Another Juror Speaks

Alternate juror #17, now identified as Tara Kelley is speaking out via Twitter. She was the juror who asked: “After all the lies you have told why should we believe you now?” She said: “I really wanted to see if she could answer that with a good response.” She also said that she asked about 75 questions and all of the ones about ‘No jury will convict me’ were hers. She mentions she still had to go to court when she had migraines, a reference to Jodi canceling court for her migraines.

With regard to the toughness of the prosecutor she said: “…I loved Juan!!! I knew he was very passionate for the Alexander family. His reaction to the hung jury said it all. He was Travis’ voice.” About Jodi’s comment that the jury ‘betrayed’ her: “What a bunch of crap! Of course she feels betrayed, she really thought we were all fooled by her!” When asked about the comments from the foreman: “I am very disgusted with what our ‘foreman’ has said! Please know that we didn’t all feel this way!!!”

Tara is scheduled to be on the Dr. Drew show Tuesday and a Twitter interview with Wild About Trial on Wednesday.

32 thoughts on “Another Juror Speaks

    1. Pam

      I read and reread your response and respect it. Then I thought about it overnight. I just wonder if you would feel the same way if Travis were your son?

    2. Pam

      ok this blog has a different title maybe this one will let you in. These blogs are by WorldPress. They won’t let me change my password either and I don’t remember mine either so I have had a problem with them too. Good luck Penny.

      1. Pam

        Yeah I always do that LOL. I know its WordPress. I just got to stict the L in lmao. Penny is having trouble getting into the blog like I did.

      2. Pam

        I joined wordpress along time ago. I joined this blog. Yet it will not let me do anything wordpress. It says wrong password or not a member all the time. I came back in through facebook.

  1. Pam

    I am so glad another juror spoke. The foreman really upset me. I felt like I took it personal for the Alexander family. How could the man be so dense. Thank you Tara for your remarks.

  2. the warrioress

    I hope…(note I said hope), that I would respond the same way. Inwardly, I might be full of rage and hurt, desperate for revenge, but I’ve already learned a long, long time ago that it’s best to leave vengeance to God and not take it upon myself to try and mete it out.

    There really are two sides to every story and it’s quite difficult to see all sides, especially when someone gets hurt physically and we can only see that aspect of things. If you think about the way that Jodi reacted though, can you imagine how scarred and destroyed she was on the inside where you can’t see any knife wounds? Her wounds were deep and emotional, thus hidden. I suspect that they were as brutal as Travis’ were.

    1. Pam

      I was replying and it disappearded…. Ok starting again.. I don’t believe Travis wounded or destroyed Jodi.
      I believe He wanted to end the relationship so she set him up with that phone tape and made up the pedophile story to use against him out of spite and jealousy. That’s why he flipped out an called her those names.. Because he only talked to her like that a couple of times at end of their relationship out of ..lets see ..what did they say in court? ” 83,000 ” text messages. He called her all those names on the 26 of May. She asked for the gas cans on the 28th. Please. All his many, many.. many.. friends can’t be all wrong about the guy and all the girlfriends . You can’t hide your true nature from that many people. Not ONE piece of evidence of child porn or abuse she says her lawyer had evidence but wouldn’t use it Yet one woman who has stalked him and also shown this with other boyfriends is the only person accusing him of any of this is to be believed. I am almost 65 yrs old. I have experienced alot of life. Believe me. Her being the liar is more likely then not. She was all innocent and shy with Nurmie. She remembered when she took her first breath at birth. With Martinez she was snooty and smart mouth. She is a danger to society. Before her I never believed in the death penalty. With her I firmly believe she is a risk to everyone. Even the people in jail. Anyone who can butcher like that….will do it again. It isn’t revenge for me..its the fact that Jodi and her lawyers murdered that poor man twice. She his body and then they helped her try to murder his character. I am sorry. I have three sons and am very passionate about this. I do respect your opinion. I don;t agree. She even has the foreman of the jury who has seen what a butcher she is wanting to meet her. I can see him voting how he wants but give me a break. Why is it that no one can ever understand that men can be abused and manipulated. Jodi took a fairly naive Morman and worked her wiles. He even said on the tape for all to hear in court ” I never masturbated till I met you” When she it didn’t work like she wanted she reacted like any abuser..stalker would react. Done venting Thanks Pam Grandmother and Professional Venter

      1. Pam

        Thanks Edimminger…….guns and knives may put you in the ground but names will never hurt you. Something like the saying when I was a kid. I wonder what Martinez is going to do. The main reason I want the death penalty is to keep here out of general population for life.

      2. Pam

        I just found an article on twitter. I have no idea how to bring it here. its under Chris Stark@stark3923 from Feb 23rd 2013 from twitterlonger about Jodi’s telling her friend Matt she threatened Travis with the pedophila…I think it was on June 3…? its in article that she told Matt right before the murder. Thats what caused the big arguement and name calling and then after his death got Matt to write the letters she tried to sell to the papers. Got her mom to take them. When Matt didn;t follow through when questioned thats when she tried to sneak out the message in those magazines to get their stories together. It was a good article. If you can’t find it I will attempt a copy and paste but I wasn’t sure if its allowed here.

      3. Pam

        Ok I would only do this for you. I can’t figure out how to transfer it so here it is word for word. I will give you address and whoever wants can verify.


        Chris Stark@stark3923
        23rd Feb.2013 from Twitlonger

        @JodiArias++NEW INFO++EXCLUSIVE++ Tampering w/Witness & STAR MAG & pedophilia letters!!!! Selling forged letters to National Eng & more: READ:

        CONFIRMED: Matt McCartney was involved in forged pedophilia letters.

        Matthew McCartney did in fact forge the pedophile letters for Jodi Arias.

        “Then there is a bunch of court stuff we know” SO DID NOT TYPE

        Jodi Arias visited Matt on June 2/3 2008 and spent the night. Jodie then murdered Travis on the 4th.
        When Matt gave his first interview to Jodi attorneys, he gave a very different story. Jodi needed him to get back to jail to talk to her about her version of the story. She needed his account to back her side of the story about Travis being a violent pedophile. Jodi was trying to solicit false testimony behind bars. Jodi did this threw those magazines, including the Star, we saw during the court proceedings where she wrote in code to Matt.

        Matt had claimed that Jodi showed him bruises and battery from Travis. That Jodi confided in him.

        But then Defense seemed to be surpriused when confronted with the evidence from the magazines that she passed to Ann Campbell on Aug 4,2011.

        The whole secret message said ” You fucked up, What you told my attorney next day directly contradicts what I’ve been saying for over a year. Get down here ASAP and see me before you talk to them again and you testify so we can fix this.The last argument they had she threatened Travis that she would accuse him of pedopilhlia and he told her he would expose all her “pscho” things.

        Jodi Arias Mother tried to sell the letters to National Enquire”here is the story”
        This statement came from hhtp:// after I went into @stark 3932

        Anyway it didn’t turn out being word for word I left out what you already heard in court. I did the best I could Seeya

        These are my words: There is something up with this Matt guy. Total silence on both sides during the whole trial. He didn’t back up Jodi..nor did he testify for the state. I am wondering if he knew a lot more then he should and is taking the fifth on things and Martinez knew it was a waste of time. Can anyone think of any other reason we haven’t heard from the elusive Matthew McCartney?

      4. edimminger Post author

        Pam, thank you so much. I type with 2 fingers so appreciate your doing this more than you know. Great info! I am still wondering about the elusive Matt. I heard that Jodi stole Travis’ journals and used his words (actually cut them out of his journal) to set him up as pedophile. That is why there was no original copy of the pedo letters…Matt cut and pasted from Travis’ own journals!

      5. Pam

        Your very welcome. I type with 2 fingers too!! lol I was just reading where the jury foreman was asked what question he wanted to ask Jodi. I almost fell off my computer chair. He said he would ask her what really happened? Is he in a FOG with her ? She is never going to tell anyone the truth. I am in shock that a man his age could be so taken in by such a evil monster. Before anyone jumps on me. Whether they put her to death or give her life “she is still a monster” only a monster could commit such a barbaric crime.

      6. edimminger Post author

        One look at the slit neck photo sold me – she IS a MONSTER!!! I have 2 articles coming up- one is comments from a nurse about the foreman and Jodi, the other is why we watch this trial. Hope you like.

      1. Pam

        Hi….. I can’t find your posts anywhere. I am so dissappointed. I saved them too. I wanted to write on them. I agree with the article you posted. This part I remember. People should “NOT” be threatened for their views but they should also not be surprised if they get bad feed back if they put themselves in the public eye. I am new on the computer but about 10 years ago my son tried to teach me. He set me up with a sign name and took my pic. I played a little pogo. I didn’t learn much. I met a couple people on pogo. I had put my pic profile. This person said something really mean to this lady and I stuck up for her. Two days later I got an email l. I hit on the link and their was my pic on an article on a retardation site. I was mortified the things it said. I had my son cancel out everything and stayed off the computer. I have tougher skin now but that is what happens if you put yourself out there. The foreman could have stayed in the fog like the other quiet jurors “pun intended” I was watching HLN News TV a couple nights in a row and was quite surprised at what I thought was hypocritic behavior. For months they have been pushing against Arias and anyone who goes against her. They have made token remarks that it isn’t true. I agree with them so I didn’t care. Now all of a sudden its a attitude switch. They still don’t like Jodi but they are being all tolerant about everything. I thought Nancy Grace…..” who I love” was going to have a heart attack if someone said anything that did not agree with her. It just feels like they went from a full court press to oh well !!!! Maybe thats what they were talking about the other night on Dr. Drew. “Jodi Anxiety” or Jodi Syndrom who knows. One other thing while I’m venting. Whats with this Judge Larry Seidlin. I liked him at first. Then one day he was on. All he kept saying was ” I did this or I did that” If he bragged one more time grrrrr. I just wanted to scream at him to get back on the subject at hand. I don’t think he ever directly answered the questioned . I;m no sure my ears went numb. If its no to much trouble could you resend me the article. I saved it in my folder?????

      2. edimminger Post author

        I don’t remember which post that was, maybe I may have even said it in comments…once the foreman put himself out there (Breaking his agreement with the other jurors to wait) he is up for scrutiny. Though I did not agree with the jurors in the Casey Anthony case at least they were smart enough to stay out of the media! I think it may have been in the ‘more from the foreman’ post(?) I can’t stand Larry (the crying) judge. Half the time he doesn’t even make sense! Who decided to put him on HLN? Also, thanks for your post. Right before you I had 2 people leave me nasty comments on here and I wonder why they bother?

      3. Pam

        Don’t let it bother you. I respect your opinion like I respected warrioress even if I didn’t agree. If we all agreed we wouldn’t be human. I think I told you I am 64. I use to let things bother me. Now I just speak my mind. We will all be dust give your opinion. Don’t go out of your way to hurt anyone’s feelings but you have a right to your own. I have enjoyed blogging with you. You are my first blogger experience and I find I like exchanging ideas. What frustrates me…lol words I have been spelling for decades all of a sudden go blank on me. I use to win all the spelling bees lol. Now I feel like I can’t spell for crap. oh well . I’m glad its not only me about Judge Larry. He sounds like he is whinning and yelling at the same time too. we hear ya!!! we hear ya.!!!! I don’t see how the Anna Nicole case compares to Travis and Caylee cases anyway. Judge Alex was on today. I didn’t have to change the channel. Talk soon

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