Josh Young Trial 8/5



Josh Young’s father (Big Josh) made an appearance in court today. He was defiant and swore throughout his testimony. He justified the brutal murder of 14 year old Trey Zwicker saying that it was like in the bible (an eye for an eye) as Trey’s mother had aborted his child. He also said that he had no help in the murder, implying that his son, Little Josh, had nothing to do with it. Of course this is another story as he said before that Little Josh had indeed participated, in fact he said Little Josh had said he hated his stepbrother and after the murder ‘slept just fine.’ Little Josh admitted to killing Trey to at least two people. Big Josh is serving life in prison for the crime.

3 thoughts on “Josh Young Trial 8/5

  1. Daisy

    I don’t believe any of the witnesses. Who, may I ask, is dumb enough to wake up a cousin in middle of night w/bloodied bat and tells them they killed someone??? I have a feeling he might have said it as instructed by dad so they can point finger at little Josh when questioned. Big Josh testified they were all untrustworthy, so who’ll be a good candidate to spill the beans???? Since Big Josh was going to pin it on the kid thinking he’ll get less time, telling everyone was another part of the plot!!

  2. g moore

    josh young is the murderer. trey was killed not long after he ate. amanda & big josh were either on sexcapades or escapades to the market. cassie alerted big josh to the situation after josh young excitedly told what he (jy) did. big josh had a change of heart & confessed because he realized that josh young would be tried as an adult. listen closely to the informants. as big josh said so eloquently…it’s very difficult to mastermind anything when dealing with dummies


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