Jodi’s Aunt Has A Petition

From ‘The State Vs. Jodi Arias’ Facebook page (link below):

Jodi’s aunt, Sue Allen Halterman has started a new petition on She is trying to stop the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, from writing a book on this case: Image

I find this interesting as I remember someone brought up Mr. Martinez writing a book and If I remember correctly he said that he was too busy being a prosecutor to write a book.


66 thoughts on “Jodi’s Aunt Has A Petition

    1. runaroundmom83

      All the silliness these people go through ignorantly believing it will help their cause or taint the minds of those who have not followed this case makes me shake my head. Both sides in this case have gone to some extremes to make a point in social media, but this one leans heavy toward the side of pure stupidity to believe that (just think it through people) that Mr Prosecutor actually has time to write a book? JA has been a full time effort for over 3 years, along with his other upcoming trials, to be concerned about penning a book. I haven’t looked into these petition websites, but are they legitimate enough for someone to actually take it somewhere? Just my 2 cents 😉

      1. Sarah

        Exactly! It is easy for her and family to say fo since she has not been dealing with her full time where JM has been dealing with her for five years. I need to go and see it myself, you so I can say my two cents without signing.

  1. Judy

    If and I repeat IF Juan were writing a book big deal why is the Arias family offended? I’m offended that Arias is a narcisist murdering liar. I’m offended that her mother tried to peddle forged documents to the Enquirer claiming to be “Proof” that Travis Alexander is a deviant pedophile . I’m offended the murdering little b*tch sells copied advertisement as her own “ORIGINAL” art. I’m offended that the murderer Arias begs for money for herself and her family online. I’m offended that her Aunt would have the nerve to even post this assinine petition.

    1. K

      They are offended at Juan writing a book about his career. That’s sooo disgusting, to write a truthful book about a case that millions of people watched. Jodi deserves to write a book and profit from her murder. No one wants to read Juan the hero’s noble and well-written documentary, we want to spend our money on some crazy whore’s manifesto! (Sarcasm)

      1. Daisy

        I agree, one fiction and one non-fiction. Either way, both would probably be entertaining. Only, JA’s money from her story should go to Alexander’s.

      2. Daisy

        Yeah I figured. I wonder if they can request for some kind of court order into place so she can spend or put money in other name to avoid paying Alexander’s in the future???

      3. ldlpllpenny

        Family will probably figutre a way to put anything Jodi sells into someone elses name. Can’t believe donations she gets from stupid people that think she is innocent.

      4. Daisy

        I know!! Those money could go to better use like an orphanage; school; etc. that’ll benefit themselves and society in the future.

      5. Daisy

        as long as it doesn’t reach Ms. Violette’s agency. Not hater of her only her old-classical believes and techniques. She can’t help nobody. She just sit in a circle w/inmates to just talk; let them air out anger or shame; listens abit then dictate. I never liked them ‘everyone gather around’ techniques. One on one, that’s real help.

      6. Daisy

        HAHAHA!!! I have a feeling only that Abe guy (bald dude always appearing on Dr. Drew’s show, one of JA’s ex-dates) would be the only one making big money. I’m sure he’s finished with first series by now.

      7. Daisy

        I agree totally! Hey, most her ex’s were lots older than her, right? Guess she finally found someone (TA) and his friends closer to her age group and found out she didn’t belong.


    When Juan Martinez was asked, “Will you be writing a manuscript about this case”? His answer was, “No, I do not have the time”. However, stabby has been working on a manuscript to sell. Perhaps you should petition you niece!

    1. Penny

      No just another way to get their name out there. If they were smart they would keep their mouths shut. Oh well Jodi couldn’t so why would they?

  3. Daisy

    Where’s the evidence to those accusations of Mr. Martinez?? Who’s making waves now?? DEFENSE!!!!I I’m sure JA’s written a few chapters herself during the trial. Any petitions out on her????

  4. Sarah

    LOL…..where did her crazy aunt get the idea JM was writing a book, when he said himself he was way too busy to write one. If her aunt is this worried she needs to stop her sister and niece from writing one.

      1. Daisy

        Which could’ve been more fake crap produced on-line by anyone. Remember, Twitter’s their (JA; Donovan; etc) favorite site??

  5. Sarah

    I have never heard of this guy but I did go check out the petition, Victoria Lavolitte, maybe related to ALV said JM would be wriitng a book based on his fairly tale. Any way good for laugh.

  6. Sheri

    Did it ever occur to Jodi’s aunt that Mr. Martenez is not the criminal here and he can do what he wants as long as his superior at works says he can. He really should write a book. I’m sure it would be interesting.

      1. Daisy

        Probably re-edits the book too.. Know what’s really sick?? What if she puts out her own book and holds a book signing session from prison??

  7. Mona Damon

    PEOPLE…..The Alexander’s family/civil lawyer stepped out of that AZ courthouse and on those steps minutes after the 1st degree murder conviction was read and stated that the Alexanders were now going forward with a civil case in a “wrongful death suit.” Hence any and everything Arias MAY and I say MAY earn as a result of Travis’ horrendous murder, as per the “SON OF SAM LAW.” Anything that is made as a direct result of her heinous acts cannot be profited on by the defendant/convicted murder so now any and all monies
    will go to the family of Travis Alexander.

    1. Penny

      Thank you for clearing that up.It should go to the Alezander’s. They can use it for the next trial as I’m sure they are being drained dry having to stay in AZ for so called next trial.

      1. Daisy

        I just hope they take every penny she gets from donations down to her cheap T-shirts. They should take credit for her donated hair too!

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