Amanda Knox Guilty…Again



So the verdict came down in Italy today and Knox has been found guilty. Remember she was guilty for the murder of her roommate then not guilty and now she is guilty again! Her response? “They’ll have to pull me back kicking and screaming to prison.” Another source says she is frightened and saddened by the conviction. I do not know enough about this case to give my opinion- any one out there want to give me theirs?

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6 thoughts on “Amanda Knox Guilty…Again

  1. Pam

    I don’t think the US will send her back. We have double jeopardy laws. She was found guilty, then she appealed it and was found not guilty. Plus they don’t have any evidence.

  2. K

    I think she knows what happened but idk if she’s guilty of actually murdering the girl. But no matter, she ain’t goin back, and I don’t blame her!

  3. Daisy

    Not having enough info from Italy and their courts, I could not say anything about the cry of innocence nor of guilt to Ms. Knox. Saw some shows about the case saying she’s guilty of crime with “boyfriend” and its triangular ‘party” between them before the murder. Their judicial system is different from ours therefore we’ve no right to force their country to abide by our “double jeopardy” law. Returning to their country for the retrial might have had a different verdict. From what I understand, she was released cause of overturning of her verdict and with the understanding that retrial can occur and she was to return for it. She agreed, came back and refused to keep her word of returning. That could be the reason Italy’s pissed and pursued the retrial. That’s what happens when someone goes into another country thinking the law of their homeland applies to that country. It doesn’t. We do not control their prisons nor their laws. Whether humane or not, she lived there when she was involved with this murder and shouldn’t have expected US to fight her fight. No one from our country even know what really transpired and wasn’t involved in its investigation of the crime committed.


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