Dunn Is Done



The verdict is in, and although the jury couldn’t reach a verdict on Murder 1 they voted guilty on the other four counts. Some are saying this means 60 years in jail- a life sentence for Dunn. I have not really been following this trial as I have been really busy with work. I can’t see how anyone can shoot at kids because they play their music loud. I mean I know when I was a teen I played my music loud- didn’t we all? My neighbor has a teen and when the parents aren’t home he plays loud music but I have never thought to shoot him. I just turn up the volume on my TV until I can hear it again. I have also recently heard that he pulled guns on his former wives and was a bully. Sounds like a real winner. Here is a link if you want to hear more: http://www.allthingscrimeblog.com/2014/02/14/did-michael-dunn-have-the-bad-habit-of-pointing-guns-at-his-wives/

Her’s a link about his convictions: http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-michael-dunn-loud-music-verdict-20140213,0,5446202.story#axzz2tRmbbDPi

6 thoughts on “Dunn Is Done

  1. Daisy

    Something’s wrong. Why people responding the way they are during their tour of jury duty so casually about a killing?? Dunn & Zimmerman are terrible results of wrongdoings to their families!

  2. Justjen

    The scariest thing about him is that he still considers himself a victim, and those kids as ‘other’ and not worthy of any consideration.


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