Arias – No Date Yet!



ImageIn court this morning judge Stephens once again pushed back the date to set a retrial for the penalty phase- it is now set for September 16th. Apparently the judge wants to read over the motions first. The motions are about getting the Twitter handles of the jurors and not allowing cameras in the courtroom. According to Jeffrey Gold, esq., the Twitter request may be allowed but to eliminate the cameras would “Be acknowledging error.” As usual we will have to wait and see.

(Thanks to Twitter- @jeffgoldesq and @WildAboutTrial for the info)

2 thoughts on “Arias – No Date Yet!

  1. Daisy

    Bet JA is requesting the media be banned from inside courtroom cause she’s not getting regular clothes nor make-up anymore!!! She know she ugly!!! Besides, delay is a tactic for her to establish what she promised to do if granted life instead of death. Remember her mitigation speech from last penalty phase? Oh, wondering how she’s establishing “book club” if she’s supposedly isolated in cell?? She wants Twitter readers off jury panels cause she wrote some nasty stuff herself! I find asking jurors for their twitter accounts so defense can track them is absolutely LUDICROUS!! If they want to track jurors, why can’t jurors track JA????


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