18 thoughts on “Beyonce Halt’s ‘Survivor’ T’s

  1. di828550

    It looks like these same t-shirts are on Ebay, item number is 160906766112 the seller is in San Diego Califonia, I sent the seller a question and asked if these shirts were being sold for Jodi Arias.

    1. Lisa

      I just wanted you to know that these are no Longer Available on Ebay. Ebay deserves HUGE KUDOS for not allowing Jodi Items.

  2. Judy Peal

    Awesome…..I sure would not want the blood hair for Locks of Hair.

    Next:    LOCKS OF HAIR–CAN they be contacted and JA’s hair denied.   J. C. Peal


  3. Darcy

    Someone should contact CBS and Mark Burnett. He’ll, tweet Jeff Probst – he’s an exec producer now I think. They will put a stop to it and protect their VERY lucrative franchise. Us who wants THAT association?

  4. Linda Ivey

    There need’s to be a way to get in contact with DV group to see if it is actually getting money from sale’s. Her hair it should not be used either. All I can say her hair grow’s awfully fast if she has done this 3 x i question this also.

      1. Stacy J. French

        Wonderful! Thank you! And when I e mailed the 2 groups named in the twitter by Jodi they said they don’t allow 3rd parties to raise money for them and had no desire to be aligned with Jodi on top of that,

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