Ariel Castro Dead



Ariel Castro was found in his cell, dead from hanging tonight. At first I was happy to hear it and then I thought about one of the girls’ statements about him just beginning his punishment. Since he had kidnapped and held three girls for 10 years I would have preferred that he spend at least 30 years in his tiny cell (10 for each girl) before hanging himself. Sorry if this sounds harsh.


17 thoughts on “Ariel Castro Dead

  1. Daisy

    Shoots! He was supposedly under suicide watch in a max. security cell by himself!! same hint?? People like Castro and Keyes are great after sentenced! They save taxpayers many years of money that would’ve been spent keeping them in jail for life and/or cost to execute death penalty in 20+ yrs. Courts don’t gotta be bogged down with appeal after appeal before they get their “final meals”! Think JA might be as considerate?
    I’m sorry, things had been really screwed up lately with the judicial systems and how so many babies are being shot and killed for no damn reason. That judge in Montana really got me boiling and it didn’t help when pictures of al those deaths in Syria with over 400+ being children!! Don’t nobody got any respect for life anymore???

  2. Terri Stefaniw

    Your comment isn’t harsh at all, and I believe that a lot of people feel the same way. I know that I certainly do. There is something very unsatisfying about how Castro did not take any responsibility for his actions…that includes his incarceration.

    1. Pam

      xI just feel so sick when i remember the things he said in his statements about his victim. I wanted him to suffer. I think he killed himself out of fear for his own safety. He was a coward He beat his wife and tortured these young girls. Thats a coward in my book.

  3. ldlpllpenny

    I am sorry A. Castro died they way he did. Wish he would have been in general population and died from being raped over and over again and at least had felt that pain.

      1. Daisy

        I know! You would think a death of a convicted confessed f… Castro would just end right? Who cares if he was depressed before his death (as one of his family member had claimed), he’s supposed to be depressed! Guess how the girls felt for all those years HUH??!!! Only one who benefits most from his departure is his daughter born to Amanda Berry. What balls he had of even demanding parental rights and wanting visitations w/the daughter!! M…..F…..!!

      2. Pam

        The minute the man opened his mouth and said those girls enjoyed the sex and came to him asking for it I wanted him to suffer. Whoever keeps this going in the news to keep this alive for those women are no better then he is.

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