Defense Lawyers To Withdraw?

OK- so this is an unconfirmed rumor right now but according to Jeff Gold, Esq. on twitter this may be the reason for the hearing on Thursday. Here from facebook- ‘Kavonna Arias’ comment: “UGH! I can’t believe Jodi’s lawyers are trying to withdraw from the case that they bumbled. Now Jodi feels she has no one. They have allowed our Grandma and her Mother to talk with her and they are still with her now , she is not in good graces right now. – feeling sad.”

4 thoughts on “Defense Lawyers To Withdraw?

  1. Judy Peal

    1) Who is Kavonna Arias 2) Can Jodi fire her attorneys this late in the game?

    Thank you,

    Judy   J. C. Peal


    1. edimminger Post author

      I do not know who Kavonna is, it is implied she is a relative of Jodi’s. I think she can fire them now, I also think they can quit.


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