Arias Trial 4/2 Summary

After a hearing there was no Mistrial but juror #5 has been dismissed.

Morning Session:

Alyce LaViolette on Direct

  1. Talking about the Hughe’s email to Travis. Conversation was over a few days. The Hughes advised Jodi to move on <Objection><Sidebar> The Hughes were discussing Travis having a reputation with women and she should ‘move on.’ Then JA speaks to Travis about it, so Travis sends an e-m to the Hughes and back again. Chris responds by suggesting Travis mistreats JA and is a flirt, has a not so good history with women. Also implied Travis was not really that interested in JA. Travis said being with JA was like winning the wife lottery etc. Sky’s e-m to Travis- she was concerned about his history and how he treated JA. Travis the ‘biggest flirt this side of the Mississippi’. Sky was sorry about talking to JA. Travis talked about how he treated ‘Brandy’ –treated her badly but didn’t feel badly about it. The Hughes spoke very favorably about JA .( JM is objecting a lot today…I have left a bunch out.) AL gathers info from different sources, and people that are close matter as they know the person better. Hughes knew Travis for 5 years.
  2. Email…7 days later. Feb 7 from JA to Travis: He addressed her concerns and she felt better about the relationship. Here is the pattern where everything is good again. She has hope for the relationship again.
  3. Valentine’s Day present- Spiderman undies, ‘Travis Alexander’s’ T, and girl’s undies (AL was unaware of). She did not make the T.
  4. Feb. 18. Now an official couple, but not calling each other ‘Boyfriend/Girlfriend’ as Travis didn’t want that. E-m from JA FW to Travis. Was originally written to Abe. JA was telling him they could not go out anymore- Travis would not like it. OK to be friends- no hugging. AL says this shows JA has empathy and forwards as if she needs proof for Travis, even though he said it was ok for her to date. She felt Travis would guilt her if she saw someone. Travis felt one was a non-believer and the other an ‘older bald Jew’- not worthy. <S> JA felt she had to write this letter as Travis wasn’t comfortable with Abe and jealousy. Double Standard. Jealousy is often precursor to a controlling relationship.
  5. May 2007. When he woke her with vaginal sex. She stopped him as it was a sin. He then pushed her head down and she gave him oral. Law of Chastity as told by Travis. Important that she could say no and set a limit. Still performed sex (a lesser sin).

Noon Recess. Jury will have escort to lunch and enter/leave through a different door. (From Katie Wick –Dr. Drew’s juror- on Twitter: “Juror #5 was crying as she was taken to the elevator…I’ve watched her for 9 weeks. She was most attentive of all jurors!”)

Afternoon Session:

  1. June 2007. Still a couple. Journal entry-June 6- JA writes about eternal families and admiration of Travis. Deeply in love. Close to him spiritually. She is suspicious- he flirts, sometimes he doesn’t introduce her. They talk- feel lucky to be together. Significant as she is insecure then reassured. Both attached to their faith. June 10 entry- about going out for karaoke-she sings “My Guy’ for him. He praises her. He makes her feel special.
  2. JA finds out Travis was unfaithful in June- she looked at his texts and saw sexual conduct with other women. She didn’t bring up so it wouldn’t spoil their trip. She sent a picture of her and Travis to one of the women. After the trip confronts him. They do trips ‘really well.’ Journal-June 24- Law of Attraction. <S> Difficult for JA to ignore what’s going on behind her back. AL goes into the Law of Attraction. A problem in abusive relationship- the other person has to want to change. While on trip they grow closer. End of June she brings it up- they break up- but continue to see each other, only more secretive. Travis was apologetic. She said he continued to call her. Living in separate states.
  3. July 2007. She moves to Mesa. Now in the same city. Journal- has to do with trust. That they violate each other’s trust. She feels stupid. She is still in this relationship. Self blame for staying in the relationship. Law of Attraction again…
  4. Back to first meeting in Vegas…he was big in the church and PPL. Financial stability. He portrayed himself as successful to others.
  5. July 27 e-m from Sky to Travis. She apologizes for not being able to loan him $5000. <S>  Is she aware of Travis asking others for money? Yes.
  6. Baseball Game in July 2007. <S> JA was going to go with friends but was on the night of his birthday. He calls her as she’s walking towards game. He wonders why she hasn’t planned to spend time with him on his birthday. He’s ‘guilting’ her. She leaves (asked him to pick her up- he refuses) her friend drives her back. She makes a cake and spends the day with Travis. Back to controlling behavior. (Even though they’re not a couple). Her choice but power difference- she cares more. Abusive relationships have a power difference. JA feels like she doesn’t have a choice –focused on the relationship.
  7. August 2007. <Afternoon Break>  (OMG 10 months to go…at this rate she will be on the stand for at least the rest of this week!) Hopefulness—she loves him and hopes it will work out to be something better (Journal). She catches him making out with another woman so she left. (Funny how stalking is not mentioned here). (They were broken up, but based on Journals, etc. they will still carrying on). She talks to him the next day. <S> Travis is upset with himself. He was hitting his head against the door repeatedly. She goes upstairs to try to calm him down and say it’s ok to date, she just needs to know. She feels bad for him (empathy). Journal entry- Suspicion when he acts kind because that is becoming uncommon. She is ‘numb’ and the relationship isn’t good for her. Still not ready to leave. She reflects on how things were. AL compares to other abusive relationships. More harsh and cruel words from him. Things are getting worse. Journal 8/17- a sexual experience the first time consensual vaginal sex. He compliments her that her ‘body is built for sex’. He leaves. She doesn’t feel ashamed or used because of the compliment. She feels great. AL says this means she is thinking she should feel ashamed. AL mentions religion and crossing the line with Travis (her spiritual mentor). A couple of days later she told Rachel that they had had oral sex. Rachel tells her to see the Bishop right away. She talks to Travis and he doesn’t agree to go- indicates he’s been in trouble for this before <O> he doesn’t go to the Bishop. Now there is another person she can’t talk to- Rachel. She is bonded over these lies with Travis. He has reputation of being a virgin. She doesn’t want to spoil that. She wants to protect the person she loves. She is becoming isolated. Still writing in Journal but she doesn’t say they had vaginal sex. 8/26 Journal- She’s glad no one else reads this because she loves Travis though it’s not always what she wishes…sad, then happy…back and forth. Laws of Attraction…she needs to be positive. She says she wishes she could die in journal. Self blame for not being able to change things. She’s still not ready to leave the relationship. May not share with friends and family as they don’t want their mate to be considered bad and also don’t want to be told to leave.
  8. Sept. 11, 2007 email from Travis to Matilda-about pictures he wants her to send him. He wants to ‘drool over them all day’. Sexy pics (she sends) but no nudes. He was seeing Lisa and Jodi at this time. He’s being dishonest. JA did not know about this woman. Infidelity. <S> Hypothetical- chronic infidelity is psychological abuse. His guilt can trigger anger. Sept. 13-Journal- Havesu trip with Travis and the Freemans <S> Travis exploded at her- she’s devastated, he then apologizes. (Cycle of violence). She’s glad he takes the blame and they stay on trip. She wants things to work out. Travis behavior described as clingy during this trip (by Desiree). He is also with Lisa at this time. Sept 23- Journal-AL says she has a lot of self blame…considers suicide. JA says she has a ridiculous lack of discipline. Pumps herself back up- Laws of Attraction.
  9. E-m Sept 23 2007 from Lisa to Travis. A list of complaints and feelings she has. Too sexual too soon. He’s pushy sexually. Wants him to stop grabbing her butt, stop sexual talk. Her values aren’t important to him. He needs compliments. She wants to be a teacher- he says she would be good at it, and if that’s what she wants to do ‘it sucks.’ He hasn’t had sex yet and he needs to be patient. Age difference of 10-11 years. She didn’t know Jodi was going on the trip. She didn’t trust him. Lisa felt better as they spoke. AL sees aggressive sexuality with 2 vulnerable women, possessiveness in public and refusing to listen, in both cases he puts these women down. (Skank comment- a ‘joke.’) He needs compliments from both (he’s needy) but he doesn’t give them back. Deception going on. Lisa is not allowed to be with other men but he can be with other women. Travis deceptive about being a virgin and being successful. <S> AL gives names of many of the women Travis has been involved with through e-ms etc. These women aren’t aware of each other. He has no problem with this.

10. Sept 27 journal entry with gratitude list. #1 was Travis. She’s most grateful for him. Loving feelings. She is still having this struggle with good and bad days. E-m from Deanna asking to get paid back <S>

Afternoon Break

  1. Oct. 3rd e-m re: Travis owing money. Oct. 6, 2007 Journal- Deanna and Travis’s impression that she (JA) has become like Deanna. (He was with Deanna for 7 years and still in contact with her over the years). JA felt Deanna was crazy and jealous. Travis had JA dropped off around corners to avoid Deanna. JA never really spoke with her. Journal entry implies Travis compares JA to Deanna. He has to hide relationships from JA just like with Deanna. They are still having a relationship. JA thinks she is not like Deanna and he is ‘on crack’ if he thinks this. AL saw no notions of jealousy from JA but did find it with Travis. Next day-JA attends a talk about motherhood – what she wants in her life. Not so sure relationship with Travis will end up this way. Still hopeful. (Typical in abusive relationships). Trip to a balloon festival. (Travis is still dating Lisa but he takes JA). It was a good trip. They bond over new food and the trip. E-m between Lisa and Travis where he assures her something has been ‘dealt with’ <S> dealt with the Jodi issue- <O> stricken from the record. Deceptive and manipulative. If we don’t generally lie then we tend to believe they are not lying.
  2. First instance (according to JA) of physical violence- argument about how she dresses, her jobs, he grabs her and shakes her, she wants to leave- he won’t let her- pushes her onto her knees. They talk until it calms down. Travis makes fun of her family ‘Carl is a gay name’. She didn’t really try to leave- she stayed and calmed him down then left. AL- this is a pattern- intense exchange then quiet period- the honeymoon phase where they bond again. AL: she didn’t feel like she had a choice to leave. She thinks this is an isolated incident. Not typical of the relationship. Hope that this will not happen again.
  3. Journal entry- Oct. 26, 2007 (after the incident above). She is quick to fall in love. She is starting to lose attraction for him. She feels like a shadow of who she once was. (About a year into the relationship).

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