Hello Arias Trial Followers!

I was so excited to see my stats go up yesterday as Dr. Geffner had taken the stand. There’s some good info on this site about him. Please check it out and share! I have been following the trial sporadically through my Twitter account. It was nice to see Juan take on the good Doctor again. I am considering taking up what is left of this trial and blogging again. (I took some time off as my mom got sick and passed away this summer). However I am really behind and would love your input- for instance- did I see somewhere that they found porn on Travis’s computer? And Travis did e-mail someone that she was going to either kill herself or him? And who is this guy from Australia? Did Jodi testify this time? I thank you in advance!

4 thoughts on “Hello Arias Trial Followers!

  1. kali1998

    Hey edi nice hearing from you again. I have missed you guys. I think I am coming up with a different ID naame so you probably remember me as Pam. I haven’t heard a thing about the trial. I wish I did. I’m going to look it up and get back to you 🙂

  2. Candy

    I was very happy to see you back. I have been following a little of the arias trial through Trial Diaries. It will be great to follow you again.

    1. edimminger Post author

      Thanks, Candy. I will try to give updates. It’s a shame I can’t live stream like last time. Right now I am reading the transcript of the motion to have Arias appear in private. Will add the entire doc soon so everyone can read it.


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