Jodi: The Movie



So is anyone else going to watch this movie tonight with me? @WildAboutTrial will be tweeting through the whole thing and he is quite funny. I heard the acting is horrible. Also heard that they took a lot of liberty with the real story… (spoiler alert) like:

1. Instead of Travis walking up to Jodi (their first meeting, according to Jodi) the movie has her following him into a restroom.

2. The story where the Hughes were upstairs talking to Travis about Jodi and she was listening at the door- now they are by a pool?

3. Jodi had been living in Yreka for a while when she drove to Mesa to kill Travis- in the movie she is telling Travis the night of the murder that she is moving to Yreka.

4. We don’t know what really happened right before the murder, in the movie it is a text from another girl that sets her off.

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19 thoughts on “Jodi: The Movie

  1. Susan David

    I’ve got my pvr set on stun….lol…..thinking I’ll give it a whirl without all the commercials and delete it if it’s really bad…

  2. Penny

    Hoping I will be strong enough not to watch. Let me know what you think of it. Maybe I should take a sleeping pill so I make sure I don’t cheat.

      1. Penny

        At least I have plenty of zanax Which I will save until her trial starts again. Oh yes, zanax may last me a life time the way the trial is going. Do you think I should write Jodi and thank her for being able to help me from ever running out?

  3. Daisy

    I don’t know about this movie. Lots of quotes from her journal (parts) read in court were added sentences (maybe they got the whole journal) we never heard before. Movie was too unreal. Only thing were showing how psycho she was BEFORE meeting Travis and shows her using his email; tweet; and blogging accounts to send negative texts and pictures. That might help future jurors see her journals and “so-called” texts made by Travis could’ve been made by her all along and not his words!!

    1. edimminger Post author

      I agree with you- I did like that she was obsessed, but the crap she says happened is probably all lies. I was pleased that they had Travis trying to get rid of her.

      1. Penny

        So proud of myself. Didn’t even pick at the movie and never had to take a sleeping pill. I did write Jodi an appreciation letter this morning thanking her for the delay in the trial. She is saving me soooo much money on my zanax plus my Dr was tired of me coming in every 2 weeks to get a 30 day supply. Dr was wondering how I was using so many in such a short time. Told Dr about Jodi and now Dr is on zanax. LOL

  4. cherricatplayer

    Well shoot let me try this again. Yes I watched , I confess lol it was ok I’ve seen worse, one thing that got me was you would think they would be a little factual for ex. They have. Her pinkie as her “bent finger” Huh???!! Was it just too much to ask of the actress??? 🙂 I know it’s that creative license thingie. How silly of me lol

  5. Mamamia

    I was disappointed in the movie, I suppose, because I followed the trial and knew the facts and the movie did not stick with the facts. I did like that JA was shown to be a crazed, jealous girlfriend and stalker. There have been so many ‘thoughts’ about the order of the stab wounds and gun shot that as I watched the murder scene I thought it was more probable to have happened the way the movie depicted. The murder was bloody and heart wrenching to watch as it showed TA’s surprise, his anguish and his pain. It was so much more than I imagined and turns my stomach now to think of it.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I agree, it was difficukt to watch the murder scene, but it did show how heinous this crime was. I don’t think they stuck to the facts very well either.

    2. Penny

      I didn’t watch. What was the order of killing knife or gun in movie? Personally from looking at the pix I think she had the gun on him then told him to turn around and then the stabbing started. His eyes looked so scared in the shower like he couldn’t get away and had to do what she said.

    3. Penny

      I do hope that when they pick jury they will have seen movie. I know they will be ask that but I would lie just to get on jury. Could give her DP in a second!!!!!!!!


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