Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day 2)

Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day Two)

Points for the Prosecution (In My Opinion):

While you read this think about how everything speaks to Arias’ Guilt, not Self Defense.

1. LIAR:  Lies to everybody including Police, family and friends, always to her benefit.   Changed her story to fit the forensics- so is she doing that now at this trial? Called the Bishop at 3 am to find out what he knew about the case.  Went out to dinner and meeting acting as if nothing happened- not possible if you are having a mental breakdown (which she implied by saying her head was still messed up as she didn’t really know if Travis was dead).  Eighteen page letter to Travis’ family full of lies about his death.

2. SICKO:  Within hours of a brutal murder she is making out with another guy.  Who does this?  (Also on Thursday when asked about if it was okay to see Ryan right after killing Travis she said:  “Well I am single”).

3. MEMORY:  When she kept implying she wasn’t sure Travis was dead Martinez said “Then why did you just leave him to die?”  She said she had memory problems but was quick to correct Martinez.  (I think he is doing this on purpose- like when he referred to November she immediately said no- September).  Sometimes after being corrected he would say “Oh, so you do have a good memory”.

4. ABUSE:  Would an abused woman send flowers to the Grandmother of her abuser?  Or go to the memorial?  I was abused and I sure wouldn’t have.  No proof of any kind of any of the abuse she claims, except for Matt MacCartney who she says “would NEVER betray her”.

5. DEMEANOR:  She has tailored her demeanor  (back to her meek self) after feedback that she was too arrogant on the stand Thursday.

6. MUGSHOT:  Why did she smile?  Well it’s what Travis would do.  Also she said she “knew it would be all over the internet so why not?”  And last because she’s “innocent”.

7. SHE’S NO DOORMAT:  She was aggressive in pursuit of Bobby- both times.  She knew what she wanted to do and did it.  She moved to Mesa to be near Travis (and even moved again to be closer) but claims he was the one who made her move back.

I see no remorse, no self defense, it’s all about covering her own a$$.


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