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Dunn Is Done



The verdict is in, and although the jury couldn’t reach a verdict on Murder 1 they voted guilty on the other four counts. Some are saying this means 60 years in jail- a life sentence for Dunn. I have not really been following this trial as I have been really busy with work. I can’t see how anyone can shoot at kids because they play their music loud. I mean I know when I was a teen I played my music loud- didn’t we all? My neighbor has a teen and when the parents aren’t home he plays loud music but I have never thought to shoot him. I just turn up the volume on my TV until I can hear it again. I have also recently heard that he pulled guns on his former wives and was a bully. Sounds like a real winner. Here is a link if you want to hear more: http://www.allthingscrimeblog.com/2014/02/14/did-michael-dunn-have-the-bad-habit-of-pointing-guns-at-his-wives/

Her’s a link about his convictions: http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-michael-dunn-loud-music-verdict-20140213,0,5446202.story#axzz2tRmbbDPi

Amanda Knox Guilty…Again



So the verdict came down in Italy today and Knox has been found guilty. Remember she was guilty for the murder of her roommate then not guilty and now she is guilty again! Her response? “They’ll have to pull me back kicking and screaming to prison.” Another source says she is frightened and saddened by the conviction. I do not know enough about this case to give my opinion- any one out there want to give me theirs?

Links for more info: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/30/world/europe/italy-amanda-knox-retrial/


Brett Seacat

After about six hours of deliberation, Brett Seacat, the former Kansas sheriff’s deputy has been found  guilty of 1st degree murder. He also got arson and endangering of a child. Seacat was accused of killing his wife, Vashti, then setting the house on fire. The prosecution said Seacat was a “controlling, manipulative” husband who didn’t want a divorce. The defense said Vashti was depressed and set the home on fire before shooting herself.