Arias Trial Moving?


Photo of Nurmi and Arias- courtesy ABC News


Today the defense filed yet another motion to move the trial out of Phoenix. They said a fair and Impartial jury can’t be found in Maricopa County due to the “plethora of unrestrained and bombastic coverage of the previous proceedings.” Sounds like Kirk Nurmi is on a mission to add more ‘pennies to his kettle’ (Juan Martinez quote). Other recent motions include wanting the Twitter account info of the jurors and restricting cameras in the court. Hopefully these motions, and the date of the retrial of the penalty phase will be addressed on September 16. I won’t hold my breathe.

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13 thoughts on “Arias Trial Moving?

  1. Deej

    Here we go again with more bullshit tactics from the DFT. We all know there will be many appeals, no matter what these fools do. Bleh…

  2. ldlpllpenny

    Now that A.L. was televised there will be another motion on 9/16. I think her being on TV was to help the defense to prolong Arias trial. If she truly was afraid she would never want to be in the limelight again. Hope someone sends her a chicken bone.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        Hate to say this Pam but expect more. Judge Sherry is so totaly on Arias side and this is her first muder trial. Don’t think she knows what she is doing. Just wonder who defense will get to testify on Jodi’s behalf?

  3. Daisy

    Can someone tell me what the f… is going with our country’s justice systems?? BROKEN!!! What the hell! I’ve been getting really pissed off lately! Can someone tell me why: 1) another 1 yr old baby died in Brooklyn cause he was shot? 2) Why a rapist in jail is demanding parental rights to see the child the victim of 15 yrs of age, had gotten pregnant from the rape; gave birth; plus raising this child? 3) How can a judge sentence a 40+ yr old male TEACHER 30 days after he was kicked out of therapy sessions for luring/seducing/raping younger females and this 14 yr old female waited for two years for trial and ends up committing suicide cause of being bullied at school; laughed at; while this a-ho prances around freely, mess up in therapy where he got kicked out of, was previously sentenced for 15 yrs end up back in court with sentence being reduced to 30 DAYS??? Judge had the nerve to say victim did not appear chronically to 14 saying she had a right not to give in to this TEACHER and since she died; therefore no witness??
    Now this Syria thing making our country look like an ass waiting for approval from congress to act????


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