peer-reviewed.
  8. JD has an ad in Psychology today. Her rates vary from $125-$300.
  9. JD says her cases in court are half prosecution and half defense.

10. She spent 12&1/2 hrs interviewing JA. 5&1/2 hrs testing. Did not go back to see her. Was going over materials before, during and after interviews. She spent about 50 hours going over the materials. She interviewed Steven Alexander for 30 minutes.

11. They argue over how long she’s been practicing- the website says 8 years (she has been seeing patients on her own for 8 years) but JW says no- 2 years as a psychologist.

12. In her ad she list specialties: Testing/evaluation, personality disorders and trauma/PTSD. JW tries to imply she’s no expert in trauma/PTSD but JD lists having trauma patients, research in trauma and teaching 4 classes in Abnormal Psych.

13. JD is not a member of any Trauma Associations and hasn’t attended any of the 2-3 Trauma conferences JW mentions.

14. JW implies she did not need to give the WRAT (reading test) or the WAIS (IQ test) as she already knew how smart JA was from reading her journals and pointed out she got paid $250 an hour to do these tests. JD says because she seemed so immature she felt the proper procedure would be to give these tests before the MMPI.

15. JW gets her to admit you can have compassion and still be unbiased (again).

16. JD hand-scored the TSI test. JW says the test she used was outdated- JW says though the newer edition had just come out her work had not yet purchased it.

17. JD has never used the PDS test- she uses other tests for PTSD.

18. JW implies JD infringed on copyright by letting JM see the questions from the PDS.

19. JW insists the trauma listed on PDS qualifies (though JD calls it a ‘falsified event.’)

20. The severity of the PTSD is low.

21. Argue over the terms ‘triggering events.’

22. Soldiers can have PTSD even if not wounded.

23. JW goes over the MCMI scores (again). Anxiety was highest- 75. Borderline was 11.

24. There was another personality disorder listed but they would not talk about it.

25. JD says JA isn’t battered because of inconsistent stories.

26. JW tries to prove JD doesn’t know anything about DV. She also claims the 6 identifiers used yesterday are out of date. JD does say she is not a DV expert.

27. Fight/flight is a response that you cannot control.

Afternoon Session- cancelled.

Back tomorrow at 9:30.


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