About Jodi’s Supporters

I am a big fan of Dr. Kristina Randle and would like to share her current post on Jodi’s supporters. I’ll try to entice you to check it out with this one sentence: “By definition, when you believe something to be true in spite of clear evidence to the contrary, you are mentally ill.” You may want to read the comments after the article as well there are several other impressive theories there.

Here’s the link:




33 thoughts on “About Jodi’s Supporters

  1. K

    This was pretty much Juan’s arguement. The facts are there, and the confession. People arguing any differently by trying to use circular logic, conspiracy theories, or man-hatred are just hilariously wrong.

    1. Daisy

      Me too! Think about it, all the money State has to pay for Defense team’s “senior” experts and for sloppy Nurmi and Wilmott’s hair coloring, it was their fault for all the la-dee-da’s in court! Nurmi speaks and I sleep; Wilmott talks and I want to use the restroom; Aria talked and I wanted to slap her silly then run and take a bath! Donovan should be locked up with JA!

      1. Pam

        Give her a knife and give him a gun..they would be arguing over who was better looking sooner or later.

  2. Pam

    Thats what frustrates me. Of the thousands of texts between Jodi and Travis he didn’t call her any names till then end . Then when he did he said something about her betraying him. God only knows what kind of blackmail she threatened him with to try to keep him. Now he is the abuser and people actually believe her. Makes me want to scream.

      1. Pam

        Yeah she really turned her hard drive into mince meat.
        She made sure to keep her cell phone with the texts and the sex phone call she tricked him into making stayed safe though didn’t she? Would a person telling the truth take out a hard drive and destroy it so throughly right after killing someone. ..

  3. Penny

    Sure would to keep from being found out. Why didn’t jury pick up on that. I would have thought there should be more of her voice mails or text if I had been on that jury.

    1. Pam

      I’m thinking maybe Jodi put the real things she was thinking in her computer and not in her printed dairy. Also her premeditated plans. Afterward she thought about it…..Maybe that is where she was spewing all her anger..

    1. Pam

      I can’t wait to read it. Thanks. I think all of us here have said the same thing on this blog. If you can’t believe whats in front of you……..

      1. Penny

        Thanks for sending the link. Nothing surprises me in this case other then jury deadlocked.
        Next jury better open their ears and eyes.

      1. Penny

        The part that makes me so mad is the fact that she loved sex with him Yet they use this to make him look bad. She is not forced into anything and it shows that with her comments and giggle. Come on jury open your eyes and ears! DP!

      2. Pam

        I agree.But what had me sputtering at the TV was when the defense kept playing only one side of the conversation. I really believe that Wilmott and Nurmrie showed themselves to be underhanded and sleazy. I know they had to defend their client but they took it to far. Nurmie led Jodie through her whole testimony. She would start answering something and stop half way and then he would ask her something like “what did he do then Jodi” to draw it out to make her look like she was saying it against her will. Piss me off. They purposely tore Travis to pieces. Don’t eve get me started on Laviolet..omg. Does she hate men much? And that old guy doctor that had the hots for Jodi with the PTSD and spontaneous orgasam diagnosis disorder..oh yeah I want me some of those.. see, I still get mad over this crap , sorry…..

      3. Penny

        OMG Pam do we think alike. I do think Nurmi was poke with a fork done with her at the end and Wilmott is her best friend. Can’t decide who I hate more – Laviolet or the old guy. I worked 8 yrs for a psychiatrist everything pt. said was put on paper then transcribed. Old fool had no idea of what he was saying and could not find half his stuff – both fools. Think both had the hots for Jodi no make that 3 foreman also. Laviolet is just a dyke.

      4. Pam

        I think that all the sex talk was making dirty old doctor and “big’ ugly sleazy lawyer all hot and bothered. All Nurmi has the energy for is to talk about sex. geez. he couldn’t even talk that fast and it seemed to take him forever to form hjs thoughts. I think anyone around Jodi to long gets some kind of Jodi insanity. Its like stock home syndrome.

      5. edimminger Post author

        Every time Nurmi asked her “How did that make you feeeeeeeeel?” I felt he was reminding Jodi that she should be feeling something–like “Show some emotion.”

  4. NancyB

    Reading the transcript about the sex tape had me infuriated all over again. I found myself grinding my teeth while reading it. I still believe that it was an incorrect decision that Judge Stephens made in allowing it. And even worse that she allowed Travis’ voice/words to be played with the words all blown up on every big screen in the courtroom. They had previously played the entire tape and that should have been enough.


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