Blade Runner Trial Coming



Here is one trial I have really been looking forward to: Oscar Pistorius for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.  This guy has a history of being violent and shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door in the middle of the night. He thought she was a burglar! Really? How many burglars use the bathroom? Why didn’t he just reach over to see if she was still in the bed with him? He couldn’t yell through the bathroom door: “Honey are you in there?” before shooting multiple times? And he lives in a gated community where I have heard his house is like a fortress. Also witnesses heard a woman scream before the gunshots! Finally Pistorius claimed that he did not have time to put on his ‘blades’ before shooting but the cops think he did based on the trajectory of the bullets. He had plenty of time to see if she was in the bed and he had to reach under the bed to get the gun. Here is a photo of the beautiful 29 year old Reeva Steenkamp:



I think they fought and he thought she was going to dump him! The trial will be televised and begins March 3rd.


12 thoughts on “Blade Runner Trial Coming

  1. Pam

    Exactly..I said this in another blog. I think I’ll into the bathroom where the owner of the house is. Then I’ll rob the house. Dumb defense

  2. Daisy

    I said it back when this incident was broadcasted and I’ll say it again….’HE WAS HIGH”!!! Wonder if they had him submit his germs for a toxicology testing?

  3. deej

    Oh I am looking forward to thus one as well! I am hoping you will cover it. You did such a great job on JA. I loved your discussions, no one got hateful like another blogger I read until I found you. =)

    I wonder how that is going to work…do you think there will be transcripts since it will be in an Italian court?

    1. edimminger Post author

      Wow, good point…I never considered it! Thought South Africa was the venue. Thanks for the kind words re: my blog. I was impartial when transcribing trial details but did voice my opinion occasionally. I screen comments carefully.

      1. deej

        Oh! You are right! I was also thinking about, and had just read your info on Amanda Knox, my bad. Yes, you were very professional with the varying posts, but I think you were very approachable, and very friendly. I have only posted once on another blog, but felt comfortable with posting on your blog. I wish we could watch JA during this penalty phase, I would love to see Juan wipe that smart ass look off of her nasty face.

        Thank you again for all your thoughts and reading every ones posts.

      2. deej

        Yes, I will certainly miss seeing Don Juan in action! I have watched her whole ( or shall I say 3 holes) (ha! Cracked myself up!) Trial so many times on you tube just to watch him in action. He says some great one liners that I literally do LOL.

        Do you know if/how you will be blogging? I nearly over dosed on HLN last year, especially Mike G (can’t think of his last name) , you know, the one whose mouth looked like someone just penciled a line on his face for lips? 😐 like that <<<-

        I am just refusing to watch Nancy Grace, she is so unpleasant! That is being kind. "bombshell tonight" Bull Shit yelling.

        I really enjoyed your wit and knowledge. Hoping we can all read more from you on the Blade Runner trial. Boy wouldn't you just love to hear Juan ridicule that whole "I thought it was an intruder in the bathroom, so I shot into the closed bathroom" as you mentioned earlier.

        I have not done much background reading on this case at all, I know there were so many strange things that happened all at once…if I an remembering correctly, his brother was also arrested for murder around that same time, and also one of the detectives that arrested Oscar, was also charged with murder (seems like I remember reading or hearing he was a bad cop, or on the take or something). All 3 unrelated.

        Have you started any of your back ground work on this?

        Anywho, I am so glad that I found you =)

      3. edimminger Post author

        Wow- thanks for the great info- I will be investigating the case more as it nears- look for updates! I will also follow the Arias retrial but will have to wait until after court to post what happened. I am using Twitter and facebook sites to get info.

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