More From Juror 8

In an article by Dan Schenek of HLN (dismissed) juror 8 recently made some comments regarding Jodi’s allocution. “I thought it was … kind of pathetic – the whole thing,” 52-year-old Daniel Gibb said.  “It was just more words coming out of her mouth — really nothing I guess surprised me too much.”
His reaction to the ‘Survivor’T-shirt? “I guess it went from a circus to a freak show when she held that T-shirt up and it said ‘Survivor’. It kind of made me think that, ‘She’s [the only] survivor in this whole thing.'”
About recycling? Gibb jokingly said, “I’d like to see her business plan on the recycling for the prison. It was all just kind of silly. None of that really carried any weight as far as I’m concerned, considering what she did.”
And on a more serious note: “I don’t know if she was allowed to address directly the Alexander family, but I would have liked to just see her apologize for what she did and take responsibility.”

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1 thought on “More From Juror 8

  1. Pam

    I agree with juror #8 Jodi Arias whole statement was a joke and I think a terrible insult to Travis family. Not to mention that poor butchered man..She makes me sick.


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