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What’s Up

Not much going on- I have decided to skip the Zimmerman trial- it’s too divisive. Plus I am taking an on-line class right now…

The hearing for Arias motions is in 8 days…I am guessing they will postpone the trial AGAIN! I just hope it’s in October or something, not next year! I feel terrible for the Alexanders.

The Sneiderman case is coming (I think July 28). This is going to be good!! Andrea Sneiderman had her boss, Hemy Neuman (who we believe she was having an affair with) kill her husband Rusty. Hemy went to trial for the crime- Andrea testified in his trial and was defiant on the stand. Hemy ended up in jail. So she hooked up with her OTHER boyfriend, Joseph Dell!!! Well her husband was dead and her lover in jail so what’s a girl to do?