Arias Trial 4/3

Alyce DeLaviolette/J. Wilmott-defense

  1. Oct. 29, 2007-Journal entry- Travis wanting her to rip out pages. She says words hurt more than being hit. Aug. entry-1/2 pg. torn out. Laws of Attraction. Isolating her from even writing in her Journal. Also controlling behavior. Lack of details. Also to protect Travis.
  2. Nov. 1, 2007-Journal- They made up, he came over <Objection> May have had sex. The cycle of DV (Domestic Violence). Nov. 5- He’s apologizing <Sidebar> for harsh words he used in an argument. She’d not write it and try to forgive. Empathy.
  3. Dec. 4, 2007-Journal- Hiding the relationship and hiding the sex. Sneaking in and out of Grandma’s. (He did this with another woman too). 12/25- Not together. She’s in Yreka. He didn’t call her back. He buys her some nice gifts; 1000 places calendar, hymnal, etc. She is pulling away. (Case study about abused cat and how victim feels responsible). (Jodi looks like she is going to cry). (Story about boiling a frog). Sexually compromised are like incest survivors- blame themselves.
  4. Jan. 2008 Texts- JA and Travis. Nice, loving e-m’s. They are like a couple…swapping cars. 1/21-22- Second physical act- <S> (based on what JA said). AL goes into the pedo story and kicks=broken finger. AL interview w/ Martinez- AL said pics were on a computer- she now claims she mis-spoke. JA doesn’t get medical help and no Police Report– not unusual. Can ruin reputation…Travis had a lot to lose. Conflict tactic scale- mild to severe acts of DV. The ‘kicking’ is an escalation of aggression. AL goes into the emotional abuse – ‘skank’… etc. AL goes into the guilt  (and fear of losing partner) Travis had and how this can trigger rage and more controlling behavior. She is pulling away. AL defines this as a DV relationship. The victim becomes more fearful of partner.
  5. Feb. 8-14- Texts-JA and Travis. Things are good again. Travis plans a trip and he sings to her. (Abusers can be nice, too). JA is still in Mesa. Journal- she is exploring an LDS singles link-up account to meet singles. JA pulling away. Texts 2/25- She’s not responding to his calls/texts- she says phone not working, she didn’t hear it. She skips taking pics of Hoover Dam to hurry back to him. He’s controlling. She is trying to de-escalate. 2/25 Journal- He’s sweet and loving in a sexual experience. She feels the relationship may be ending- he’s talking about Mimi and she wants him to be happy. She goes to Vegas instead of seeing Travis. She’s excited about meeting Sam. AL sees no jealousy on JA’s part. She does have ‘unconditional love’ for Travis. Travis says he’s had more memorable times with her than with anyone else in his life.
  6. Mar. 2- Third violent episode in his car <S> She tells him she’s moving- slap across face. Calls Mom to help her move. He calms down and ‘kisses her tenderly’. Journal entry- she is attempting to break away from him, still calls him her best friend. Nothing in the Journal about him hitting her- AL says consistent with her promise not to write negative things. She buys him a frappachino. DV cycle.
  7. Journal-March trip to Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell. She talks about how much she will miss him. ‘The flesh is weak’; they can’t behave. She wants him to be happy (with Mimi). No jealousy. Mar. 17 texts- very loving with each other. 

Witness is ill- Court is cancelled for the rest of the day. Court resumes tomorrow at 9:30.

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