Arias Trial Moved To January?

According to court documents (thank you, NancyB for the link!) the defense has filed a motion to move the trial to January 2014. They site that Jodi wants to find witnesses to stand up for her, the conflicts in dates with both Nurmi and Willmott and the fact that Willmott has 5 other cases coming up, four in August. Here is the link to the document:

48 thoughts on “Arias Trial Moved To January?

  1. Pam

    On Nancy Grace right now they are saying Arias just got in trouble for fighting with another inmate. They found her up against a wall kicking another inmate. SHE SAID SHE WAS DEFENDING HERSELF. COUGH COUGH. Now they say she might be placed in a mental hospital.

    1. K

      No doubt it was on purpose. She is gonna claw and fight her way to an insanity plea. I expect to see her acquire numerous “ticks” and paranoia. I wouldn’t be shocked if she started babbling and drooling, she is a manipulator.

      1. Sky Griffiths

        I don’t think JA will ever fight for an insanity plea. That’s why I don’t think the defense brought it up during the trial. Once she goes the mentally ill route, even though she is fighting against the DP, to not have the public take her seriously, I believe, is a mistake. She would then always be tagged crazy as a loon which she contends she is not. I do not think she will go away quietly into the night as she had previously stated when trying to make the murder2/manslaughter plea. I don’t think she would insult her intelligence level, though, she might if the DP is taken off the table. Those wheels are turning day by day in that lonely cell of hers. Stay tuned, I guess.

    2. Penny

      She was in a fight and the other inmate said Arias was defending herself – another victorey for her. If she had any witnessses they would have been standing up for her at her first trial. I know she wants that nutty abuse expert back on the stand and has to wait for things to cool down as the “excpert” is getting death threats and will not get up the stand for now.

    3. Penny

      Pam thought it was said she was in her little cell by herself and only allowed out 1 hr. a day. If true how did she get in a fight????

  2. Judy Peal


      J. C. Peal


    1. Pam

      ERRRR…I believe our law has it a little backwards sometimes…..this time the butcher has the right to a speedy trial but has chosen to dilly dally us to “death”

  3. K

    Good luck finding people with clean hands to speak for you, Jodi. I bet this has somethin to do with that Lifetime movie coming out soon..the previews I have seen showed her stabbing away in a bloody tank top. They need to put time between the movie and jury selection. No one would let Norman Bates have life after watching Psycho.

      1. edimminger Post author

        I don’t think any of them can get on the stand because there was NO abuse when she was a child. That would have to come out from her family!

      2. Penny

        Where is that person who saw the bruises on her neck – no where because there wasn’t anyone. .She has nobody to stand up for her at all even her parents can’t. Putting myself in her mom’s shoes I can imagine the hate, anger and disgust she must feel for the crime her daughter commited. I’m sure she was ashamed to have to see the Alexander’s every day in court. As a mom I couldn’t turn my back on my child but don’t think I would cope with it well as I would be so ashamed. This is probably how her parents, sister and brother also feel. No idea if they ever went for treatment for her or that they ever saw as a child she needed help but you “can’t lead a horse to water and make it drink” If she was an adult when they saw her mind was not right then they couldn’t do anything. The police interview show how hard her mother took it. I feel so sad for both family’s! Each hurt in there own way. Justice needs to happen NOW not in Jan.14

      3. Pam

        I don’t know ….I think there is a possibility they are not so nice either. Grandma was wheeled into court every day for the jury, but was practically jogging in and out of the visitors door at the jail.. I saw it on TV..Manipulation?? Mom and her Aunt thought it was ok to laugh while they were showing autopsy photos of Travis. Several people reported that incident. Her brother is on facebook telling people how she made that sex tape to blackmail him. Is this family f—-ked up much????? I don’t think her parents abused her anymore then most kids got a got smack when they needed it, She blows everything out of proportion. I just think they are not that close. Her mother never showed NOT ONCE a iota of feeling during that trial..Thats not normal.Makes me wonder.

      4. Penny

        I did see the grandma and do think that was for sympathy. Mom has to feel very sad to know her daughter has done this crime even though don’t think Jodi is close to her family. I didn’t catch the laughing and that is not OK. At least we know the brother is trying to get some truth out, bet he hates Jodi. She has f—k up everyones life. Now she want’s to live for them???? Give me a break. She never wanted to die.

      5. Penny

        The deader the better! They will never put a needle in her she will die of old age first. Hope there isn’t a mirror in her cell don’t want her primping which I’m sure she would do going to the death chamber.

      6. edimminger Post author

        Mom is wearing a Domestic Violence ribbon in court every day, which implies she felt Jodi was justified in killing her abuser, Travis. She also often wears a “# 1 MOM” necklace in court. I do not see ANY sympathy for the Alexanders from ANY of Jodi’s family!

      7. edimminger Post author

        Don’t feel sorry for Jodi’s mom, she tried to sell fake pedo letters to the Enquirer, laughs in court, told the judge that a juror spoke to the Alexander family (the judge had to question every juror separately to find out this was not true), and puts down the Alexanders at every turn, saying they are ‘fake crying’, etc. I think they are all despicable. If my daughter brutally murdered someone I would be forever asking forgiveness from that family.

  4. Sharon Carrmiller

    The fight happened months ago. Nancy G. knows this. It was in the news back then. Maybe they show was an old rerun of Nancy G. t was mentioned on HLN during the trial.

      1. Penny

        I didn’t know Jodi’s family had done any of that. HUMMMM maybe I don’t feel sorry for them. Yes I would be telling everyone how sorry I was for my daughter killing Travis. Thank you for letting me know. Now I can save my symathy for someone who truly deserves it.

  5. runaroundmom83

    They were discussing that she was not an ideal inmate as Wilmott had portrayed her and read a few of her infractions, kicking the cellmate, being difficult, hiding pencils, typical narcissistic Jodi antics, not her fault. 😉

    1. Penny

      I’m sure Wilmont has befriended Jodi. Sure looked close together in the court room. Is anything ever Jodi’s fault even killing Travis OH I forgot she was defending herself. How could I forget that?????????

      1. Pam

        Question?? Is it me or did it seem that Jennifer Wilmott always seem to have this nasty mean look on her face even when she was smiling? Thats just they way she struck me.

      2. Penny

        I only saw the nasty look when she looked towards JM. Did see that Jodi and her were always talking and she would smile at Jodi. Thought that was odd.

      1. Penny

        I am no longer sorry for Arias family well maybe the brother at least he’s trying to get something out there. I used a wooden spoon on my kid’s. Dear Lord I abused them. Do you think they might kill someone because of my abuse???? I remember my mom hitting me on the back of my leggs with a ballon stick and I haven’t killed anyone yet but of course the isn’t over.

      2. Pam

        My aunt use to make me go out and get switches off the tree. Sometimes I got kicked or smacked in the face or worse. Please her spoon is a walk in the park I was made to sleep in the attic which scared me to death. I could go on and on. I have PTSD from severe childhood abuse. Was not diagnosed till I was 57. Thats why I get mad sometimes I don’t have patience for the bulls—-t Every time I hear about the spoon or her being abused I want to laugh. I didn’t want to bring any of this crap up with the subject of the blog. The thought of physically hurting some one goes against everything I feel inside. I can’t ever imagine making anyone feel the way I felt let alone killing someone. I will never understand some like Jodi Arias. I am doing really good.

      3. edimminger Post author

        I was fortunate my parents were not abusive, I feel for you, Pam. The defense in this case has pushed a lot of people to speak out- I was a DV victim.

      4. Penny

        Most abuse victims look down when speaking about their abuse and you could see the cold eyes when she spoke. No emotion other then to say I didn’t want this to come out. Yes you did want that lie to come out to save your life.

      5. Penny

        I was dx with PTSD at the age of 50 after my son died. I was in an abusive marriage but I did have 2 feet and used them to walk away. I am sorry you had that much abuse in your life. No it’s not fun! Neither of us has killed because of this. I worked for a pychiatrist for several yrs before I retired and know and know PTSD is after something has happened not before and does not give you the urge to slaughter another person.

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