Arias trial- after the questions 3/21

Wilmont/Dr. Samuels:

Goes over test and how scores would remain the same. Asks about her plans to see Ryan before the trip was planned. She wasn’t jealous about Travis going to Cancun with another. Talked about JA being like a cornered animal–she fled but had to fight. She made up stories to avoid the horrible truth. Review of MCMI…again…She only had seconds to make decisions therefore no time for a phone call. Travis would punish her by not calling her–she had low self-esteem and always went back. Her memory returned around Hoover Dam.  Now 25-30 hours is goo for an evaluation. There were 2 different times she was ties with a rope. He never crossed the line to therapist with her. Unlikely for there to be trauma if the killing is planned.

Juan Martinez vs. Dr. Samuels:

“Do you have problems with your memory?” I have no more problems than you do! “Have you evaluated this prosecutor?” OBJECTION, SUSTAINED
Your initial impression after visiting her, was you felt sorry for her, right?” Not sorry for her, she was alone and isolated. I felt she could benefit from the book. I’ve been trained to disconnect any feelings I would have
“So when you said you had compassion, you told us that you had sympathy for the defendant, didn’t you?” Well that’s Webster’s definition, I used the word compassionate “Are you saying that you have a different definition of compassion than Webster’s?”  I’ll go by Webster’s definition “So Webster’s talks about sympathy for the distress of another?” That’s correct . “Didn’t you say she had a break through?” I said if she was in therapy, it would have been considered a breakthrough. “During the 2nd meeting, you still had feelings of sympathy for her didn’t you?” No, my feelings were of no concern. “Did Miss Arias’s story change after you gave her the book?” I don’t know if the book had anything to do with it
Dr. Samuels says he doesn’t know if he has Jodi’s original answer sheet, he needed to have a copy in front of him to review, so he filled out another one for himself. “Isn’t that an ethical dilemma for you?” SIDEBAR

Court resumes Monday- the judge asked the jurors to be there at 10 but I assume they actually will begin at 10:30.

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