Arias Fires Nurmi?



Apparently last week Jodi wrote a letter to the judge about her desire to get rid of her defense counsel, Kirk Nurmi. She notes that she has not spoken to him since late May and that he has an “utter poverty of people skills.” Because of this letter nothing else has been settled in the case, including when they will get on with it. Read more at:

4 thoughts on “Arias Fires Nurmi?

  1. K

    Delay delay.. that’s pretty much what Jodi said Willmott told her, that there would be many appeals and ways to delay getting the death penalty. She hasn’t even been sentenced yet so this will take years. She is gonna drag this out and kick and scream until the next jury is so tired of her and so removed from the anger we all felt before and they just give her life. She wants Nurmi off and then a new attny will not “know enough about the case to defend her” in the next sentencing hearing….then there will be more delays..

  2. Daisy

    At this point, only thing for Judge Stephens to do is sentence her to life w/o parole. Not 25 yrs cuz she’ll get credit for time served and out on the streets trying to get pregnant before her biological clock runs out which means society will have to deal with a mini-Arias in the future. I can’t understand her basis of this request cuz she should’ve fired him long ago while case was being tried. She wants to keep that female atty cause she could manipulate her like pretzel dough!! Too bad, they come together…Nurmi and Wilmott….hahahaha! Assignment of new attys is what Arias wants juz so she could get a whole new trial to throw out the “Murder in the first” verdict. Sneaky witch……


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