Arias On Monday…Here We Go Again!




Jodi’s Defense Attorneys have filed more motions regarding keeping cameras out of the courtroom. They cite the death threats aimed at their witnesses as the problem. (Though, if you recall, the lovely ‘Pot-Head Patti’ admitted there were no death threats.). They also want to get the twitter addresses of the jurors to make sure they are not manipulated by media- they imply that the alternate juror, Tara K., was on Twitter during the trial. From what I saw of her account I believe she started it AFTER the trial. She was new to Twitter. (Of course, as we all know Jodi is on Twitter). Oh, and of course, they still want to delay the rest of this trial. Will it ever end? Stay tuned–we have her in court this coming Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.  Arizona time! Here is a link to the article, provided by my favorite Twitter source- @WitchyTweets (thanks!):

31 thoughts on “Arias On Monday…Here We Go Again!

  1. ldlpllpenny

    Do you think judge Sherry will or will not alow it to be main srteamed? I will be so mad if we can’t watch this but of course it will probably be 2 sec. and be delayed again.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        I would change my name move to AZ try to be a juror. If my name was changed they would never find out I read blogs and tweet. If my last name was Arias I’d put my head in the toilet
        bowl and drown myself. We are on count down. Hope it is on TV.

      1. Pam

        I still don’t understand why her other ex-boyfriends were not all supeoned by the defense or the state to testify. The girl she confronted before? So many things were not explored. It still confuses me.

      2. ldlpllpenny

        The court says that any predjudicial evidence against the person that is being prosecuted will be discrimination. Bring in the tapes of the mom and and exboyfriend of Jodi they concider prejudice. I think that is crazy. I feel the jury needs to hear about any background on Arias or other criminals to be able to give a fair justice. This is the same thing that happens with rape, murder, other crimes. That’s why a lot of juors get it wrong thinking they are not as bad as proscution is making them out to be.

      3. Pam

        Yeah Penny but they brought up what she did to Bobby…following him and going to talk to that girl. They talked about her stalking tendancies during the trail. How can it be prejudice. It was already talked about. That would only prove it. That stupid Alyce Laviolet was crying on TV yesterday whoa is me..poor me,,poor Hodie hole…I’m so scared….if she is so scared why is she on TV saying she is still on Hodie holes side.

      4. ldlpllpenny

        Don’t want to kill A V but would like to put tape on her mouth. What kind of a therapist is she? One side of a story from a liars mouth and she gets on national TV and agrees Hodi was a victim. Where is any evidence that he was a perv or abuser. She never even spoke with any of her so called friends or family and of course Travis couldn’t defend himself. I think she made herself cry. People can do that for sympathy. Bet she does not want to get back on the stand as she knows Juan would rip her a new one. She is a man hater.

      5. ldlpllpenny

        I must have missed the part about her stalking the other guy. I started watching a little later then when it first came on. Yes agree why can’t they bring that up??? mThe defense would file another motion so it would put it out to a later date. Thanks for the info.

      6. ldlpllpenny

        No they are not fair trials.There are countries that still cut hands off for stealing. I’m not saying to do that but if we had stricter consequences some of the crime would stop. People on death row should not be allowed all the appeals and as a juor I feel you do need to know the background of the defendant. I would have know problem with the witnesses of the prosecution of who they use have their background checked also. Think that would cover all bases and we would get the truth by both parties. It does not cost that much to do a background check. At least then we would really have a good idea of who we are dealing with.

  2. Pam

    Oh yeah I almost forgot lol They told us about her book club. They found out how many members she has roflmao!!!!!!! ONE HERSELF!!!!!

      1. Pam

        When I heard them say that this yesterday morning on the news I almost fell over laughing. I wonder if she is going to tell this jury about her book club lmao

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