Arias Date Moved Up

The status conference and Motion to Continue Trial date has been re-set from July 18th to July 16th at 8:30 am. No word yet on whether there will be cameras allowed. (Link to the motion: I am expecting Ms. Arias to tweet that this was her decision…

56 thoughts on “Arias Date Moved Up

  1. Penny

    Thanks for the new info. Surprised they moved it forward and not backward. Still think Judge Sherry will let defense delay. Makes me sick to even think that. Just want it done and over. DP!

      1. ldlpllpenny

        I missed most of todays trial on Zimmerman. Can you give a quick run down please. What is the DNA showing? Wish Arias had gotten the judge that Zimmerman has. Would be done and over.

  2. Pam

    OMG I thought you guys ran away from home.. I haven’t received one blog since the night we had that blog session. I thought you guys threw me out. Where have you been edimminger? What happened? Wow I finally heard from you guys !!!!

    1. edimminger Post author

      Well HELLO Pam!!! I tried at least 4 times to reach you – did you ever get any of my messages? I have no idea what happened. Just so you know- I am taking an online Geometry class (to get my Math Teaching Credential) and it will be done in 4 more weeks, so not doing a lot of blogging…I will continue with the Arias case, and start up with the Sneiderman case coming at the end of this month–that will be a good one! Also updates on Baby Elaina and other cases as they come up. Not covering the Zimmerman case- its too divisive!

    1. edimminger Post author

      Yeah – I get a really bad feeling about that also. The Sneiderman case is coming July 28 and will be a good one. I know it will be live-streamed by at the least ‘Wild About Trial.” I will be posting updates. I will be posting a re-cap of the Sneiderman Trial and it’s main players soon. (She’s another crazy killer like Jodi, only she got hr boyfriend to kill her husband, then when he went to jail for the murder she hooked up with her OTHER boyfriend (well, after all her husband was gone and the other gut was in jail…what’s a girl to do?)

      1. Daisy

        I haven’t heard from anyone either! I know most of you weren’t interested in Zimmerman trial so I thought I was booted out cause I was watching it. Quite honestly, I should’ve listened to you all about his trial!! I’m leaving it and prefer to still with only this friendly group. May I??? Pretty pleezzzz??? I miss all you REAL and FUN people!!! 🙂

      2. ldlpllpenny

        Hi Daisy. I watch the recaps at night on the zimmerman trial. Both are guilty as far as I’m concerned.Zimmerman out of car and Trayvon circling back. If this had been 2 black men we would never have heard anything about this trial. Can’t wait for Arias trial so we can all see DP given to her.

      3. Daisy

        Hey! My people eat stinky dried fish. Did you know that?? Wanna start another Zimmerman case??? HAHAHAHAHA! I’m allowed to make racial statements and my friends can do same but only to me and if they’re nice!!! Ok, you’re my friend…..lolololololol

      4. ldlpllpenny

        Eddimminger I had they same thought about the Sneiderman trial. I would prefer finishing Arias trial first Or put one of the trials on another station and let us choose. Oh that would be way to simple.

      5. edimminger Post author

        I do not own a DVR (and wouldn’t know how to use it…) I will have to watch one during the day and the other on YouTube at night.

      6. Daisy

        Even w/DVR, I gotta wait till night before watching programs cuz husband and dogs won’t leave me alone for me to watch a show in peace!!!

  3. Daisy

    Ok everybody…listen up! This is a legitimate question and don’t mean any disrespect to anyone.
    I’m at wits end and need advice: How do/can a person help chill out a very horny neutered poodle that’s just 11/2 yrs old? He keeps humping in all different directions on my other dog (mixed) that’s a male and a senior (51/2 yrs old)????????? He’s just going thru the motion and getting upset when the older dog don’t wanna play??? WHAT SHOULD I DO???

      1. Daisy

        fixed? He’s neutered if that’s what you’re askin’. As to whether he’s stopped, not quite. I had to stay up till late hrs of the morning to be sure he stopped bugging the old boy! Now old boy scared and if I don’t get little guy, old boy would growl and kinda try to nibble him to stop. He’s starting again right now!! What should/ could I do??? He’s humping his face; ears and behind!

    1. edimminger Post author

      OK, my sis told me you need to make a high-pitched short squeal, like a dog in distress. That will stop him. If you do it every time eventually the dog will stop. Hope that works for you!

      1. Daisy

        Hi everybody! Hadn’t been able to send nor receive any postings till now. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

      2. Daisy

        Me too! Just want to see end of Arias trial! Damn…..pissing me off waiting for crap. I don’t even want to watch any shows about her unless it’s her sentencing or until after case is done and over with. Anything else is sooo much bull….!!!

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