Arias Motions Still Unresolved



This is getting ridiculous! Today they had a closed door meeting to address issues that were supposed to be addressed the last three times and guess what? No resolution. What is the point? Well at least the defense is getting some more money. I have linked the article about today’s hearing and it is worth a read. It brings up how silly it is for the defense to want to deny media access when the defendant was all over the media. They also want to sequester the jurors, move the trial and monitor the jurors twitter accounts. Read the article for Mr. Martinez’s response. He is the only voice of reason.


62 thoughts on “Arias Motions Still Unresolved

  1. ldlpllpenny

    I’m more angry at judge Steven’s for allowing this to go on. Defense will try to do anything they can for Jodi but judge Stevens has the final say but no backbone.Kick her off the bench!

  2. Daisy Lane

    THAT’S CUZ SHE CAN’T SPEAK TO MEDIA; NO MORE MAKE-UP; DYING OF HAIR; and most of all: NO STREET CLOTHES! That’s the only reason. If judges can’t see thru her games, they’re not as smart as they think they are!!

      1. ldlpllpenny

        Pam I’m on jury duty. Wanted a DP case but this is close. Think Tues will be closing then we will deliberate. Now I am hooked on being a juror again.

      2. ldlpllpenny

        Ya and I was a good girl – almost 2 of us got called in judges chambers. Ask if we had talked to a detective that was in jury room. I hadn’t but it would have been interesting. Verdict was 1st degree murder and 3 attempted murders. I’m GOOD

  3. Pam

    Got new idea for Hodie Hole..have her run back and forth on a runner like a dog and sling shot sh*t at her. Hey its a new idea lol

  4. Daisy

    Hi girls! Miss me? HAHAHAHA Hadn’t heard from anyone for awhile. What’s up? Heard Hodie’s BSing about filing for bankruptcy…wonder why! Didn’t think she’s still paying her bills! She’s actually paving the path for her release back into society!! I think she’s working her way out with plea deal and shit. It’ll be F…ed up if she does get a deal!!! Watching how the government’s pussy footing around, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hodie thinks she’s in the same game. Everything’s been pissy lately. What with us being laughing stocks in the eyes of other countries, Here in Northern Calif. everyone’s living day by day in a limbo cause of a threat of Bart striking and now AC Transit in the East Bay’s striking Thursday too!! What the hell’s happening??? Only one agency deserves to strike and that’s the AC Transit. All other’s are greedy F…ers!! GRRRRRR!!!! oopsy! Like Pam, me finger get stuck….

    1. ldlpllpenny

      Missed you. Just got off jury duty. 1st degree gang murder. Had no problem giving that to him. Now put me on Jodi’s trial if it ever takes place and I can do DP. Maybe judge Sherry gave Jodi a credit card so now she spent to much and has to file BK

      1. Pam

        The makes no sense to do that. She is never going to be free to worry about bills. Just another way to stay in the news.

      2. Pam

        She would also need money to pay that kind of lawyer it costs 500.00 to 1000.00 to prove your poor. Thats a joke all by itself lol

      3. Pam

        Penny’s not receiving these like happened to me. I got back through history and then facebook. She says she has no history. Her and I have been trying to figure it out through emails.

      4. Pam

        Hey girlfriend…Just tellher to go into old mail or into the wordpress where they store her blogs and use one of those. It will get her back in.

    1. Pam

      Maybe they won’t need the needle..they’ll just bore her to death. She might as well join the rest of us.

      By the way….Helloooooooooooooooooooo

      1. Pam

        Doing good for and old fart 1 lol….. I’m beginning to think Hodie Hole’s screwing somebody. This is getting ridiculous. I read that visitors list. She spends more time visiting men then she does in jail. I thought crimes like that got restricted rules. Maybe not blowjob Hodie. Travis’s poor family must be really fed up with the system.

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