Best Article on Jodi

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier has written an article on Arias that puts into words everything I am feeling. My favorite part of the article is about half way down, where she lists the ‘mitigators’ and comments on them- you know like the hair donation, teaching Spanish, recycling, book club…enjoy!

Here is the link:

7 thoughts on “Best Article on Jodi

  1. Pam

    That was a long article but I couldn’t stop reading it. I agreed with every word. What she said..WTF!!!

  2. SkyCam

    How funny….long? Okay. But must agree with you that it’s the best article I’ve read so far…my dog thought there was something wrong with me when I started laughing so hard… she looked into my eyes ad said, WTF?

  3. K

    I don’t think, as Juan said, these are even mitigating factors. Mitigating factors relate to the crime, and include abuse/self defense, insanity, heat of passion, and drugs. These are just statements about Jodi. Anyone can make up good things about themselves, or make promises to be good, but those aren’t mitigation. The only good mitigating factor relating to a punishment verdict is young age, but that’s for 18 yr olds, not 32 yr olds…

    1. Pam

      OMG… I was waiting for them to say:
      1.She had good teeth
      2.She only murdered one guy
      3.She only kicked her mother once
      4.Not everyone can be a 3 hole wonder
      GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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