Baby Elaina Found

The remains discovered in Stephen King’s garage last week have been determined to be those of baby Elaina Steinfurth. King’s mother indicated that her son revealed the whereabouts of the remains to the police. The garage where they were discovered had been searched before without result, so there are questions as to how the remains got there. I expect both the mother, Angela Steinfurth and her boyfriend to be charged in this case. They are currently in jail on obstruction charges.

13 thoughts on “Baby Elaina Found

  1. Susan David

    Another shit show….despicable….all of them…I hope there is the death penalty in this state…they all deserve it…tragic.

  2. Daisy

    Everyone of those involved are blaming everyone else but themselves. How did box all of a suddenly appeared in garage? Try King’s family and friends who uses the property!! I agree with Penny and Pam, finger each other…that’s all they can do! For all those who were fighting; arguing and protesting, hope you all feel dumb cause it was a waste of time and effort when anyone could’ve seen it started bad with that house and it’s occupants. Guess it was worth the bbq’s & beers that followed……sorry…juz pissed…

  3. Terri Stefaniw

    I think a Stephen King killed Baby Elaina, and Angela knew dam well that he did. I also think there must have been a third person involved who moved the body. How else did the cadaver dogs miss her?

    1. ldlpllpenny

      Terri I think it was Angela who killed her baby and Stephen ran out the back door with his mom to hide her. Even if Angela didn’t kill baby Elaina she never went for help Which makes her just as guilty. If someone even touched my baby I would be calling 911. Everyone in that house knows what happened.


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