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Josh Young Trial 8/5



Josh Young’s father (Big Josh) made an appearance in court today. He was defiant and swore throughout his testimony. He justified the brutal murder of 14 year old Trey Zwicker saying that it was like in the bible (an eye for an eye) as Trey’s mother had aborted his child. He also said that he had no help in the murder, implying that his son, Little Josh, had nothing to do with it. Of course this is another story as he said before that Little Josh had indeed participated, in fact he said Little Josh had said he hated his stepbrother and after the murder ‘slept just fine.’ Little Josh admitted to killing Trey to at least two people. Big Josh is serving life in prison for the crime.

Jodi Has A Boyfriend?

Rumors are being spread about a male sitting next to Jodi’s Mom blowing kisses and winking at Jodi.

Here’s the scoop and the people giving us the inside look-

From Twitter:

@josemcyntire: Any chance you saw the Romeo wooing Jodi Arias in court today?

@tarakelley320: yep he sat in the family row by her mom right in front of me.

@katiecoolady: It was a young male with a dramatic striped hairstyle-never saw him before.


*Jose McYntire is awesome. He is sharp as a tack and often gets the scoop before anyone else. You should follow him.

*Tara Kelley was an alternate juror and has been featured on HLN many times.

*Katie is a blogger who is in court and often featured on WebSleuths. Her sister Cindy was murdered.


Twitter: @maryellenabc15: Mystery man blowing #jodiarias kisses & winks will remain a mystery. Due to Judge’s orders 2 seal deputies can only say his name is Johnny. (From the ‘justice4travis’ page- link: https://www.facebook.com/Justice4Travis)


Commentor- Tara Harris (from Justice4travis page):

I’ve never seen him before and at one point security was talking to him. He did blow her kisses.

Texas trial watcher:

mom and a male friend escorted to the back of the room, like maybe they tried to make contact or something….finally getting the convicted killer treatment!! (From the ‘Love for Juan’ facebook page- link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-for-JUAN/536593039731786)

Katiecoolady (Kathy Monkman) later indicated on Websleuths.com that he was kicked out of court.

By the way- did anyone notice the miracle? Jodi no longer seems to need glasses! (Unless there is a jury present??)

No More Interviews!

The Maricopa Sheriff’s Office received an order from the Superior Court of Arizona and Judge Sherry Stephens that prohibits Arias from conducting any more interviews. When the order is lifted Arias may interview with any media parties via the Sheriff’s Office. (This is from Lisa Allen, the Director of Media Relations, Maricopa County).