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Sneiderman Trial



Jury selection is underway in the Trial of Andrea Sneiderman. Unfortunately all the serious charges have been dropped. She was originally charged with the murder of her husband, Rusty. Her boss at the time, Hemy Neuman shot and killed Rusty at his child’s day care center. The theory was that she was having an affair with Newman (she denies this) and wanted Rusty dead. Newman is in jail for his murder, but after claiming Barry White and Olivia Newton John told him to kill Rusty he has been found not competent to be involved in this trial. The really interesting part to me is once her husband was dead and Newman in jail, Andrea got together with her other lover, Joseph Dell. She also stands to get $2 mil from insurance. I have a link for more information if you are interested:

Arrest In Baby Elaina Case

From Anqi Gonzalez, reporter, (link to full story below):

Just 2 days before the mother of a missing East Toledo toddler is scheduled to appear in court, her ex-boyfriend has also been arrested and charged with obstructing justice in the case.

Steven King was taken into custody on Monday and told reporters,  “You guys will see when I’m innocent.  That’s all I’ve got to say to you.”


Casey Anthony Pregnant?



OK folks, this story apparently originated with either The Mail or The Enquirer, so we know it could be totally made up, but I have the link to the Examiner article for you below. Her lawyer Dick Cheney denies it. One story claims she fell in love with a rich man and got pregnant. Twitter is going crazy over this today- one person commented that she is 2 months along with twins. I will wait and see…


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What’s Up

Not much going on- I have decided to skip the Zimmerman trial- it’s too divisive. Plus I am taking an on-line class right now…

The hearing for Arias motions is in 8 days…I am guessing they will postpone the trial AGAIN! I just hope it’s in October or something, not next year! I feel terrible for the Alexanders.

The Sneiderman case is coming (I think July 28). This is going to be good!! Andrea Sneiderman had her boss, Hemy Neuman (who we believe she was having an affair with) kill her husband Rusty. Hemy went to trial for the crime- Andrea testified in his trial and was defiant on the stand. Hemy ended up in jail. So she hooked up with her OTHER boyfriend, Joseph Dell!!! Well her husband was dead and her lover in jail so what’s a girl to do?