Baby Elaina Found?

ImageΒ  Yesterday the police received a tip regarding the whereabouts of Baby Elaina Steinfurth. Remains have been found in a computer box that was in Angela Steinfurth’s boyfriend’s (Stephen King) garage. The baby went missing on June 1st. The coroner will determine whether this is in fact baby Elaina. Both Steinfurth and King are currently incarcerated.


121 thoughts on “Baby Elaina Found?

      1. Pam

        I will never understand how anyone could harm a child. I am always stunned when it happens no matter how many times. I read a lot and in old days..I mean a really long time ago if families got to large they would drown daughters. If a child was deformed or slow. If a mother died in child birth a child was often times left wrapped in a blanket on top of the mothers grave to die because they had no way to feed it. Some people today just have children to get money because they don’t want to work but don’t want to care for them, then abuse the poor babies. It makes me so sad. There is no excuse with the birth control available. Those poor families including children killed with that chemical gas in Syria.

      2. Daisy

        China doesn’t just drown baby girls anymore. They drown anyone have more than one child! There was a documentary shown last year or so on how the government are limiting households to 1 child and papers are made out to legalize their birth. Any child born after that are considered nobody cause they’re not “legalized”. That’s why lots of babies were sold and kidnapped then and today.

      3. Daisy

        Really makes you wonder about society today huh?? What’s being taught at home?? Where does the responsibility of a child’s innocent death lie? Is everyone who kills a child suffering from some stupid mental illness? REALLY??

      4. Pam

        Sorry I meant to comment on Baby Elaina got started on Nancy. i think the Moms going to take the fall but I think they both should.

      5. ldlpllpenny

        All I can hope for is that none of these baby cases go to judge Sherry. It ould be one delay after another. And yes I too feel both mom and Steven where involved in baby Elaina’s death along with other family members that knew what was going on and covered up. I want to puke even saying mom for that poor child.

      6. Pam

        Judge Sherry is in a bad position. She just wants to make sure that Hodie Hole has no appeal Issues. ummm do I have the right judge right case ? LOL.. I am confused. Just got up. Been heading out 2 weeks now for that intervinious every am….5 hours a day. Pin cushion arms..tomorrow last day I hope.

      7. Pam

        I felt like I was dragging around 5000lbs every time I tried to move. Light headed. Everytime I tried to spell a word I drew a blank..felt depressed. I just thought I was getting lazy and depressed. I had to go for my colonostomy and had blood work. Well the “butt” doctor lol sent results to my regular Doc and he called me. I was like a car running on fumes. I had NO Iron…NO vitamin B-12 very little vitaminD. Said I was lucky I had’t had a heart attack. I have had to get B-12 shots and a bag of iron intervenous everyday for 2 weeks. Its has turned into 4 and a half hours a day…. tomorrow is my last I hope. My arm hurts from all the needles but I am feeling lots better. Head has cleared up no more lightheadedness and energy coming back yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

      8. ldlpllpenny

        So glad to hear you are feeling better. When I worked at an urgent care I had to give B-12 injections and it is thick serum so they do hurt. Hodi and judge Sherry have probably helped with your depression. Keep up with all your doing so that you are back to normal.

      9. Pam

        Thanks for the good wishes. I had my last treatment today. My arms are a mess but I feel great. Full of energy. They told me today they seldom see someone come in and see them get bags of iron so many days in a row intervenous. Tomorrow I start walking a little. πŸ™‚

      10. ldlpllpenny

        Judge Sherry has had plenty of time to make sure everything is in place for no appeals. Should have had a more experienced judge in the first place and this would not have dragged on. No need for all the days on the stand for any of the defense. Waste of time and money plus each date this judge delays is spending money.

      11. Daisy

        Ahhh, you know the justice system! Different in every state, city, county, town, etc. Got Civil, Federal, State, etc. laws. All has to be covered for a successful trial to go as intended (meaning the sentencing). No chance of appeals or overturning of a ruling. Like I said before, she gonna get life. That’s cool but they be sure to include life w/o chance of parole or life with chance of parole after serving 50 years (or something like that). By then, she’ll be so wrinkle and a dried up vag… that she can’t kill another man (unless of course, if she turns real psycho and blame men for her demise and go on a killing spree for revenge).

      12. ldlpllpenny

        Don’t forget Daisy if next jury is hung judge Sherry sentences her. She could give her 25 years plus credit for time served. This would not surprise me at all.

      13. Pam

        I think the judge has just been bending over backwards so Hodie Hole doesn’t have things for another trial. Even this judge knows she is nut case. and a liar. If she gets out she will kill again. I don’t think the judge wants that on her conscience.

      14. ldlpllpenny

        Yes Daisy murder can be 25 yrs to life but that means she can come up for parole at some point. Just like the Manson family. To keep her in prison for life it has to be life with out parole. That’s whats scars me.

      15. ldlpllpenny

        Daisy from what I heard (think from HLN) judge can give Jodi 25 years to life. The way judge Sherry has bent over backwards for the defense 25 years would not surprise me. I know judge does not want any appeals but she has gone way beyond that with sidebars and delays.

      16. ldlpllpenny

        O.K. Pam and Daisy came up with great idea. We will use the chainsaw to get Michael Jackson’s Dr. out of prison then we will have him get all his left over propofol and he can administer to our most hated evil people. Have to figure out a way to make the gaurds look the other way though. The woman that pushed her husband over the cliff is at home so she shouldn’t be a problem. Lets give them M.J. kind of sleep.

      17. Daisy

        Why spend money? Write to Syria and ask for their chemical war heads. We’ll just stick them all in the huge coliseum and Kaboom!!! Party time!!!

      18. Daisy

        Those damn side bars are such a waste of time! Should’ve been resolve before trial began. I almost had to sit thru a trial with TRANSLATORS…Thank God I was spare by one seat!!!

      19. ldlpllpenny

        Yes Daisy they should be in the chainsaw club then put in little boxes in the garage. Everyone there knew what was going on. Even if the boyfriend did the deed the mom didn’t stop it. Makes her just as quilty.

      20. Daisy

        Boyfriends family members who were in that house during all this should be found as guilty also. Stepfather knew all along that Baby Elaina’s mom knew who did it… he said so himself! Now, who else should get blamed and charged with whatever???

      21. Daisy

        To solve this tragedy would take a miracle for the justice system. In the eyes of the people, many know the answer and know what punishment should follow. I can’t even post what I REALLY think…

      22. Pam

        I want to know what you really think. Post away. I starting watching HLN again the other night. I got so mad at Nancy Grace I wanted to throw something into my TV. She was right in what she was saying its just how she does it.

        OK here goes
        “Can you believe a mother beat her baby and lite her on fire and made her other kids help her burn her baby to death” She yells this into the camera mind you as though we can’t hear
        her. Then the music goes Da- da- da- daaaaa ” Bombshell Tonight” she looks at you all serious and quiet then says Can……….You ………..Believe………………A …………….Mother………….Beat……….Her…..Baby…And and on and on word for word what
        she just yelled at us like we didn’t hear her the first time. She needs medication. Stretching out every word. I was thinking didn’t she just saying that like 2 seconds ago. Da..dadadaaaaaaaa
        “Bombshell Tonight” Nancy needs Meds….sorry repeating myself oops! πŸ™‚

      23. Daisy

        Very kind of you! Thanks Pam!! But I can’t take you up on this offer of “post away” cause I’ll be typing all kinds of dashes!!

      24. Pam

        They all get away pulling the crazy card. I think that one woman was crazy who’s husband made her live in a school bus was nuts Andrea Yates. He should have gone to jail. He over worked the woman. Didn’t try to help her. He was the one who got her into the religious hardship bull. Men just walk away free and clear.

      25. ldlpllpenny

        @ Pam I think men get much longer sentences then women. Think of sex crimes a man gets years a woman not as much. If it was Travis on trial for killing Jodi he would be on deathrow already. I honestly think women walk more. Should be equal for both for crime either commits.

      26. Pam

        Your right sometimes but that 49 yr old guy that slept with the 14yr ” 35 yr difference” and he got what???30days and judge sided with him. She killed herself. I would say that certainly wasn’t the case. As far as what I was referring to in my last post I meant these religious groups where the men rule. Rusty Yates ruled the roast in that home. He knew she was ill. Yet he still left her alone with his kids. He preached and preached those rules of sin which stuck in her mind. The sins she was afraid for her children. She was nuts. That doesn’t give her a free ride. He should hold some responsibility. I had a friend that was a Jehovah’s Witness and I had to walk away from our friendship. She never stopped preaching at me. πŸ™‚

      27. ldlpllpenny

        Pam great point taken about that so called teacher. Everyone was in an uproar about the 30 days. Bet he doesn’t stay on the bench much longer and then of course we will never hear about judge trying to now sentence him to more time. Bothe the judge and teacher should be castrated!!!!!!!

      28. ldlpllpenny

        Pam how about chainsaw for both? Don’t think the judge can change the sentence of the 30 days he gave him. At least that is what I have heard. Somebody needs to get him off the bench.

      29. Pam

        Somebody needs to bend him over and rape him and have a judge say he was old enough to know what the guy was doing. Then we get your chainsaw. ok?

      30. Daisy

        ME TOO!! I wanna join the chainsaw party with those two!! Judge still screwing up! He can’t take a second stab at sentencing someone! It’s outta his hands with higher authority taking over and then charge that damn 49 old shit of a teacher to it’s fullest extend and no less! Minimum of two years (which a-ho judge wanna resentence the perv) isn’t enough!! Especially since he’s record of improper behavior among girls! As for the judge, he ain’t getting nothing but castrated by all those shouting outside his courtroom which I’m sure will cause him to resign and get his home egged on for years to come! Unfortunately, he’ll most likely say he’s retiring which means town has to pay for his pension; medical benefits; etc. for rest of his life!! What a deal huh??

      31. Pam

        He should be brought before a judge counsel or whatever they have and be stripped of his benefits. He is responsible for the death of a 14yr of girl

      32. ldlpllpenny

        Of course that judge can not change the verdict he handed down to the perv. 30 days come on. Yes chainsaw club. Saving the razors for Jodi. Getting a little rusty maybe a little nasty. Oh well. Still trying to think of what to do with Jordan the one that pushed her husband off the cliff. Can’t do much right now as mommy is watching over her.

      33. Daisy

        Worse of all, these killers are getting money from all kinda people to help them or just from the media! Sickos!!! Rusted blades are better….either they die or get HIV…one way or another, rusted blades can still do the job!

      34. Daisy

        Know what REALLY gets me? Killers are still getting paid! That football player who supposedly killed a friend is still getting paid from the NFL (team he was on)! Guy who shot all those people at Fort Hood’s still getting paid; etc. Sport’s player who break the law are still making hundreds of thousands/millions! What happened to bad guys don’t get to play nomore and ends their salary???? That’s why younger generation don’t have no morals/ethics anymore!

      35. ldlpllpenny

        @ Pam and Daisy I have a book of matches how about we gather that judge and perv make a circle around them then light the matches and sing “GREAT BALLS OF FIRE”

      36. ldlpllpenny

        Pam I have enough matches I think but just in case bring a lighter. Should get them all together, razor blades and pole, chainsaw but the pods are gone so we need to think of something else. We can then sing “RING AROUND THE ROSY” LMAO

      37. Pam

        Break into evidence locker and get Hodie Holes knife and gun. We can tell em we found gun on the defense table and we don’t remember where we got the knife cause we have PTSB from waiting for this DAMN TRIAL TO BE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      38. Daisy

        Screw matches and shit…too much to carry. I got an old flame throwing torch that wind can’t blow off; extending fire distance so we can’t burn our eye brows, hair nor fingers! Use it for my fireplace from other end of room while sitting on couch! Just put rags around their bods and whooooosh!!!

      39. Daisy

        Guess I spoke too bluntly huh? Didn’t mean to be so angry sounding. Actually, I could do much worse. Answer to your question…”NO”. So much bull shit! Why are there soooo many parents’ killing their own flesh and blood?? Why are people of the justice system so scared of a few words like “….racial; cause we’re minorities; cause teachers aren’t teaching our kids to do the right things; why aren’t teachers talking about bullying; etc.”. Why are parents placing blame on something a parent is supposed to do? Why are we Americans such bigots?? Why are the people always being threatened about something like strikes; government closing down; too expensive for an attack on Syria when hundreds of children were killed and American’s worry about cost of a freakin’ cell phone and not able to get a new product? When did we start forgetting “humanity”; standing behind our leader (president); so shallow as to cry out “…worry about more jobs instead of attacking Syria; etc…? Does anyone care that the “…no pain; no death of innocent people…” was meant to show Syria bio-chemical weapons were unacceptable which the main intention was for the safety of our country?? I don’t know, maybe turning 60’s making me a pissed of old bitch.

      40. Pam

        I was reading an article today on facts and myths. I read Top 10 Myths Americans are made to believe. When I was done my mouth was hanging open because I realized what they said was true. It was scary. As to what your saying I agree 100% but we really have no say what so ever on anything….. believe me. When an American college professor did a survey of all the countries in the world according to laws and rights of the people we did not even fall into the top 10% as far as democracy and freedoms and care from our government. Racism and mental issues making sure people have medical coverage and food to eat in this country. Gun issues all of it is run by government and people with money. I will give you one example they pointed out. According to the law..our constitution, government property belongs to the people..parks..national forests etc. But most of these places charge money to visit or if not and your homeless you are told you can’t camp there. You can’t even sleep on a beach in this area without getting arrested. National monuments belong to the people but are closed off to the public until opened for visitors. Most European countries you can camp and sleep anywhere. People even invite you to camp on their property. You can’t get mental health help with out medical insurance. Their arn’t enough welfare workers and the ones there are are paid very little because our government doesn’t feel our poor are worth it. I love being American but I’m not blind to the truth.

      41. Daisy

        I believe and agree with you 100%. Would like to share a story with you: A 40 yr. old female finally had an opportunity to attend college so she enrolled in city college first, got a Pell Grant and enrolled in all the required requisites for transfer into a state college to obtain a BA in criminal justice. When she finally received her AA and transferred finishing 1 semester in state college when tragedy hit. Person she was living with who was also financially caring for her allowing her to go to college full time had been stricken with a rare cancer. She left college and took any kind of employment so she can assist w/bills and health costs. After he made it through, she married and was still working for the health benefit reasons till he got back on track to assist her again. Unfortunately she fell ill which rendered her unemployable. While recovering from her first stroke for almost a year, she was stricken with a second stroke. Trying to recoup from those two strokes with some unknown unlinking problems, it took 5 years for Dr. to finally find out obstacles preventing her recovering therapies was discovered to be an aneurysm in the brain. Luckily it was removed in time making it 10x more difficult in recovery. She worked all her years of life until she was able to enter college. Since she left to work then fell into illness herself; she was denied any disability benefits from Social Security and no unemployment. Ever since then, nothing but denials for assistance but a freakin’ Disabled Placard! Her sister, hated working, never worked more than 6 weeks at a time, was able to receive unemployment; homeless benefits; a place to live free and free medical coverage (she was a drug addict). She lived like that for over 20 yrs while receiving free meals also. Tell me, did government back a person who worked most of their life, then found opportunity to obtain an education for a better career but circumstances arose that made that person stop the education; worked and got physically unable to continue work nor education be forgotten about by the government???

      42. Pam

        sorry to hear it. nothing surprises me. I went through a nightmare when I had to go for my SS disability took 6 yrs to get Car accident. Plates metal screw etc surgeries

      43. Pam

        LOL you had to ask. No they only gave $500.00 a month to try to live on for total disability from 3 doctors who said I could not carry a job. in 2006. Said I had not earned enough for more. I had been a stay at home mom with 3 boys so I was screwed. I did work all threw high school and for several yrs up til the accident but unless you put in 20yrs or more your pretty much screwed. Rents in my area at that time were around 800.00 to 1000.00 with no utilities included. My husband and I had split so living was hard for me. Had to stay with a very
        mentally abusive man and hand over my check for years because I had no way out. ” No Options” In this area shelters only offer you a shelter for the “night”. even without a car your out the next day you had to be out by 6am in morning I tried that route. Even disabled. I will stop about me because it doesn’t improve until my poor ex passes away and he was a very nice man…….There are little to no options for anyone without money anymore. Its the haves and the have nots. If you do stay at home and try to be a good mother and later find yourself on your own your screwed but if you work and your kids go bad its ” Oh you didn’t pay enough attention” its all our fault with nothing to fall back on.

      44. Daisy

        Might be Hodie’s people reading our shit. I hope so! They can join Hodie when we perform our “CEREMONY OF FIRE AND RAZORS….(shoots, stuck again)….

      45. Daisy

        Yup! Glad to hear Judge Stephens might have another judge sit in. Tomorrow’s meeting is closed and in chambers and on October 25th or 26th, discussion with DA Martinez. Might be plead bargaining or request change venue. I don’t care if she gets DP or not. JUST GIVE HER THE DAME LIFE W/O PAROLE IN MAX PRISON IN SOLITARY ALREADY!!! On visitation she can have are her parents and sibling!! No outside contact! That’ll be real hell for her……Pam…it must be catchy…FINGER KEEPS GETTING STUCK on keyboard!!!

      46. Daisy

        Men get longer sentence cause they MAKE babies while females have to carry them to term and la-dee-dah-la-dee-dah……
        Guys don’t have innocent faces!

      47. ldlpllpenny

        Daisy Jodi and the wife Jordan didn’t carry babies. Jodi is only in her cell 16 hrs a day and Jordan got to go home with mommy and paid no bail money. Now whats that all about?

      48. Daisy

        Know what? All the killers with mommies and daddies who’ll take care of them are actually showing the public how the killers became killers in the first place! Looks like families didn’t do a good job of teaching right and wrongs while growing up…

      49. Pam

        Yeah he did. Big religious act I think. He is the religious fanatic who made her live that way and stuck her with all that stress. He needed some good press didn’t he??? I’m not buying it.

      50. Daisy

        Too bad religion’s getting such a bad rap what with all the kooks and crap that it’s generating! Seems people don’t know when/where to stop pushing their beliefs anymore. Common sense is obviously out of the picture…sad…

  1. Daisy

    What’s messed up is that everyone already suspected as much about Baby Elaina being dead. Media’s making like police did not search house/property well enough before. Well, that house is so fulla junk, imagine garage! Besides, someone could’ve moved the remains from creek/river area and put it in garage after the fact, right? King had a lot opportunities to do just that since he wasn’t arrested till real late in the game. What makes the mother or grandmother or whomever that belongs to, innocent of any wrongdoing?? Their own property!!

  2. Daisy

    Pam, I’m getting to the point of wanting to smack her (NG) AND Mitchell a few times myself. I’m tired of NG talking about her own kids and Mitchell’s overly dramatic statements!! Starting to watch more CNN, OutFront and Anderseon Cooper’s 360. Waiting to finish Aria’s trial is killing me!

    1. Pam

      My friend was here the other night and thought I was nuts. I was laughing at Nancy. She thought I was making fun of the news. I said watch her Beverly… she is going to do or say this or that and damn if she didn’t. After awhile my friend was laughing with me. I said that guy isn’t going to agree she won’t let him talk…waalaaa no talkie…Nancy going to yell, nancy yelled. Ok they are talking about this kid so she will talk about hers. Bombshell Tonight Nancy is a douche bag. OOPs sorry that slipped right onto my keyboard. At least we have had a break from her dead fiance of what 20 ..25 yrs? No disrespect to him but that was years ago and whenever the new victims tell their stories Nancy right there trying for her share of sympathy. Does she have a husband now? That was through the whole Hodie case. Poor me…I’m sure it will surface when the trial starts up. Sorry guys you know me I don’t hold back.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        I don’t want to look at judge Stevens face again. She needs to go back to school to learn how to sit on the bench or maybe Jodi will teacher how. You know how Jodi is so creative. Look how will she taught ALV about DV.

    1. Daisy

      From what I’ve seen, Arias’ hearing, held behind closed doors was mainly to decide if another expert witness can testify in retry for defense. All the buzz is speculation of Oct. 26’s “invitation” on all involved (closed door & poss. another judge to sit in w/Stephen’s) for possible settlement.

  3. ldlpllpenny

    Thanks both Daisy and Pam for the info. Do you think they will keep the new judge for Jodi’s next court date? Pam how is your health doing? Hope you are feeling better each day.

    1. Pam

      Thanks for asking. I am doing much better. Still tired a lot but other wise well. Learned to give myself shots this past week. Was not a happy camper about that. My doctor of 31 yrs retired and I am going through separation anxiety for real in the middle of this crap. Anyway. I’m not sure about the judge but I wouldn’t think so. She’ll be back I bet or we go find her ok? Get razors and stuff together we’ll get her back on the bench.

      1. Pam

        Looking under the bed.ummmmm. Thinking we have more weapons then they do. Found a squirt gun from the past. put bleach in it and hit them in the eyes stop them for you at least. Also a boomarang..need practice though lol oh yeah and a paddle ball minus the ball..those things are lethal. I remember getting hit with them when the ball fell off.

      2. ldlpllpenny

        OHOH Pam some criminals might like the paddle with out the ball and some would like just the ball. I’ll look around my house and see what more I can find.

      3. ldlpllpenny

        I was so mad at Arias and other trials I went shopping. Coulda maxed out my c.card but decided to come home and sharpen knife, chainsaw, needles and anything else I can find.

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