Patty’s Back!


The woman who refused to be on camera in court (and then refused to testify at all) is showing up on HLN again. If she is so terrified and getting death threats then why is she on Jane Mitchell’s show and slated to be on Dr. Drew tomorrow night? Last time I checked death threats were illegal and those that give them can be tracked and prosecuted. If I was worried for the safety of myself and my daughter I would not be on TV at all. I would distance myself from Jodi and this case altogether.

Personally I don’t buy it. The day she actually showed up in court to testify for Jodi in the Penalty phase she backed out when Juan questioned her. Patty refused to answer questions about whether she and Jodi did drugs together. (She went out into the hall with the defense attorneys and returned saying she wanted to ‘take the fifth.’)

 These were not her lawyers and were not supposed to give her any advice. A lawyer was later brought in for her. I did not hear it, but I bet he also brought up her DUI arrest for Heroin. She was also questioned about the monies she received from the Nancy Grace show- remember she showed the video of Jodi at her wedding? Well she apparently forgot to claim the money she received! Oops! (Though I don’t know if it is true, someone said she is on welfare and she was supposed to tell them she got that money).

I also heard that she was not properly dressed for court, and that they tried putting a sweater over her but it wasn’t good enough. If I were Jodi I would NOT want his mess standing up for me!

(For more on Patty Womack see my other posts: ‘Jodi Has A Friend?’ , ‘Arias Summary 5/20’, and ‘Patty Has Dropped Out.’)

16 thoughts on “Patty’s Back!

  1. Pam

    That is exactly as we were all saying…she wants her 15 minutes of fame. I guess we can listen to bullshit and whining for 15 minutes. When’s Matt coming out of the woodwork. The way he is hiding he must be a piece of work.

  2. Lorraine

    She absolutely knows the laws of the court and how she needed to represent herself in the court. As for her tattoos I cannot remark as I see Tanisha has them also. Wish she would just go away like she cries and begs for on HLN>

    1. Pam

      The only two people complaining about people bothering them are the only two people that keep putting themselves in the public eye. Patti and the foreman. Haven’t heard from anyone else for awhile now.

  3. Linda Ivey

    I agree if my family or I are being threatened I am going to the FBI and if this is true(which we know is not) and let them know. They can find out who is doing this. This whole trial has turned into the 438434 show, I refuse to use 438434 name so I use her prison #.

  4. SkyCam

    This is simply – and only called $. Patty has demonstrated that she does not care about keeping herself from the public eye…if she has any more videos or photos to sell, or a story to the tabloids, she knows she has to keep up her appearances. I think we all know she did not take the stand because of fear of cross by Martinez. Must admit until she behaved in these ways, I had no negative thoughts regarding Patty. I just thought she was a childhood friend. We’ve all had them. However. she has proven to be a gold digger…and honestly, I’m sick of them latching onto a dead body and a living family!

      1. Pam

        Well we know who is not going to testify for #438434. Hey thanks for the number I LIKE IT..

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