Arias Trial Recap Feb. 25

Earlier today the jury in the Jodi Arias case began their deliberations. Before that Nurmi gave a final plea for her life, citing many of the same things from yesterday and also going over mitigators, including abuse as a child. Here’s some of the details from Twitter:

Nurmi’s points:

1. Jodi experienced trauma/abuse as a child.

2. Chides Juan for moon speech.

3. Says state is trying to distract them.

4. Asks the jury: “Will you kill this woman?”

5. Brings up Travis’ sexual relationships.

6. Geffner and Fonseca relied on state evidence.

7. Says Deanna and Vernon lied for Travis.

8. Tells jury to listen to the sex tape.

9. He repeats several phrases from the sex tape.

10. DeMarte was biased for the state.

11. Jodi had BPD and was suicidal at a young age.

12. Says to read the journals.

13. Brings up the Hughes e-mail where he was concerned about how Travis treated women.

14. Implies she was invited to his house day of murder due to sexual activities.

15. Travis was pissed off about Abe.

16. It’s their duty to read about the mitigating factors.

17. He goes through chart of 9 mitigating factors.  Including: Not a criminal, supported herself, worked hard despite mental illness, suffered physical and emotional abuse.

18. He backs up Geffner. Throws DeMarte under bus.

19. Travis was responsible for his own murder because she didn’t kill other boyfriends.

10 minute break.

More from Nurmi:

1. About remorse.

2. Jodi didn’t want to expose Travis.

3. Her life is worth saving.

4. It’s the individual decision of each juror to choose life or death.

5. Puts up a pic of Jodi with her dog and asks if they can kill her.

6. Pic of Travis and Jodi- says it’s tragic that 2 people may die (Juan objects).

7. He reads from journals. (She promised Travis she wouldn’t write negative stuff).

8. Repeats that she is remorseful.

9. Says Travis could fill a room with love…this is a verdict of love and compassion.

10. Nurmi ends with: “Will you kill the woman Travis loved?”

The Jury gets final instructions. Jurors #2 and #18 are chosen as alternates (they do not deliberate with the rest). The jury makeup: 8 women and 4 men. Jurors will deliberate from 9ish to 4:30. No Fridays. Many court watchers say Arias was smiling as she left, also saying: “I love you” to her mom. Now we wait.

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