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Jury selection is underway in the Trial of Andrea Sneiderman. Unfortunately all the serious charges have been dropped. She was originally charged with the murder of her husband, Rusty. Her boss at the time, Hemy Neuman shot and killed Rusty at his child’s day care center. The theory was that she was having an affair with Newman (she denies this) and wanted Rusty dead. Newman is in jail for his murder, but after claiming Barry White and Olivia Newton John told him to kill Rusty he has been found not competent to be involved in this trial. The really interesting part to me is once her husband was dead and Newman in jail, Andrea got together with her other lover, Joseph Dell. She also stands to get $2 mil from insurance. I have a link for more information if you are interested:

396 thoughts on “Sneiderman Trial

  1. ldlpllpenny

    Thanks for the link to Sneiderman. Think most of us know she will get off. She will go on happily ever after with 2 mil. and of course a new boyfriend.

      1. Daisy

        I am too. Nothing new on Baby Elaine’s situation. Last read about boyfriend finally getting arrested. How about the Joshua Young trial? Are you following it?

      2. edimminger Post author

        Unfortunately because the judge gave this kid back to his wonderful dad, I think he was involved also. Just like when he video taped his dad killing a dog. He wanted to be like dad.

      3. Pam

        I believe he is part of this some how but I also think in cases like these that poligraph tests should be done. ” Just in case”. They say that they are almost 100% now. I was watching a special on them the other night. If your not on drugs and not totally out of your mind you cannot beat them. If he is in jail and he seems normal take a test. It should be mandatory now a days. Still have trials but it will help sift threw the bull. Just like baby Elaine. I would strap their filty asses down and ask them if they know what happened and see what happens when they say NO. ASSHOLES

      4. Daisy

        Wow, with ldlpllpenny wanting to burn pods and you wanting to strap those assholes….hmmm, I wanna do both! Pam, how many witnesses besides the cops and coroner; etc. remembered EVERYTHING????

      5. Pam

        Just ONE simple question. Did you have anything to do with the disappearance of your little girl???????

      6. Daisy

        They’ve been asking and frankly, their answers were very suspicious. Boyfriend’s mom or grandma should’ve been interrogated more and stepfather should also get grilled harder. He knows something.

      7. Pam

        I no longer watch HLN because Dr. Drew let that racist on his show for 7 days straight. Talk about reverse racism. Pot calling kettle black much????? I was so mad I was spitting bullets. It had NOTHING to do with the trial. Ms. Ali hates white people..period. She claims to have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder from slavery. Since there has been no slavery for almost 300 years I would like this explained to me. Dr. Drew sat there saying Oh I understand..OMG is he serious. We have a black President. We have a black Attorney General..Doctors..Lawyers… blacks and whites marry. Their are black movie stars people drool over. I am so sick of the cry of racism over everything. As a white woman I am just sick and tired of being called a racist. I have never been a racist. That woman insulted every white person in this country with every word that came out of her mouth. A lot of people have blacklisted HLN. Facebook was in a frenzy over it. and Dr. Drew let her do it for7 days. His other guests were as pissed as me. His buddy Mark wasn’t happy. That girl that guests with him was speechless most of the time. His other guest weren’t happy either but good old Dr. Drew kept kissing her ass. She even said we didn’t know we were racist.. duh? She kept saying this countries fore fathers weren’t her so the rules constitution had nothing to do with her. Then get your ass out of this country. It is this country and its freedom of speech that allows her to sit her ass on national TV and trash the place she was born..her mother and father were born and her grandparents..none of which could have been slaves… sorry HLN sets me off…. Sorry guys whenever I hear about HLN I see RED!!!!! I hope I’m not kicked out

      8. ldlpllpenny

        Oh you are so NOT kicked off. I felt the exact same way. Hated Ms Ali but not because she is black. Dr Drew is a wuss for sure. I stopped watching durning that time but now it is about the Josh’s and I can handle that. Couldn’t stand Nancy G. either. I wanted to ask Dr drew how many of his clients that went to Pasaden Ca rehab are still sober. I know 2 have died. Did them a lot of good huh? Ms Ali is on my list but I just want to tape her mouth nothing really bad. Or maybe she could come clean my house.

      9. Pam

        I can’t stand him anymore. I don’t respect him. I use to love his show. I Stopped liking Nancy Grace when she kept trying to ask a grieving parent over and over “How do you Feel”? How the hell do you think they feel Nancy. How would you feel if your kid was killed? Idiot. She asks the stupid questions. And that Bombshell tonight crap. I use to actually expect her to say something good. Now I expect her to tell us about a hangnail. And if I hear her talk about her fiance who was murdered about a zillion yrs ago once more to people who are going through fresh loses I think I will puck. She has to have the attention. In my retirement community we have a joke going. Bombshell tonight ” My bowels are working good today” or Bombshell tonight ” I have gas. I don’t care what color Ms. Ali is either. I just care that she is a racist asswipe and she sits there accusing everyone else of being a racist. ONE QUESTION{ I only ask this to make a point ok????? If Zimmerman and Trayvon had met in that dark place and Zimmerman was the one found dead what would have been the reaction? Ms. Ali kept bringing it about the child. and showing pics of a child. I saw pics the day before of him..recent ones and he was not a child he was a tall big boy. I have no idea what happened but racist like Ms Ali also use lies and things like that to feed into the hate they want to keep going. Any one of any color is not a child now a days at 17. They grow up way to early. Whites kill whites..blacks kill blacks and any kind of combinations. Its people killing people. To much violence in the world. HLN is feeding was feeding into this for ratings.

      10. ldlpllpenny

        You are so right. Blacks kill blacks and whites kill whites. How come Ms Ali didn’t call us crackers?????? Still want her to come clean my house.

      11. Daisy

        Pam, know what irks me?? Everybody talks about discrimination of color; slavery of blacks; etc. What the hell do they think an American born but still a chinaman feels????? Worse, a female too!!

      12. Pam

        The Irish too. Women couldn’t vote till the early or own property or manage their own money till 1900’s. Husbands could beat them. Things didn’t change a lot for women till the 1900’s. Chinese. The Mexicans are more discriminated against now then blacks. The most discriminated against people in the world are the poor in every color and race.

      13. Daisy

        Sad to say but too true. Just gender along is bad enough but add dumb-asses; ignorance; and dicks that gets a hard-on whenever wind blows, we were always and still continue to be discriminated. So what if we can hold hands in public now? So what if we can walk along side our men? We still gotta slave over stoves; laundries; cleaning; etc. and when we step out our doors, we still got to worry about being raped (especially since those sickos like old gals like us now) or a stray bullet!!! We still have to work off bankruptcy from bad ex-husbands; etc.

      14. Pam

        You know I threw all those worries out the window. I don’t pay any ones old bills. I decided I am best by myself and for the first time in my life I have peace. I do what I want when I want. I pay so much out a month toward bills and so much towards me. If thats not good enough for them to bad, I’m tired of worrying. I’m getting old and want some peace in my life.

      15. edimminger Post author

        I am exactly the same. People think I am crazy for wanting to be by myself, but this way I have no stress from someone else’s problems. I love it. Internet friends is all I need.

      16. Daisy

        Stupid me….got married 2nd time. Didn’t mean to, just happened. Thought I was gonna stay single after my divorce….never looked for love…unfortunately it came around again and attacked me.

      17. Pam

        Unfortunately it isn’t love that hits is mistakes. I have been hit, cheated on, talked to like I’m crap and treated the same way. In return it made my nature not so nice in return trying to make myself understood or loved back. I believe it is a waste of time. I see people living that dream yes but is it real? They have great homes, friends families.But after what I’ve seen I wonder whenever I look at anyone ” what is the real story?”

      18. Daisy

        Regardless of a seemingly good relationship or bad relationship; both consists of dark secrets behind closed doors. Sometimes people think so & so is good spouse when actually they’re the devil putting on a show. Sometimes people think so & so is an asshole but behind closed doors they’re very giving. I’ve been in all kinds of situations w/men so nothing fazes me anymore (unless I’ve had enough and blow my stack). I used to give my ex and ultimatum! Told him if wanna butt f…, find a prostitute and wear a condom. What’d he do? He f—ed every female I knew!!

      19. Pam



      20. Daisy

        around less…did you catch the episode where one of the witness to Zimmerman’s case was talking and her lawyer was there (don’t why lawyer was needed) and cut Mark down for no reason?? I wanted to jump into tv and strangle that f…!!! Didn’t even apologize!!

      21. ldlpllpenny

        Love Mrk. Last night Dr drew had that woman Weinner was sexting. He is one sicko. I am sure his wife stays with him because she has some kind of goals. If anyone in NY votes for him that would be crazy. No morals and can’t be trusted.

      22. ldlpllpenny

        Oh hell no. They would probably get off on a slap. That’s where these pods come in handy and if they take the pods away I have a house across the street up for sale and it’s vacant. A lot more bodies would fit in that house then a pod.OMG can you just see a realtor coming through to show and there’s dead bodies.

      23. Daisy

        YOU GO GIRL!!! I’ve stopped watching when they kept showing both Ms Aris (for blacks) and that ass Frank Taffe (for whites). Then they started to have Taffe on Nancy Grace; Jane Velez Mitchell; HLN after dark; etc. I’ve turned them all off. Just watching trials but even those are getting ridiculously fakish to me. Can’t be live if results of day’s trial aired on other shows, right??? All those commercials; commentaries; etc. is getting to me!!

      24. edimminger Post author

        Yep—I am watching and ready to post! So funny that you guys have posted almost 300 comments on one of my threads—I love it!!!

      25. Daisy

        Actually I was beginning to think both McFarland & Gouker had something to do with it. Still say those other witnesses should all be arrested!!

      26. Pam

        There was an older guy interviewed on TV today just before the verdict came in. He said he knew Josh Young really well. Had many run ins with him. Stealing. Sneaky etc. He said that between Josh and his dad that the apple did not fall far from the tree.

      27. Daisy

        If Gouker had Young for only 6 wks, how could anyone really got to know the real Josh Young??? Mischief full I’m sure but not a real crime committer. All kinds people come out of the wood works claiming some shit or another AFTER the fact. You should know that!!

      28. ldlpllpenny

        My hubby has been extra nice. Darn the pods are gone and I didn’t have a chance to stuff them. At least we now have 2 empty house. I’m thinking how many things can go in them. HMMMMMM

      29. Daisy

        Baby Gabriel; mother Elaine fled w/18 mo. old to El Paso w/father of Gabriel willing to take baby and care for him full time and financially. Not married, she threw a lot of bitch fits during their relationship and threw him out w/baby then reported him for kidnapping child; blah blah blah. Here’s the killer: she was in motel; was gonna give baby to a lady who loves taking other’s babies(last baby this lady took for her own was nephew’s, she’s a different morbid story herself); Elaina called father of child after they both went and made agreements on custody rights and times; etc. The father offered to take child most of time since she (like all them witches) was so into herself that she claims she can’t handle it. When he went to p/u Gab; they were gone. During her “bus stops” she would call him and threaten him and fight….la dee da, la dee da, la dee da. Final stop In El Paso, final call she made to him fighting and bitching; he kept asking for Gabriel; finally, she said she strangled him, he turned blue, stuffed him in diaper bag and threw in into dumpster at motel. End of story: Baby Gabriel still missing She changed her story, said she met a nice couple in a park; don’t know their name or where they lived, and handed them the baby cause they were willing to help her. She’s in jail serving a very short term (like maybe 5 yrs and probation w/completion of psycho therapy; etc.). I never saw a father of a child who made me cry soooo much (except movie Kramer & Kramer). He’s still looking for son…

      30. Pam

        Thanks for filling us in Daisy. Thats horrible. The poor baby. If there are any updates I want to know. Thanks again

      31. Daisy

        You’re very welcome. Sorry I didn’t edit. Must’ve been hell reading my crap!! Now I know you’re an avid reader and will try to write better.

      32. ldlpllpenny

        OMG what a bitch. Yes she needs to be on my list. What is wrong with our justice system? Very short term oh hell no. Think we need judge Judy on most of these cases.

      33. Daisy

        Even Judge Judy wouldn’t be able to do shit. Judges gotta follow the law, remember??? Truthfully? My list is HUGE!! Pods would need to be size of a water reservoir to fit my list!!

      34. Daisy

        The dynamics of this group of “kin” is just soooo way out there that no one can tell the truth if it hits them in the face!! Getting high, sharing their weed with minors????? McFarland’s children belong to two different men and they weren’t the two she married neither!! She brought sicko into the children’s lives. She should be arrested for that alone (child endangerment)!!

      35. ldlpllpenny

        Doesn’t McFarland have the daughter that was up on the stand today? Can’t understand why she hasn’t had her taken away. Why did she even have her kids with her? Her mom said she never showed any emotions, was all about herself.

      36. ldlpllpenny

        Big Josh has sex tapes that have the time of taping and it was when Trey was killed. Think he is getting his son off then he will use the tapes to prove he wasn’t even around Trey at the time. Can not do murder a second time. So if little Josh gets off it’s over.

      37. Daisy

        Who’s seen the tape??? If date and time were included, maybe useful. Problem is, neither Gouker nor McFarlane stories of who fell asleep first already proves suspicious. Her momentary rude awakening for a few seconds in the morning, couldn’t even say if Gouker was still in bed with her. Mother; should’ve been charged w/child endangerment; Cousin Cassie: should’ve been charged for evidence tampering and complicity also (she knew about killing; she helped rid evidence; she never notified police of a crime; etc). Both Gouker’s female friends should’ve been arrested for aiding and abetting criminal and killers since they knew about killing. Cassie’s boyfriend John was sooo scared on stand, I felt sorry for him but then he also knew of crime and did nothing!! Gouker could’ve still played game on tv while on sofa cause they never said how many sofas were there in living room and a child of 7 can sleep through an earthquake if tired!!! Problem with this case is how all the so-called witnesses (relatives; friends and inmates alike) repeated same words and story like rehearsed!!! They was all scared shitless!! Who’s on Young’s side but the foster parents?????

      38. ldlpllpenny

        I heard about sex tapes on HLN and Amanda said when she was on the stand they had sex twice that night. Wonder if he had to take a little blue pill. Hope she had blinders on.

      39. Daisy

        she had blinders on since she met him!!! Oh, I forgot, he used her cell phone to tape them having sex. Wonder who was holding the phone???

      40. Pam

        How can you have blinders on with a monster? She would have to be deaf dumb and blind. She knows he killed a cat..a dog. He killed a 72 yr old. Blinders??? She just didn’t care. She put her child in that situation. bitch

      41. Daisy

        That’s what I meant when I think she should’ve been arrested also. How do you expect her to not be blind if she sees only herself and how do you expect her not to be tone-deaf if her eyes are plugged up w/weed & yeast (fr beer)?? Dog and cats killed were her kids’ but she let that beast in and out of their home anyway. Think we’re supposed to feel sorry for her situation? Not me…..It’s Trey and MacKensie I feel sorry for.

      42. Daisy

        Met a lot of those women. Never understood the need….we can masturbate and have a great orgasm w/o man, right? There’s turkey basting tool for help in making babies, right? What’s missing???

      43. Pam

        That’s the truth lol At least we know where to touch to make it feel good lmo. And I didn’t even know that till my forties lol My 2 husbands wouldn’t know fore-play if it bit them on the ass!!!!! It is terrible when you have to divorce twice to experience good sex…not joking here lol

      44. Pam

        I was waitressing at a table. It was closing time. I was 24. The guy drunk but was with his I bent over a little to wipe the table and he bit me on the ass. I jumped around and hit him in the mouth. It really hurt and he caused a bad bruise. His wife was really pissed at him. The restauraunt owner called the police. I felt bad for the wife. I didn’t press charges.

      45. Pam

        It was serious at the time. He drew blood and ripped my white linen slacks, it was very painful. It was considered assault and battery. He was drunk. I still can’t laugh about it. It was a little like be molested. As I said I let it go for his families sake. Lets drop the subject please.

      46. Daisy

        Didn’t know what a real orgasm was till I was 28 and from that moment on, no sex is worth my time unless I’ve reached a REAL orgasm!!!

      47. ldlpllpenny

        I meant blinders on while she was having sex with his nasty ass. Sure wasn’t babyface he was out doing the killing.HMMMMMM maybe the cousin??

      48. Pam

        i just remembered something…the last time we had a marathon blog session like this you guys up and disappeared on me for along time the next day

      49. Daisy

        Nah, my husband gets bent out of shape when I stay on computer all day/nite. I figure one marathon and next day do laundry and listen to his boring shit.

      50. Daisy

        That was one big banana! Wonder where they put it?? Size of that thing tells you size of their thing…..know what I mean???

      51. Daisy

        Saw a little sample of sex tape day before yesterday, HLN after dark. Supposedly tape McFarland and Gouker made night of murder.

      52. ldlpllpenny

        Big Josh and Amanda taped their sex. From what I heard it will prove it was at the time Trey was killed. That was on HLN AFTER DARK which I love. What trial is going to start now?

      53. Pam

        I haven’t been watching that racist mongering channel. Thats why I don’t know these things. You’ll have to keep me informed. Everyone was enraged on Facebook and Twitter. I guess Dr. Drew had that bitch back on his show. I did watch for the verdict but the day people are pretty nice.

      54. ldlpllpenny

        Forgot to say the pony has been good for years now. My husband just went back to work after being retired for about 5 years. Think he got tired of playing his stupid games on the computer. Or maybe the razorblades and pole scared him who knows. Now I have me time and I love it.

      55. Pam

        The only problem with getting it on with Hodi or Horseface is with one you end up dead and the other you end up crazy and in jail for life.

      56. Pam

        Hey guys..I had to go back in history to find this, all my blogs disappeard like last time. I haven’t received and blog email in days. Could someone respond and tell me if its my email?

      57. ldlpllpenny

        Last night I heard about a mom that couldn’t take care of her 6 year old girl so judge let the father have her and he is a registered sex offender. The little girl is now masterbating and wetting the bed. What the HELL is wrong with that judge? Seems there are a lot of judges out there that don’t know their ass from a whole in the ground.

      58. Pam

        I heard that this morning. She didn’t let him have her. The judge took her away from the mother and gave her to the father. I have been trying to find out the reason on and off all day. She’s been fighting to get her back. She says he lives in a dump and the daughter was sleeping in his bed. He molested his step-daughter.

      59. ldlpllpenny

        I stopped watching Dr Drew but now that court cases are over he is interesting again. Well not so much him but what he has on his show. The mom of the 6 yr. old was on last night. She was a nut case. Said she knew he was a child molester but thought he changed got PG and married him. Then Dr Drew had on a convicted child molester that I almost felt sorry for. He said he was in college and had sex with someone under 18 and it was consentual. I know that happens and I don’t always feel that is right to arrest him. Could be a couple that has gone together a few years guy turns 18 maybe girl is 17 bam he’s a goner. Then he said she was 11 and he really didn’t think he was wrong. I almost fell over. He said not to judge the 6 yr olds dad. What an ASS!

      60. Daisy

        6 yr old’s dad said he pled guilty on 1 charge instead of 11 cause trial and all would cost too much money and time. Remember, kid he supposedly molested/sexually abused was 6 1/2 step daughter. He said he didn’t do it but pled anyway. I mean, if he didn’t do it, how come there were 11 charges??? Why would anyone plea guilty on a felony child molestation charge then serve time in jail just to avoid publicity/trial?? Now step daughter’s recanting. Now he wants to appeal. Are you kidding me??? Appealing on verdict made by judge/jury can be appealed, not a copped out plea and already served the time as agreed!! How dumb!!!

      61. ldlpllpenny

        Still can’t get over the father that got custody od his 6yr old daughter and he’s a registered sex offender. Where are our laws?? Last night on Dr Drew 2 women on his panel think Hannah Anderson went willingly with the guy that kidnapped her. I too had thoughts about that but thought I might be nuts.Things don’t match up. Why were mother and brother at his house?When he was tying up mom and brother where was she she also knew fire was on a timer. At some point they had to stop and get gas why didn’t she scream or run? I do think she was a victim. He manipulated her over months or years. How many girls do we hear about that go with some guy they met over the internet. There is a lot more behind this story. Oh and forgot there were 13 cell calls between them then they both shut down phones at the same time.

      62. Daisy

        My husband, who hates watching what I watch, also remarked yesterday that there’s more to this than is being told. He felt she was involved in this whole ordeal till it got outta hand. I agree.

      63. Daisy

        That’s cuz they busy trying to figure what the law is nowadays. Most are scared to make a real history making decision…too much bull. Old days, judges and jury rulings were words of the law and never questioned nor rioted to be changed. Now, take a dump and somewhere someone could start some kinda protest cause your shit is toxic or stinks further than 10 ft away….!!!

      64. Daisy

        Sometimes I can’t settle down to watch till after 9pm!! Small dogs are worse than human babies!! Besides, you ain’t missing much. Lots of talk about Hannah and speculation about James DiMaggio and connection w/his dad’s past. Also, discussion about Joshua’s future; a woman having conflict with naming her son Messiah; another sex pert getting custody of daughter and mom’s fighting court about it; and about a now 4 yr old girl named Veronica being in custody fight between adoptive parents and biological father. Oh yea, there was alittle something about a 23 yr guy who drowned dog in public watering pond. He don’t why he did it….believe that????

      65. Pam

        Changing subject for a minute: Just to give you a laugh! On U-Tube is the girl who does these videos called “The Overly Attached Girlfriend” They were so funny I hit subscribe when a new one happens i get an email ..its free. She is like the the type of girl that goes on a blind date and then stalks the guy like they been engaged for 10 yrs. but shes so funny about it. One where the guy she dated once tries to tell her he doesn’t want to see her again because she shows up at his moms the next day and hangs out. and she doesn’t get it. I laughed so hard. She is getting popular she has been getting on TV. Check it out. She raises money for sick kids.

      66. ldlpllpenny

        Don’t think it is because Usher is a star. Most stars wives still get custody with lots of child support. Think what ever happened was never made public.

      67. Daisy

        She’s not too shabby financially. Got all them kids from different dads and she models(?) or something like that. Usher probably don’t wanna tell her so much cause quite honestly, after hearing her in court, I think she’s a real nag and probably would bug him to death using kids as an excuse to stay in his business. That’s why he tries to stay as far away from her as he can. Besides, if she was a good mom, dad wouldn’t have them would he??? She got too many kids to care for already!! He did good in court…kept his calm.

      68. ldlpllpenny

        I also watched the Usher case last night. Has to be something that has not been made public for him to have custody. Not sure how I feel on this case. If he is really gone 85% of the time maybe she should get the kids. Whats your feeling on this?

      69. Daisy

        she has a few kids at home already. one of her kids just died last year from some boating accident! she ain’t home much either…

      70. edimminger Post author

        I always have sympathy for the Mom- I know she was really emotional, after all she lost her other son in a water accident. However, like you I wonder if we are not being told everything—I thought it was difficult for a Mom to lose custody. She doesn’t even have part custody.

      71. ldlpllpenny

        I still think there are things that have not been made public about the mom. I don’t think it is just Usher being a star. I want to know the whole background of why he has the children.

      72. Pam

        You are making my point for me. Because he got the kids you think there has to be a REASON the mother didn’t get them. If the man gets them, no one says.” I want to hear the full reason he didn’t get them.” During the emergency case for temporary custody his side did not come up with one thing against her. I’m sure they would have if they could. If anything she probably drank or had a hard time when her other child died. Thats just my opinion. It always amazes me when a woman questions about another woman instead of givng her the benefit of the doubt over the man. He went over an d hugged her when court got out. :}

      73. Pam

        Acute narcacissim hmmmm lol. He’s not? Lets just agree to disagree because I am not on either side. I think that money talks. Thats all I’m saying. And to be fair. Your jumping right in with all these reasons why shes unfit. We’re friends in crime, razors, pods superduper hero’s remember??? I am going to google and see what I can find

      74. Daisy

        Hey, it’s not me! I heard it on HLN!! Besides, having seen her behavior in court this last time showed me why Usher preferred to keep her out of his life. She texts him; calls his cell; goes to his house (before he moved to this one and she’s never been there); etc. He takes the kids to her when it’s time for visitations. It’s just that she made a real big fuss cause if you listened to her testimony, she was actually pissed cause she don’t know much about HIM since he moved, changed phone numbers, etc.

      75. Pam

        Ok this is going to be my last remark on this case !!!!!. I did hear all that.I haven’t heard one thing your saying that would be a good reason to rip a child away from a mother who has already lost a child. I also heard the judge say that she had every right to know these things. The reason she had been freaking out was because Usher was keeping her in the dark about her childern. He then ordered Usher to start keeping her informed of where her children are, who they are with ,and phone numbers. I would have been all hyper in court to if my child had been stuck under water in a pools drain pipe. I still sit here amazed that you could sit there an pre judge a mother with no proof but someone saying,,I heard or I heard that. I hope it never happens to you or someone you love. It did happen to me years ago. I got through it but it was hell for 6 months of being judged over a lie. Always know your facts.

      76. Pam

        I spent some time today checking as many old report as I could. So far what I am getting, after the other child died she went into deep depression. Usher was suppose to get Temporary custody. When the time came he would not give it back. He said the kids were settled and didn’t want to pull them out of school. I’m still checking,,Hows court?

      77. ldlpllpenny

        Sorry Pam you are right. I did judge the Usher case without knowing why the mother doesn’t have the kids. I don’t think it was money talking the judge must have thought he was the better parent. Do think fathers should be able to get their children more often as sometime kids would be better off.

      78. Pam

        Hey we have 146 peepers lol Thats how many joined this blog and only a what 4??? of us chat.? Eileen, Daisy, Penny ,Pam The 4 musketeers. we scared everyone off lol Do you remember that poor person that came on here and stuck up for Hodi and I wrote that thousand word response to her. She never came back. I felt bad. NOT!

      79. Pam

        I hope they all know enough now to realize the Arizona butcher is quilty and that poor Travis is NOT a pedophile. Just because she said she saw 1 picture does not make it true. My son had a severed tendon. Thats what a finger looks like if you cut a tendon. It can be fixed with surgery. I wish they could have made her have an x-ray. Bitch. I want to give her the needle. Nasty piece of work. Or put her in the pod. lol

      80. ldlpllpenny

        Glad your back. I don’t believe for 1 min. that T.A. ever looked at little boys picutres Nor did he lay a hand on Hodi. If true they would have some kind of evidence. Police took his computer and found nothing. Sorry pods are gone now so we need to go back to pole and razor blades.

      81. Pam

        We need more pods. Hey people we know you are there . come talk to us we don’t bite. Well maybe we do a little 🙂 What do you mean welcome back? I have been posting to you on and off all night? Scratching my head lol

      82. Daisy

        What the hay…no pods? We gotta use storage places that people are auctioning for nowadays. Probably burn better too…

      83. Pam

        NO …I don’t believe their were ever any pictures either. It just saddens me that she could say that she saw him looking at “one” picture to make people even think its possible. She is truly nuts

      84. Daisy

        pod so far consists of males. Guess it’ll be appropriate for her to join pod crowd, right Penny? Besides, she probably was the one who had little boy’s picture!!

      85. ldlpllpenny

        Eileen I don’t think people want to get back on this blog until razor blades, sharp wire and pole and our potty mouths are gone. Really don’t give a shit – SO THERE

      86. Daisy

        ditto! besides, I like our cozy group. o, sorry for typing in lower case. one of my little furred babies just woke and am carrying him on one arm.

      87. edimminger Post author

        When the Arias trial starts up there will be more on here. I am not using any social media to promote readers right now. I just finished that Geometry class ( I passed) and am taking a vacation…in my house…

      88. Daisy

        Congrats! You deserve a vacation where ever it may be. Since it’s at home, you can read everything you’ve missed! hahahahaha

      89. Pam

        I got jury duty paper in the mail maybe 10 times in my life. They ask several questions then you mail it back. I never made it because I have high blood pressure.

      90. Daisy

        Sept. 18th. At a courthouse in Red Wood City!! I live in Daly City!!
        Major problem cuz my husband would have to drive me to/fro. Unfair for him to sit around all day to wait for me in Redwood City Courthouse, right? I drive but since my illnesses, he’s been driving me everywhere (which leaves me feel like a prisoner). Wanna know why? Cause dumb ass sold my car to a neighbor one day for fear of me driving after my stroke!!

      91. ldlpllpenny

        I go Sept 19. I have no laptop, no games on my cell and I will be judged on my reading material. Wish my husband had to drive me. At least I could talk with him. Weren’t you pissed when he sold your car?

      92. Daisy

        Don’t know if I’ll go or ask to be excused. You know, for many years I’ve been envious of those who were summoned and those who actually served. I couldn’t figure out why I never received a summon all those years cause I was on DMV & registered to vote gal and yet no summons started coming till after my two strokes and brain surgery! How you like that? My sisters had served several times and my husband was summoned every other year! By the time I received my first summon (6 yrs ago), I didn’t have my car anymore otherwise I would’ve driven down to courthouses myself!

      93. Daisy

        Sure I was! It was a rude awakening (literally)! Woke up, looked for my car, saw it parked across the street! All because I told him I drove around the block and parked on street with no problem. He freaked cause this dumb assed speech therapist put it into his head that I would have to go to special driving school to get licensed to drive again. She told him hospitals have to report strokes to DMV and a license with limitations might be issued if I complete that special driving school for disabled. Bitch! I found out it was her friend who was teaching it plus since I had two strokes, not once was DMV notified!

      94. ldlpllpenny

        I had a TMA but was fine after. Your car being taken is like your independence is gone. I feel for you. Luckely your alive and doing great. Keep your chin up.

      95. Daisy

        I’ve got mixed feelings about whether bat or metal pipe was weapon. I’m more interested in hearing how hard were the impacts on injuries. Notice his tears when his father talked crap about him?? Now, Gouker’s the real culprit to all this. Young was coached to tell Cassie about him doing the killing. Part of the plot for cover-up for Gouker till it back fired. I think McFarland should’ve been charged with child endangerment for subjecting her children to a dangerous man like Gouker.

      96. Pam

        Thats part of the ploy to get the kid off. If the dad sits up there and talks all nice stuff about his son they know its a set up. The father is a master making people think what he wants and he wants the jury to think he doesn’t care that much for his own kid. So why should he lie for him. Remember on the stand how he said when he got out of jail it was he talked them into releasing him by mistake.

      97. Daisy

        I think Gouker’s got a soft spot for his own children. I figured Young could say he hated Trey like most people who comments on hating certain foods; cars; etc. That doesn’t mean they destroy what they don’t like, right? Young had no one since his mom died. Finally got his real dad back and that’s a very good motive for a kid to listen to him and hope to help him out of jail so they can be together. I would think Young was admitting guilt cause dad told him to and explained since he’s a minor, he’ll get less time and will be out to live happily ever after with dad. If dad got busted, dad’s gone forever. Since Young’s been pulled out of the system for foster care to live with real dad, real dad goes to jail, then where would Young go???? He couldn’t go back to ex-foster care parents just like that!….what’d you do in situation like that?

      98. ldlpllpenny

        I really am a sucker for animals. I wanted 1 more but my husband put his foot down. They have us trained that’s how much we love them. Even sleep with us. They give me a lot less problems then my kids did. Never had to wait up for them and never gave them a time out. I have 11 kids so a lot of sleepless nights. The 26yr old still is at home.

      99. ldlpllpenny

        HAHA. Don’t think my kids would say that. Must have done something right as most live by us. We moved to HI. 10 yrs ago with our 15yr old at that time I lasted 1and 1/2 yrs then had to move back. I never knew I would miss my kids that much.

      100. ldlpllpenny

        Losing a pet is very hard as they are part of your family. Not eveyone understands that. My heart breaks for you. Here’s a few hugs 0000000

      101. Daisy

        11 kids??? When you find time to read??? I used to read a lot. Since strokes and recovery from brain surgery, I’ve been having trouble concentrating on what I’m reading. Worse, words are soooo small!!! Beg HI wasn’t the paradise you thought it would’ve been, huh? Everyone out there working minimum of 2 jobs is crazy! 11 kids….ummmm, all boys or girls? You must’ve been placed in this world to tend to God’s angels!!

      102. Daisy

        Actually, thanks to you guys, I’ve finally found people to talk to; to write with; etc. Helping a lot with brain exercises instead of talking dog lingo for past 10 years! Thanks to this blog, I’m not afraid to use computer instead of playing solitaire for hours and emails once in a lifetime from siblings.

      103. Pam

        HEY YOU HAVE MY EMAIL NOW AND Facebook come join me. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am going to glue that button down with super glue

      104. Pam

        They had a horrible pic of her on Huffington Post today. Caption said that she looked crazy lol

      105. Pam

        I don’t have enough strength to hold her down. How about you hold her down and I’ll sing. That will surely kill her lol

      106. ldlpllpenny

        Glad to help anyway I can. If my kids knew how I talk on here they would either put hot sauce on my tongue or wash my mouth out with soap. Paybacks a bitch!

      107. Daisy

        Shoots, that’s child’s play. My dad wouldn’t have bother getting no soap; etc. One huge whack and punch is all he would do.

      108. ldlpllpenny

        Big Island of HI is a lot cheaper then Cali. Property tax and car tags are nothing. Prices of house also better. Other Islands not as reasonable. Sorry about your stroke. I had a mini about a year ago but no after effects thank God. I have 7 girls and 4 boys. We also raised our grandaughter from birth she is 26 now. So that really makes 12 we’ve had. Right now she is the only one living at home but I have them coming and going. My one daughter just moved out with her 3 kids about 2 mos. ago. What a relief. That was a little much.

      109. Daisy

        Wow! You really ARE a saint!! I was born in a household of 7 girls. Dysfunctional as hell with an Asian cultural flair included. Lost one baby boy and had an etopic pregnancy which ended my ability to have any children. I love kids too……

      110. ldlpllpenny

        My kids have always said they came from a dysfuntional family. They don’t even know what that is. I watch them raise their kids and know they will say same to them. I will LMAO to their faces.

      111. Daisy

        When my mom broke her knee and semi-bed ridden, I couldn’t bear to see a woman who always kept herself clean; poised; etc., become a person who couldn’t get up to take a bath or shower resorting to wet wipes for bathing. I finally got 3 of my sisters and we lift her into bathroom and we washed her in tub and her hair, which she always kept back and combed, then rolled and darken her hair for her. One remark she made that I’ll never forget, “…now I know why the gods gave me all girls…”. Boys are a big thing for Chinese families so imagine the disappointments with 7 girls and last was a stillborn boy.

      112. ldlpllpenny

        Sorry to hear that. You can come to my house any time. Plenty of kids to go around. I have my 13yr old grandson for a week. He is in fostercare so I try and get him as much as I can. He has a wonderful foster dad. I’m leaving for Palm Desert on Sun. to go see my son for 3 days and I’m taking him with. Now I have to be a good girl and that’s where I like to party. Most everyone is in older age group. Oh well I guess I can give up one time to be a good example.

  2. Daisy

    She’s got the money and new beau plus a best friend who loves her but didn’t believe her when she said she wasn’t having an affair w/Hemy. What else can a conniving murderess ask for??? Things with the Justice System’s really gone whacko! Psych cases seem too challenging for the system. Life’s obvious wrongdoings being overlooked. Zealous fame chasers impose overcharges! Defense fame chasers are worse! But give them credit, they work hard as h… to find loopholes and new interpretations of the language of the law!! Now I’m glued on the Joshua Young trial in Ky. Twisted, twisted, twisted!! Talk about dysfunctional!!! Anyone else following this trial???

    1. ldlpllpenny

      Have seen some of it. I don’t know how involved he was but don’t think he is innocent. What do you think? Heard grandma speaking that her daughter never showed emotion. I wonder if she showed anything for her poor dead son? Why was he at Big Josh’s house?

  3. Pam

    What seems interesting to me is that she told someone on the phone about him being shot before she should know. She is the Hodi school of look at me dance around you with my fairy dust and make you all dream. The day I saw her sitting in the gallery in court with her widdle head jerking back ( yes I said widdle). crying and hic- cuping, franticly crying. blowing her widdle nose and eyes blinking. The Hodi face. All I could think was huh??? They need a new actress for this part… oh right!!!!duh..this is real! On the stand she says ” I think I am a nice person”. Then gives you a view of her the Hodi face. All calm and serene like saying to herself ” Oh Me…this to shell pass “No way did I hint in any way I wanted my husband dead. After all why would She do that my boyfriend……..then be dating a different guy a behind his back. “Tell ya why” To set the first guy up to take the rap. Good Morning all! 🙂

    1. ldlpllpenny

      Pam you hit the nail on the head. She is another Jodi but she is going to get away with this or serve very little time. She will be out to spend her 2mil. HUMMM maybe some cosmetic surgery would help the looks.

      1. Pam

        Some women just have a way to manipulate people. Man do too. I have seen it time and time again in real life.

      2. ldlpllpenny

        Maybe 2 decent men. 2 didn’t go along with her plott. One did like the booty call but then we know he is a nut case. When he finds out he was a fool maybe he will tell the truth but then it will be to late.

      3. Pam

        Maybe he figures if he plays a nutsy murderer the guys will leave him alone and not use him as a girlfriend?????

      4. Daisy

        I think he’s in a nice ward for complete psycho evaluation before he really serve time w/big boys. Doesn’t matter when he decides he’s done playing nuts and spills the bean on AS cause murder is a life-time warrant until acquitted. Since she’s not charged for murder yet, it’s still chargeable for rest of her life.

      5. Pam

        I was laughing so hard at your other reply Daisy I deleted without thinking ..3 holes lol.hahaha
        so very true. Then we let Hodie free with her knife.

      6. Pam

        There is easier ways to get a piece of ass out there then that. She probably made vague promises about her money and other things. Plus gave great head….Plus he was just prone to be a killer. She played on his personality. If he was nutso, she must have picked something up about it and used it.

      7. ldlpllpenny

        Sorry I wasn’t thinking about the 29 holes only Hodi’s. Pole with razor blades, Mr. crazy and then I think big Josh. That covers all the holes. Turn razors about every 1/2 hr. When big Josh is bending over we can use a baseball bat and stick where the sun don’t shine and film it just like he did. We’ll be careful to keep our faces out of the way.

      8. Pam

        You have a great an imagination. She should hang out with me on Facebook. All my friends are authors. I am a reading addict. I never thought I could become such good friends with famous authors. You could do them proud with some gory story plots lol. I’ll have to tell them about your razor blade idea for ASSHOLES lmao!!!

      9. ldlpllpenny

        Hey Pam I’m not thinking of the ears or mouth so that leaves only 2 places for the razor blades. If you tell your friends give me credit. haha. What is Addict about. Sounds like a book I would like. Wish there was a place we could go so everybody would not knoow our facebook name our our last name.

      10. Pam

        I DON’T CARE IF PEOPLE KNOW MY NAME. iF YOU SAY SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO OWN UP grrrrrrrrrr button too don’t say it is my motto. You should see the letter I sent to that asswipe Dr. Drew on Facebook

      11. ldlpllpenny

        Don’t forget I have to go to jury duty. If it’s a good trial I don’t want to be kicked off. If I had been on Hodi’s it would have been one more for the DP.

      12. Daisy

        hahaha! Nah, they’ll probably wanna check out our cellulites and pores on our butts and research our farts and preparation H usages!!

      13. Daisy

        I’ve been trying not to be rude by cussing too much; being too mean; vulgar; imaginative; sarcastic all this time while writing in this blog. SOOOO HAPPY YOU’RE LEADING THE WAY TO HONEST TO GOODNESS TRUE FEELINGS!! Now I can too!!! ;lolololol

      14. Daisy

        Great! 4 superheroes who can handle shit better than a man!! We can cuss; we can light fire under pods; we make long lists; read a lot; took a lot of crap during our life times; and love to chat. We can do all that and still raise dogs, children, husband, work, AND take care of home!!!

      15. Pam

        Yes 4 superhero’s that is us. Now we need names..
        Superduper Pod Woman….Superduper Razor Woman?…Superduper Rude Woman….Edi what do you want to be????? Superduper ????? Woman

      16. ldlpllpenny

        I married a sailor so I can do all the above. Still waiting for Ms Ali to clean my house though. Does anyone out there have her email address??????

      17. Daisy

        I got Harold Robbins and Sydney Sheldon’s collections. A lot of true crime books and cultural books. Mostly love poetry and inspirational poetry that makes sense. Wish we could’ve hooked up before now!!!

      18. edimminger Post author

        Love true crime. Do you read Ann Rule? I always got strange looks when I bought true crime books in Barnes & Nobles. They have gory covers!

      19. ldlpllpenny

        My jury summons says to bring a book but if I brought one of those bet I wouldn’t even make it inside the door. If I missed a good case then I would be pissed.

      20. Pam


        please just ignore my big letters for some reason my figure can’t stay away from that button lately ..sorry guys.

      21. Daisy

        You’re right! Take a recipe book with you. That way they can’t say anything about what kind of case you might be a good candidate for. Romance books, nah, makes you look soft. True crime, nah, makes you too knowledgeable of the law; about kids; nah, makes them think you soft for moms. Bring maybe a fashion book of clothes!!

      22. Pam

        I hate to say this but I’m going to laugh like hell if you come back and tell us jury duty was a motor vehicle violation. lol

      23. ldlpllpenny

        Pam it’s me Penny who is a prospective juror. It’s from Superior Court. Should be a good one but if it is a stupid traffic ticket I’m going to call for the pods to be brought back and I’ll put myself in to one.

      24. Pam

        I have just pulled all my email back lol. I have it still to read all the way to last wednesday. I have to delete some to catch up. What the heck? My book group is chatty too lol

      1. Pam

        She probably played him big time. We have seen it before. When in some cases years later a guy takes the blame the woman moves on then the guys says she asked me to do it when he finds out he has been used.

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