Jodi Arias Trial 3/19 summary

Morning Session:

Dr. Samuels (S) is on cross

  1. JM (Juan Martinez) is pointing out all the lies JA (Jodi Arias) told him: she said she only had Anal sex with Travis (we know she had it at age 17 with Bobby and also with Derald later), she told the doc she was uncomfortable with Oral sex but started having it at age 15 and had it through her relationships over many years, she said Travis had many pictures of women’s breasts on his computer but no such images were ever found. The Doc implies these lies were not important to the case.  JM points out the fact she’s lying to him should be important in his assessment.  The Doctor even wrote an addendum to his original report where he could have corrected these mis-statements but he did not- he said he just answered what he was asked for on the addendum (by the Defense). JM also mentioned the lie about Travis being the one who wanted pictures in the shower. She also told the Doc that Travis grabbed her (sweater) in the closet then she grabbed the gun (that was on a recording).  The Doc also admitted she implied Travis was shot in or around the closet.
  2. THE TESTS:  JM goes through all the test answers and points out they were all based on her lie about the intruders killing Travis.  The Doc says it is still based on trauma.  JM asks if he is speculating and he says (eventually) that he is. The test the Doc gave is the MCMI which is supposed to be used for psych patients in therapy, not the general population.  Still her rating on the test was 69 and the cut off for determining any diagnosis is 75 points, implicating she does not score high enough for PTSD on this test.  The Doc says you cannot base it on one number but JM points out that that is the number indicated on her test. (JM implies he should have given her the MMPI test which is used for the diagnosis of the general population as well as others). JM reads from something stating the MCMI test should not be used as an assessment in a court case.  The Doc asks what JM is reading from and JM answers something like: “You understand I ask the questions ?” Doc: “Yes.”

Afternoon Session:

Dr. Samuels cross cont.

  1. JM agues with S over the use of the MCMI test as it is for psyc patients, not general population.  S disagrees.
  2. JM goes into a hypothetical about a cop and a knife/shooting and the chart S drew regarding amnesia.  They argue about whether the cop (with amnesia) would remember anything at the time of the amnesia.  S is not concrete on this.
  3. They argue about whether she is assertive. JM reminds the Doc that he never spoke to her friends or family.  What he says is based on JA and her Journals. JM also brings up in her Journal about how when she says she is not sure about ‘that boy’ she was referring to what she says directly after about his feelings towards families.
  4. S can’t recall what events (pedo and broken finger) happened before she        wrote ‘nothing worth writing about’ in her journal.
  5. The Doc’s original report on her qualifications for PTSD in the DSM are actually missing some requirements. JM asks him if this does not fit the diagnosis for PTSD and he says: “Correct.”

JW (defense) & Dr. S:

  1. She basically is trying to clear up the “Typos” from the report just mentioned.  He now has a new worksheet which adds several more of the requirements to qualify JA for PTSD.
  2. They go over the amnesia including his drawing.
  3. She tries to qualify his use of the MCMI.
  4. JW asks why he does not use a recording.  S explains that patients are more forthright without it.
  5. The Doc says Anal sex has nothing to do with his diagnosis.
  6. JM implies the pictures of breasts could have been on another computer.
  7. S explains that he often gives out self help books.
  8. S repeats JA is not assertive.
  9. They go over the day of the murder.  JW has the Doc repeat 3 times the scenario according to JA and his notes.  There are 2 new things- Travis pulling on a sweater and her running down the hall after shooting him.

Trial begins tomorrow at 1.

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