Arias’ Cellmate Tweets The Truth!


Wow…just wow! I have been reading the tweets from Jodi’s former cellmate and it’s very interesting. Here’s some of the goo stuff (and the link below for more!)

1. She catches Jodi in lies – about her brother running her facebook accounts.

2. Jodi apparently admitted her own Twitter account is a lie.

3. Casandra (the cellmate) says she “…will continue to speak the truth and expose my former cellmate Jodi Arias for the dangerous person she is today!”

4. Implies Jodi admitted lying to Troy Hayden (FOX news).

5. Made threats regarding the prosecutor- Juan Martinez.

6. Asks her if she is “…in a fog again?”

7. Says “I NEVER (1) time ever witnessed Jodi Arias cry…and I lived with her for 37 days!” (No surprise there).

8. Apparently Casandra and Jodi got into a Twitter war but Jodi has since deleted all her responses. I’m pretty sure they are still out there somewhere. And that the prosecution will use them. (Oh- I just figured out that if you press the little “View Conversation” on the comments by Casandra in the link below you can still see some of Jodi’s comments!)

9. Casandra says: “Jodi has no moral compass.” (Knew that too).

10. Says Jodi demonstrated no remorse and bragged openly that she murdered Travis Alexander.

There is more so check out the link- you will have to scroll down.


15 thoughts on “Arias’ Cellmate Tweets The Truth!

    1. edimminger Post author

      You know I actually started to type it that way and then changed it? Thanks for the edit- I appreciate it! (I am no hater of people who help me with my grammer!)

  1. Pam

    I tried to press on the link to see the twitter messages but it comes up error. Hi everybody. Nice seeing ya!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the post

  2. dana ridenour-reed

    I have been missing your blog! I got a new smart phone, and apparently it is WAY smarter than me, I lost everything (or so I thought).

    I hope you will be breaking down JA’s upcoming trial, whenever that may be. I wish Judge Stephens would allow live coverage.

      1. deej

        I wish I understood more about Twitter, I am Twitter ignorant. I have a twitter account, but just don’t get it, and really wish I could make heads or tails out of it.

        I have been trying to find JA’s twitter account, but could not find it, I have found several JA’s twitters, like the ones in favor of giving her the needle and such, but cant find her account that is ran by one of her STUPID minions that I believe that she directs said minion to post all her less. Do you know what her twitter acct is? Not that I am in support her in the LEAST bit, but sometimes I think I might feel better if I could yell at my cell phone. Ha! I am still consumed…I am not a very social person due to some physical disabilities, and I love YELLING at her. ;-). Do you know what her twitter “handle” is? (for lack of more twitter lingo I call it “handle”, I am sure that is incorrect.

        I had to register again yesterday, so I think I have 2 names on your post, but DEEJ is the one I have used in my other posts to you.

        If you could, if you know her twitter name, or handle is, I can YELL at her today. 🙂

      2. edimminger Post author

        Her twitter account was @jodiannarias, but from what I have heard she is stopping the account. You didn’t miss much. I love twitter- I follow people who do research or follow trials. If you go to the picture of a house at the top that is your ‘home’, where the people you follow post. next is the @ sign where people may contact you. Then the # sign is for current news and popular tweets. The pic of you has all your tweets and your favorites listed. It took me a while to get used to also.

  3. deej

    Something strange is going on with my log in (for lack of correct verbage), and was again directed to create another blog account. I hope I have not mixed everything up. =(

    1. deej

      My other post is under my name Dana, and is about 3-4 posts up from the bottom. Just an FYI. Do you mind us using your first name, or refer to you as “Ed”? What is your preference?

      1. edimminger Post author

        My name is eileen, but ed is also ok. And thanks again for following my blog. It keeps me posting…I have a new post about who’s visiting her in jail coming!

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