Jodi Arias Trial 3/20 summary

Dr. Samuels –re-direct:

  1. Jennifer Wilmott (JW) basically went back over many of the things she went through on her cross.  Here is the list:  Therapist vs. evaluator, MCMI vs. MMPI, his pay ($250 an hr.), rope story he got wrong, Travis wanted the shower pics, the graph the Doc drew, PDS test questions, the sex while asleep, and she (JA) could have pushed her test scores even higher.
  2. The main point she got across was that JA’s score would still have been the same even if she took the test after her story changed.
  3. There was one new thing- apparently in an interview JA’s brother said JA was attacked and had a knife held to her throat.
  4. Someone puked so they stopped early.  Court resumes tomorrow with Juror’s questions for the Dr. at 10:30.

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