Laugh Today

So I was trolling Twitter while watching the “Modern Family” marathon today and a great hashtag came up. I know some of my readers don’t like Twitter (and it can be annoying) but this is a good one: #AddaWordRuinaMovie


The Lord of the Onion Rings

The Shirley Temple of Doom

Iron Deficiency Man

Paranormal Activity Book

Jurassic Trailer Park

Tax Return of the Jedi

Schindler’s Grocery list

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Antidepressents

Field of Wet Dreams

Batman Begins Chemotherapy

Death March of the Penguins

The Breakfast Burrito Club

Finding Nemo’s Remains

Dances With Teen Wolves

Grandma Debbie Does Dallas

Lincoln Nebraska

Men In Black Hose

Lady and the Tramp Stamp

The Human Remains of the Day (Thanks, The Bloggess!)

Mr. Holland’s Gaping Opus

101 Delicious Dalmatians

The Sound of Dubstep Music

Caddyshack II

Three Men and a Dead Baby

Miracle Whip on 34th Street

Old Yeller Dies

Aliens Vs. Child Predator

She’s Gotta Have It Biopsied

Last Bouncy House on the Left

…yes there are better things I could be doing ….

18 thoughts on “Laugh Today

      1. ldlpllpenny

        If I was driving the SUV and biker or anyone tried to hurt me or my family I would not have a problem crushing legs. As far as that police shooting in DC someone with even a tiny bit of brain left would assume something bad is going to happen if you run.
        Need yo find out more about the case I’m on before I decide on a weapon. Have to figure out how to get it past the metal detectors. Had both knees replaced so already set the bells off.

      2. Pam

        Th is the first I have received from this site in weeks. I just had surgery this past week and was surprised when checking email. SUV..bikers? huh?

      3. edimminger Post author

        I am sorry to hear you had surgery, I hope everything is ok. I have not been posting as I hurt my back and have been dealing with pain. Getting some shots next Tuesday, just in time for Thanksgiving.

      4. Pam

        Backs can be very painful and shots arn’t always helpful so I send you best wishes. My surgery is done and I am recovered. Other then having to give myself needles now I am doing good. Anyone hear what has happened with Hodie Hole???

  1. Daisy Lane

    And to top off all those jokes: apparently all furloughed will be getting back pay while the small businesses and working citizens suffer their losts!!! How’s that right??? Another zinger: just heard local Bay Area News: released 3 strikers from prison will be get $1,000.00 monthly for a year for RENT!!! Want more??? Injured biker’s family, from NY incident with SUV, wants to sue for injured biker whom they claim were one of three plowed down by SUV was trying to help victims in vehicle and intended to leave turning back to his bike!! If bikers came off their bikes and rushes towards me and family, bet your asses I would do same SUV victims! Most disturbing is finding out that some bikers actually laid their hands on the passenger while her husband was being beaten to death!! They smashed driver, back and passenger windows!! Could’ve killed the wife too!!! Last one: DC incident w/death of female due to being shot by law officers..her sister wants to know why they had to shoot her. Maybe because she didn’t submit to orders from law officers and continued her charade w/car which of course had tinted windows. HOW WERE THEY TO KNOW THERE WAS A CHILD IN BACKSEAT AND THAT DRIVER HAD MENTAL PROBLEMS???? Her family attorney friend made a remark that law officers should be trained on how to recognize and react to mentally challenged citizens. O’Mara said they should’ve taken a second to take a breather before acting. Wonder if O’Mara knows how many life’s could’ve been taken in a second?? WHAT?? COPS GOTTA BE PSYCHIC OR PSYCHIATRIST? DUH!! Even mentally challenged can understand what stop or get out of car; or raise your hand means!!! Aside from our country being a laughing stock in the eyes other countries; people still playing the “blame” games???? Her boyfriend called to inform PD of her condition back in DEC of 2012. Why people trying to connect O’bama to her condition now that it’s almost been a year ago that she feared being spied on by O’bama’s people????

    1. edimminger Post author

      I saw the video of the SUV vs. bikers. Very scary. Am not surprised that the family of the crazy lady is suing. That’s what people do now. Unfortunately. (Didn’t they know she was crazy? Why was she even driving? And how come she has the child?)


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