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Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day Four)

Session 1:


  1. First she said it was not a romantic weekend but today she admitted she “enjoyed it.”
  2. She said Travis told her he had sex with other women but that is her word and no other women ever confirmed it.
  3. On the sex tape Travis said: “Before I met you I never jacked off.”
  4. She was in control of the recording of the sex tape as well as owning it.  Travis never had the tape.
  5. JM said Travis never knew he was being recorded.  She denied it.
  6. She never erased the tape and could have posted it on the internet.
  7. During the playback of parts of the sex tape today she never hid her face and did not appear embarrassed.
  8. She did not object to being woken up with oral sex on the tape but on Direct she said she didn’t like being woken up with sex.
  9. She admitted that they were both into it (sex).
  10. In texts she was sexually aggressive: If you’re a lucky boy you can give me a spanking…and ass a too much needed pounding-kidding”.  Went she got the penis picture she texted “That is so freakin hot I want to lick it up and sit on it.”
  11. SCHOOLGIRL TEXT (important):  She texted Travis: “I want to fuck you like a dirty horny schoolgirl”  implying it was HER fantasy.  Travis did not force her to wear a schoolgirl outfit.
  12. JM asked “Did you enjoy dressing up for him?” and she said “yes.”
  13. The sex tape was full of fantasies like the tie to a tree or the porn tape.
  14. Both knew this was against LDS but did it anyway.
  15. Her pet name for Travis was “Hottie Biscotti” but she then used the same for Ryan after being intimate on their first day together.
  16. A text with Ryan she said she adjusted him not the other way around.  She then texted “I will gladly give it to you.”
  17. JM has proven (IMO) that she was the sexual aggressor.


  1. She told several different accounts of the murder to Detective Flores and 48 hours.  There was no mention of memory loss.
  2. One version she was trying to save Travis. (48 hrs)
  3. She said she had a plan regarding her trip but also told 48 hrs that she did not have a plan and went with the wind.
  4. She said she rented a car in Redding because it was cheaper but JM implied it was because as she had stated that Yreka was a small town where everybody knew everybody’s business.
  5. She said she got a white car to avoid speeding tickets (as they are expensive) but JM implied it was because she wanted to be inconspicuous. She ended up with a white car.
  6. JM asked her “Wouldn’t it have been more convenient to rent in Yreka?” and she said “No.”
  7. She said she had between $80-200 cash for the trip.

Session 2:


  1. Brewer said on the stand that she told him she was going to Mesa and she needed gas cans.  She says that is wrong.
  2. She said gas cans were to save money on gas by buying it in Nevada or Utah but she filled them in California were it was more expensive.
  3. She bought a 3rd gas can in Salinas but says returned it.
  4. JM showed 3 gas receipts from one Arco station were it appears she filled her car, then 2 cans, then put some gas in a 3rd can.
  5. She had enough gas in her tank to get to Nevada an fill the cans there.
  6. She called Ryan and Matt and never mentioned she was going to see Travis.


  1. She called Det. Flores 1 day after the body was found to find out what was going on in the investigation and to get suspicion off her.
  2. She says she knew she was being recorded.
  3. She told Det. Flores Travis had no guns, he wasn’t into that.


  1. Told JM that she found Travis’ gun in Fall 2007
  2. JM asked if it was loaded.  She said Travis said it was not.  He asked her where the ammo was.
  3. She said a small gun was stolen from her Grandfather’s house along with $30.  When JM mentioned about her laptop not being taken she said she had it with her- directly contradicting the Yreka police who found it in a laundry basket at the scene.
  4. She admitted the gun would fit in her purse.


  1. Kept changing her story on the plate on cross.
  2. First it was lying flat then later it was tilted up.
  3. There were other cars and lights in the parking lot.
  4. Said she saw a reflection while backing out so she got out and picked up the (dirty bug infested) plate and put it in her car. JM asked her why she took a plate that she did not know who the owner was as she never compared it to the back plate (upside down).
  5. Got in the car and locked it because she was concerned for her safety.  JM asked if you were concerned for your safety why get out of your car to get something reflecting?

Session 3:


  1. She called Travis and texted him and he ‘guilted’ her into seeing him.  She admitted she was flattered by this.
  2. JM asked “Why call him if you’re going to Utah.”  “Why keep exposing yourself to him if you are going to see another man?”
  3. JM asked if she filled her tank, the 2-5 gal. cans and another 2= gals. And she said: “Yes.”
  4. So far she spent at least $180 in gas.
  5. She admitted sex was one of the reasons she wanted to see Travis.
  6. She said they had sex, used the rope then took photos.
  7. She said Travis cut the rope in the bathroom.  JM asked “How did he know where to cut it?” and “Why cut it if you are just going to tie the ends into nooses?”  (So no knife needed).
  8. JM shows the sex photos right after “rope” event and there is no sign of a rope.  Arias says she doesn’t know where it went.
  9. She also told Richard Samuels that Travis put the knife on the night stand in his bedroom.
  10. JM asked about deleting the sex photos and the so called video that was on her camera.
  11. She took a shower after sex.  JM asked her if she took a shower in the same place where she put his body after she killed him. Her:  “Yes.”
  12. She was unclear as to when she took her stuff out to her car and what she took.

Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day Three)

Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day Three) summary


Session 1

Patterns in Relationships:  Assertive, Confrontational, Dishonest


1. Bobby:  At 17 she went into his hotmail behind his back.  She read an e-mail from a woman in New Orleans so she canceled work and immediately went to Bobby and confronted him.  She left him for a few days then went back.

2. Matt:  Saw a girl’s photo and heard he was cheating.  Immediately left work and then drove 11/2 hours to confront the girl who she had never met.  Did this without Matt’s knowledge.

3. Brewer:  Dumps him within 4 days of meeting Travis.

4. Travis:  Saw him with a girl while looking in the back window.  Confronted him the next day even though they were not boyfriend and girlfriend.

5. Travis:  Went into his phone when he was asleep and saw texts with 2 other women.  Despite the fact she felt it was cheating she still went on vacation with him.

6. Travis:  She was living in Palm Desert and went to Mesa to see Travis.  She looked at his my space account without his permission.  She said this made her “unhappy”.  They were not dating at the time.

7. Mom:  Came to Mesa to see her.  Jodi did not like her excuses and ‘negativity” so she told her Mom to go back home.

8. Ryan Burns:  Talked on the phone and texted then she drove to his home (from Yreka Ca. to Utah) to see him and they were very quickly intimate.


Other issues:


1. Fighting with the prosecutor:  Mincing words like “gave” the letter vs. “showed” the letter.  Also she implied the prosecutor was scrambling her brain again.

2. Sex:  “Forgot” to tell her legal assistant that she had also has anal sex with Bobby.

3. Religion:  She had a HUGE problem with Travis joking about sex with a supposed married woman because it is against the tenants of the church but she had no problem having all kinds of sex with Travis.  Claimed she knew the former was not okay but not the latter.


Session 2

1.Showed a picture with her and Travis in it where she is heavier, blonde and nearly as tall as Travis.


CONTRADICTIONS:  Between her portrayal of Travis as mean, deviant and abusive vs. her actual comments.

2. 48 hours interview she says she’s “angry and outraged his life was taken” and that he never got to finish all the great things he wanted to do.  He was “a light…he brightened the room.” He was “a great guy.”

3. After breaking up and moving away she sent him this text:  “I thank you for being such an amazing friend you are a rock, a light and an inspiration.  …Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

4. At the memorial:  “You’re beautiful on the inside and out.” (Martinez then said “So you think a (pedophile) is beautiful on the inside?”)


SEX:  The sex was mutual and sometimes led by her.

1. She introduced KY to make the sex even better.

2. If there was anything she did not like she could have stopped it at any time (and did once).

3. 48 hours tape she says: “The sex was ALWAYS mutual.”

4. In a text she says: “I want to give you a nice BJ and I’d like a generous facial in return.”  This is directly contrary to the “felt like a prostitute statement” when this same act was performed previously.  It also demonstrates her asking him for sex.

5. Asked if the penis picture was offensive she said “not at all” and indicated she sent topless pictures to Travis.


Session 3

Cancelled—Jodi has a migraine.  Apparently she does not get lunch but that will start tomorrow.  The judge also indicated trial will begin early tomorrow-10:15.   (From mixedbagblogdotcom)

Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day 2)

Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day Two)

Points for the Prosecution (In My Opinion):

While you read this think about how everything speaks to Arias’ Guilt, not Self Defense.

1. LIAR:  Lies to everybody including Police, family and friends, always to her benefit.   Changed her story to fit the forensics- so is she doing that now at this trial? Called the Bishop at 3 am to find out what he knew about the case.  Went out to dinner and meeting acting as if nothing happened- not possible if you are having a mental breakdown (which she implied by saying her head was still messed up as she didn’t really know if Travis was dead).  Eighteen page letter to Travis’ family full of lies about his death.

2. SICKO:  Within hours of a brutal murder she is making out with another guy.  Who does this?  (Also on Thursday when asked about if it was okay to see Ryan right after killing Travis she said:  “Well I am single”).

3. MEMORY:  When she kept implying she wasn’t sure Travis was dead Martinez said “Then why did you just leave him to die?”  She said she had memory problems but was quick to correct Martinez.  (I think he is doing this on purpose- like when he referred to November she immediately said no- September).  Sometimes after being corrected he would say “Oh, so you do have a good memory”.

4. ABUSE:  Would an abused woman send flowers to the Grandmother of her abuser?  Or go to the memorial?  I was abused and I sure wouldn’t have.  No proof of any kind of any of the abuse she claims, except for Matt MacCartney who she says “would NEVER betray her”.

5. DEMEANOR:  She has tailored her demeanor  (back to her meek self) after feedback that she was too arrogant on the stand Thursday.

6. MUGSHOT:  Why did she smile?  Well it’s what Travis would do.  Also she said she “knew it would be all over the internet so why not?”  And last because she’s “innocent”.

7. SHE’S NO DOORMAT:  She was aggressive in pursuit of Bobby- both times.  She knew what she wanted to do and did it.  She moved to Mesa to be near Travis (and even moved again to be closer) but claims he was the one who made her move back.

I see no remorse, no self defense, it’s all about covering her own a$$.


Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez – Day One

Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (day one)


Here is what I got from today for the prosecution:


  1. Double Standard:  It’s okay for Jodi to call her sister dumb but when Travis said something negative about her being like her mother she got angry with him.  (Also it shows she was and could get angry with her so-called abuser).
  2. Conflicting Behavior:  She cried on the stand when her “dumb sister” remark recording was played but sure didn’t when Juan said it today- it made her angry and defensive.
  3. Abused:  She has no problem standing up to Juan- even confronting him about “screaming” at her – this is unlike an abused woman.  It is also not like the meek, shy Jodi we have been seeing all along.
  4. Stalker:  She goes in and out of Travis’ house unannounced, and goes behind the house to watch through the windows.
  5. The Journal: No writing between Jan. 20-24 then on the 24th she writes something like “I haven’t written for a few days as there is nothing worth writing about” when the 21st was the supposed pedo event and the 22 the supposed attack that broke her finger.  Also she seems to have NO problem writing with a broken finger.  Not even a mention of “my finger hurts” while writing.  She also has no problem writing about fulfilling their (not just HIS) fantasies and how much she loves him but nothing like “we had a fight”.
  6. Finger pictures:  Shows a pic of her finger normal in May meaning it was not broken in Jan.  Also proves it was fine in May before the murder, but it sure was messed up the day of the murder (as Ryan testified) and shown to the detective as well.
  7. Starbucks:  She lied when she said she remembers what she gets at Starbucks because she always gets the same thing…I know if you check her earlier testimony she has gotten Lattes for her and Travis and at least 1 other flavor.
  8. Texts:  Proved she did not even see Travis on Jan 21 (the pedo event) nor did he call her begging to talk to her.  Her text wanted to talk to him and he said “no”.  Their conversations via text were all just normal stuff about trading cars.  No “We need to talk”  re: the pedo event.  Also he mentioned a deposit she thanked him for, so he was helping her with money, not the other way around as she claimed.  I am also pretty sure she claimed she went over that night and they had sex, but he texted her he would see her tomorrow to trade cars.
  9. Psycho behavior:  Driving 1 ½ hours to confront a girl you have never met.

10. Magazines:  She tried to get a witness to lie for her (I believe to prove he was a pedo) which proves she made it all up.

11. Memory Loss:  Whenever it suits her story.

Next post- Arias case – In My Opinion