Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day Three)

Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day Three) summary


Session 1

Patterns in Relationships:  Assertive, Confrontational, Dishonest


1. Bobby:  At 17 she went into his hotmail behind his back.  She read an e-mail from a woman in New Orleans so she canceled work and immediately went to Bobby and confronted him.  She left him for a few days then went back.

2. Matt:  Saw a girl’s photo and heard he was cheating.  Immediately left work and then drove 11/2 hours to confront the girl who she had never met.  Did this without Matt’s knowledge.

3. Brewer:  Dumps him within 4 days of meeting Travis.

4. Travis:  Saw him with a girl while looking in the back window.  Confronted him the next day even though they were not boyfriend and girlfriend.

5. Travis:  Went into his phone when he was asleep and saw texts with 2 other women.  Despite the fact she felt it was cheating she still went on vacation with him.

6. Travis:  She was living in Palm Desert and went to Mesa to see Travis.  She looked at his my space account without his permission.  She said this made her “unhappy”.  They were not dating at the time.

7. Mom:  Came to Mesa to see her.  Jodi did not like her excuses and ‘negativity” so she told her Mom to go back home.

8. Ryan Burns:  Talked on the phone and texted then she drove to his home (from Yreka Ca. to Utah) to see him and they were very quickly intimate.


Other issues:


1. Fighting with the prosecutor:  Mincing words like “gave” the letter vs. “showed” the letter.  Also she implied the prosecutor was scrambling her brain again.

2. Sex:  “Forgot” to tell her legal assistant that she had also has anal sex with Bobby.

3. Religion:  She had a HUGE problem with Travis joking about sex with a supposed married woman because it is against the tenants of the church but she had no problem having all kinds of sex with Travis.  Claimed she knew the former was not okay but not the latter.


Session 2

1.Showed a picture with her and Travis in it where she is heavier, blonde and nearly as tall as Travis.


CONTRADICTIONS:  Between her portrayal of Travis as mean, deviant and abusive vs. her actual comments.

2. 48 hours interview she says she’s “angry and outraged his life was taken” and that he never got to finish all the great things he wanted to do.  He was “a light…he brightened the room.” He was “a great guy.”

3. After breaking up and moving away she sent him this text:  “I thank you for being such an amazing friend you are a rock, a light and an inspiration.  …Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

4. At the memorial:  “You’re beautiful on the inside and out.” (Martinez then said “So you think a (pedophile) is beautiful on the inside?”)


SEX:  The sex was mutual and sometimes led by her.

1. She introduced KY to make the sex even better.

2. If there was anything she did not like she could have stopped it at any time (and did once).

3. 48 hours tape she says: “The sex was ALWAYS mutual.”

4. In a text she says: “I want to give you a nice BJ and I’d like a generous facial in return.”  This is directly contrary to the “felt like a prostitute statement” when this same act was performed previously.  It also demonstrates her asking him for sex.

5. Asked if the penis picture was offensive she said “not at all” and indicated she sent topless pictures to Travis.


Session 3

Cancelled—Jodi has a migraine.  Apparently she does not get lunch but that will start tomorrow.  The judge also indicated trial will begin early tomorrow-10:15.   (From mixedbagblogdotcom)

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