96 thoughts on “Arias Hearing Tomorrow Update

  1. Daisy

    OMG! Breaking news out here in Northern California:


      1. Daisy

        Yup! Kicked in a lot of windows to shops etc. So dumb! They don’t even know what they’re really protesting about!! Don’t know if anyone of them even watched the whole process in court!!

      2. Daisy

        Never…ancestors too bitter from history. Not one color is being discriminated but many others. Sometimes people are so wrapped up on their own race they forget that there’s others out there getting same treatment from history to present but they try not to continue the hate/bitterness/anger from it onto next generation. I know I went through racism due to my color and discrimination due to my gender. We get it from our own people/colored too and that really stinks!!

    1. Brenda

      WT HECK? Why can’t they let it go? The jury made a decision, let the man go on. Why does it ALWAYS have to be about race? Zimmerman isn’t even WHITE! RACISM isn’t just for white people????

      1. Daisy

        I agree totally Brenda!!! Small minds…think small and see small. Funny thing is, protesters consists of all race: wht; blk; hisp; yellow; etc… That’s why I can’t figure out what the big screaming’s about!

      1. ldlpllpenny

        Daisy that is a very scary thought. I just don’t know why people can’t judge from the inside out instead of the color of skin. The judgement of both TM and GZ were wrong and has changed so many life’s. It was the decisions of both that caused the death of TM. As far as Arias goes she may die of old age before she ever gets sentenced. This is disgusting

      2. Daisy

        Frustrating isn’t it? I thought the justice system’s supposed to protect citizens. Instead, it’s become more of a modern day area for gladiators; fight for fame; a show not of intelligence but of wit (which of course strong wit depends on how much money’s available). I found that out 40 yrs ago! Didn’t want to believe it, but unfortunately, it’s true.

      3. ldlpllpenny

        Here we go march’s in LA. As long as TM parents are speaking on TV nothing will end. It just stirs the pot more. I have lost a son (not to shooting ) so I do know the pain. This needs to come to an end or more people will be killed.

      4. Daisy

        The parents should be making strong pleas of non-violence and end of protests. Though many protesters are just voicing; they don’t realize that they’re magnets for trouble makings groups of people who don’t care about nothing but to do damage and stir up anger. Protesters should find other ways to voice themselves but not to disrupt other people’s life and businesses. People need to work and earn money for children like for heaven’s sakes!!!

      5. ldlpllpenny

        Daisy I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think TM parents are trying to start trouble but if they do file a civil lawsuit as they are talking about this will never die down. Oh yes I heard Ms Ali and those comments she made. I almost fell over. What a message she is putting out to the black race and women.I honestly think she hates the white race. I do believe Taaffe thought GZ was innocent but I kind of suspect Dr Drew had him on that way to keep the ratings up. He’s a nut case. Both Taaffe and Ali drive me nuts! Thought it was funny when RJ was interviewed and she was such a different person. That is what she should have looked and talked like when she was on the stand. If I would judge TM by her I wouldn’t want to meet more of his friends.

      6. Daisy

        She was pissed at West. Gotta admit, West wasn’t very likable either! Besides, we didn’t know she was interviewed by him previous nite for 9 hrs! At first glance, RJ was not creditable, but, as I listened and watch her expression, she was frustrated cause she couldn’t make herself speak clearer. I know that look and feeling first hand. My 2 strokes impeded my speaking ability too. At times my husband keeps asking me to repeat myself when in my ears, I spoke fluently. Guess I was wrong…..hurts inside too. Hearing a second language spoken at home and community, I’m used to hearing mispronounced words; slurs; accents; etc. But for myself to not be heard correctly when I spoke correctly, hurts and anger me. It’s not like English was my second language! It’s my first!! So, how would a person be able to explain frustration is toward self and no one else???

      7. edimminger Post author

        I hate what is happening. I knew I wanted to stay out of the Zimmerman trial for a reason. I am not even watching Dr. Drew! (Or anyone commenting on this trial…it just drags on and on and adds to the violence.)

      8. Daisy

        Wish I didn’t either! Now it’s really ridiculous! Did you know another shooting, Caucasian adult male killed a young African American (’round 14 or 15 yrs old) at a gas station?? Boy was shot to death while in back seat of car cause of loud music??? Another “Stay/Stand your ground” defense in Fl???

      9. Daisy

        Did you know there was another Caucasian Adult male killing of a 14 or 15 yr old African American male who was sitting in back seat of a SUV w/3 friends at a gas station?? Both victim and defendant were at station to purchase gas and Adult male asked teens to turn down their radio and that escalated to the death of Jordan Davis several bullets hit him in back seat while bullet was sprayed around their vehicle by this adult named Michael Dunn?? Same excuse/defense: Stand your ground. Kids didn’t have any weapons nor did they step out of car! Dunn approached them and after shooting, drove off!!! WI also had an incident of similarity! On trial now in Fl is an adult African American male who shot a 40+ Caucasian at a basketball court while Caucasian’s 8yr old daughter watched all this go down? What’s going on????

  2. Susan David

    If anything……I have to say I got immense pleasure seeing her in her pinstripe pant suit, clanging, and shuffling….Gonna think of that everytime I need a laugh.

      1. Daisy

        not a whole lot. Just strong big dudes surrounding her; guarding her a.. with big guns. She looked same as last time, striped clothes and clangy jewelry but new hairdo…got a bun!! Postponed for pretrial sessions in August and hopefully trial to begin in Sept.

      1. Brenda

        1- Agree on Arias – Put the needle in, Start the Flow and LET HER GO! Hmmm catchy! Lol. Zimmerman – My husband teaches at a prison. MANY conversations about the “bias “,racial profiling etc.! My dear Man asked a few questions, made a few statements. MOST protesting is in total IGNORANCE! Just a bunch of angry followers that truly know nothing about the case or facts!

  3. ldlpllpenny

    That one woman on Dr Drew that wears the hat, don’t remeber her name, is very racial. Don’t think she likes white people. Always accusing the whites of hatered towards blacks. If she thinks she is helping I disagree. I don’t hate any race. I look for honesty, morals and goodness of people before I judge.

    1. Daisy

      By the way, sorry to hear about your son. Unfortunately many of us had lost a loved one (or even more than one like me) and know its pain and sorrow. Seeing how so many protesters forget that there’s proper way to make a difference. Protests are hardly ever being taken seriously anymore cause they make a little TOO MUCH noise and destruction causing more pain and sorrow than helping!! Justice is won through the courts. If more people realize where to make a statement count, they should stay in school and experience major crime and court hearings that would really help them figure out what tactics work and what doesn’t!! Besides, Zimmerman got mucho bucks backing him. Should check the people who are donating to his cause.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        Daisy I hate the thought of Zimmerman making any money off of this case. He was found not guilty but I still believe he played his part in this tragedy. He should not be rewarded for it.

      2. Daisy

        He’s making lots of money already! His “funds” raised for attorneys; living expenses; body guards; food; hotel fees; etc., proves he’s already made lots of money! What pisses me off is knowing he don’t gotta pay taxes on the hundreds of thousands of dollars he got while we pay taxes for FCC; etc; just watching his trial!!! TM had no chance w/underpaid state attorneys w/limited sources. Sad truth as it may be…

    2. Daisy

      Ms Ali and you’re right…she’s old school. Did you hear what Mark said to her a two or three nights ago on Dr. Drew’s?? He read passages from her book which says to black females they’ll get slapped by the black man they’re not making happy and she also stated in her book about how black men’s brain are bigger than black women. Though she’s made some true statements on the show, the encouragement of violence sounds stronger. Not a mentor to follow. Between her and Taaffe, I would commit suicide if I have to deal with those two!!!

    3. Brenda

      EXACTLY! The “lady” on Dr Drew with the hats -OMGOODNESS! She has no other agenda than spreading hatred because there were once SLAVES!! GET OVER IT! I’d bet not one of her grandparents

    4. Brenda

      EXACTLY! The “lady” on Dr Drew with the hats -OMGOODNESS! She has no other agenda than spreading hatred because there were once SLAVES!! GET OVER IT! I’d bet not one of her grandparents or their grandparents EVER slaves! She could aggrivate the stripes off a Shec

      1. Daisy

        Ms. Ari’s got issues. I don’t think having her opinion and comments on Dr. Drew’s show was meant to ease any racially fueled protesters nor to try and help break the barrier between races. I think she was put on to mess with Taaffe! Both are into their own feelings and no one else’s. Both care only about their own thoughts of racial issues. One wht; one blk; —- fight it out on the idiot box!!!! That’s what all this crap is all about. What’s unfair and sickening is to know that they’re making money and being recognized by the public!!!!

  4. Pam

    I have tried and tried to keep my thoughts to myself about this trial but I got to tell you I am bursting at the seams. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . So I am going to try to talk about it logically and see if it makes sense. Please feel free to set me straight.
    1. No one really knows exactly what really happened that night. Except Trayvon and Zimmerman. Trayvon is dead so he can’t speak.
    2. Janelle ..who was on the phone has admitted on the stand that she lied about some of the things she said. I have watched her on TV. They keep saying her and Trayvon are children. I say 17 is not a child in todays world especially having to grow up where they did. I could tell by her expressions and smiles she knows exactly what she is doing. Even a 17 yr old white kid is going to walk out of court and high five their friends and say. ” got them”

    3. What really gets me is the pics of Trayvon. All pics of when he was younger. They call him a child and back it up with false photos. Of course people are going to be pissed. I was watching a show the other day and they had got hold of pics of him at 17. He is a big boy. Pics of him doing things they don’t want you to see.
    I am not putting down the victim. I feel awlful for him and his family. I am just trying to level out the playing field. This constant cry of racism is driving me nuts.

    Ms Ali on Dr. Drew is the biggest racist I have ever seen. She wants to drag us back to the early 60’s. I don’t know what else to do to prove that most white people are not racist. Just like most black people are not racist. There is a black President “who I might add is taking a racist side” and should stay out of it….. because he was found not guilty and Presidents are suppose to uphold the constitution. We have a black Attorney General “who is also taking sides …black doctors..black lawyers…and on and on and on. what more do people like Ms Ali want.

    I have not been getting any posts from you guys. This is the first for a long while. Maybe I have offended someone and have been blocked. If so I am sorry but I give my opinion. Thats what these forums are for. Daisy? I read here something happened to your son? I am so very sorry.
    Since I have been blocked from almost all posts I am unsubscribing so I will miss you guys. Hughs and Kissess Pam

    1. ldlpllpenny

      Pam I also have not received many post which I’m assuming means it has died down some. Don’t think you are blocked. I love reading your comments and really hope you don’t unsubscribe. This last post from you is so right as I feel the same. Feeling we are all split in about half of what each other think. I hope that I hear from you.

      1. edimminger Post author

        Thanks for letting Pam know this info. I have been taking an on-line class and it is really difficult. They are doing 4 months of college level Geometry in 5 weeks! I am really struggling. I will post trail updates and hope to follow Sneiderman and Arias soon.

      2. ldlpllpenny

        I tried to get in touch with Pam but do think she dropped out. I love reading all the posts including hers. We don’t all agree but thats o.k. Gives us different prospective to reflect on.

      3. ldlpllpenny

        I have tried to get in touch with Pam but think she has dropped out. I love reading what everyone has to say. We may not always agree but it gives us a new perspective to reflect on. Hope your doing well in your class.

      4. edimminger Post author

        Thanks- one more week, I am having a hard time with the class, I need a C to get my Credential…one more week! Will miss Pam…

      5. ldlpllpenny

        Oh great, I just received a jury summons today in the mail. At least it is at Superior Court so might be a good one. Starts 9/19/13. With my luck that will be when Arias trial is on. Sure don’t want a case like Zimmerman! Hang in there and get an A or B. Good luck!!! I will miss Pam also.

      6. ldlpllpenny

        HAHA. Just registered on line so they don’t know what I look like. If she lives near Santa Ana Ca. sure. But north Orange County Ca might be like a Zimmerman trial. Sure she wants to take my place???? Lmao

      7. ldlpllpenny

        They only thing you will miss by not taking my jury summons is a 30 mile drive in morning rush hr traffic. Hope it is a good one that will be televised.

      8. Frank Neilsen

        I rather enjoy getting a jury summons in mail!! Colorado is FULL of freaky killings etc (I am for DP too)! I have served on 2 juries here in Co! I get called for DUI’s, domestic violence…. boring! I WANT TO be called for a BIGGIE!!! You big city dwellers – I would NOT trade with you! I drive 15 miles on a country road with NO traffic to a small (free parking) courthouse! Good luck!


      9. edimminger Post author

        I got called and thought I would just go to my local court…then found out they wanted me to go to San Francisco court…25 miles north…not happy. Fortunately I was dismissed the first day.

      10. Daisy

        Doesn’t that irk you sometimes? There’s a courthouse 10 mins. max from my house and yet, first summons I got called me 30 mins. away! Crazy!

      11. ldlpllpenny

        Hey people across the street are moving and they have 2 pods out front. Maybe we could round up all this nuts that are on trial put them in the pods then light a fire. Or maybe that might be against the law.

      12. Daisy

        The way things are nowadays, who knows, burning the 2 pods filled with them evil people in them might win you a Grand Marshall ride in next parade; make you rich and a star!! Probably would generate “funds” for a “young tight” face and sponsorship of clothing lines!! I’ll assist ya!!…lolololololol

      13. Daisy

        Didn’t know you was joking. I was getting ready to help you round them up!!! Geez….there goes my 5 mins. of glory and fame!!!

      14. ldlpllpenny

        No on no we can do this together. Just looked pods are still there. We better hurry. And of course I’m keeping my razorblades sharp. Hope they don’t rust before Hodi is back.

      15. Daisy

        Gee, I didn’t notice a thing!! lolololol Having been around guys all my life, my weapon was to be as dirty as they were. No stupid law suit or complains of sexual harassment! We handle it ourselves….tactfully, right? It works, no bodily harm, no screaming or yelling, even gained respect!

      16. Daisy

        That’s a good thing. When our mouths spew shit out….they know we pissed or at least they would know we mean business, right??

      17. Daisy

        Hell, if dogs can sense we’re pissed, everyone around us should sense it too, right? human supposed to be smarter than dogs (so I was told)!

      18. ldlpllpenny

        I was a very srict parent but now that my kids are adults they tell me things they did and never got caught for. I would have tied them to a tree had I known.

    2. edimminger Post author

      Pam- I have most definitely NEVER blocked you from this site and so not want to lose a loyal reader. I tried numerous times to figure out what happened when you couldn’t get my posts. I do not believe anyone has the power to block you from my website. I welcome any and all views on any topic I post. Thanks for being a part of the conversation.

    3. edimminger Post author

      I just realized that you may have been expecting more posts from me. I decided to skip the Zimmerman case as it was so devisive. I do not mind my readers commenting on the case. I have not been posting for 2 other reasons- no trials right now and I am taking an intensive 5- week Geometry class on line right now. The class lasts another week and 1/2. I was looking froward to blogging the Sneiderman case (starting Monday) but they have dropped all the murder charges!

  5. Daisy

    Pam: In regards to your remarks on GZ’s trial, I have only one statement to set records straight: #4: President Obama said nothing that didn’t with hold constitution. He agreed that jury’s verdict is end of trial. He was basically talking about his own experience as an African American while he was growing up and why there might still be those people who still foster thoughts of, for example, fear, like one who enters an elevator with only one passenger, a young African America, the clutches her purse closer to herself; how more attention might be given to a young African American in a department store for possible shop lifting; etc. He expressed these feelings to hopefully help people understand a little more of how an African American might feel when they know they’re being viewed negatively; etc. He may remarks to hope clear the air and understand why the outcry of racism. He also said after witnessing his girls playing and laughing with their Caucasian friends, that it looks like every generation things are better.

    Hope no one leaves this blog! Sometime silence means not much to say!! I love this blog!

    1. edimminger Post author

      Daisy, thanks so much for the positive post about my blog. I hate to think loyal readers may leave just because I am not posting every day. There is not a lot happening in trials right now, plus I am taking a tough on-line class right now…I will post updates and follow Sneiderman and Arias. I have always wanted for this site to be an open forum for all to comment and vent, so this is just as much your site as it is mine.

    2. ldlpllpenny

      The remarks Obama made should never have been said. I felt it was a racial remark. Would he have said the same if it had been a white person killed? Obama has enough on his plate to stay out of this type of issue. I want to PUKE!

  6. Daisy

    Oh yea, Pam, it was me who lost a son. I lost loved ones but not a son. I think talking about Penny? Also, if you want to see very comment on this blog, check off left box on bottom of page.


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