Arias Silent?


I am still catching up on what has been yet another long trial. I just found an article (link below) which indicates that Arias turned down her last chance to address the jury yesterday:

Arias “told the judge she wanted to speak to jurors, in a trial phase known as allocution, but only in a closed courtroom without the public and media present.” Judge Stephens said Arias cannot allocute in a sealed proceeding.

Another interesting bit of news- two jurors were released on Monday and we have no idea why. This leaves two extras for the rest of the trial (which is slated to end this week).  I will have another post on what is going on in court today a little later. Welcome back trial lovers!

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1 thought on “Arias Silent?

  1. kali1998

    If anyone ever needed the death penalty it’s her. Not because of the death itself but it will mean being in solitary for what she did. Her actions showed she planned the whole thing. She accused him of pedophelia because she said he dropped one picture. She’s a butcher. Her attitude is if she couldn’t have him nobody could. She’s so arrogant she thought everyone would believe her lies. I don’t believe he abused her either. I think those last text’s were frustration because she was threatening with lies.


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