Defense motions

Apparently the defense is trying to stop the prosecution from calling their remaining rebuttal witnesses. The remaining witnesses are:

1. Suzie Dittman, regarding JA’s bank accounts.

2. Detective Robert Brown -I believe to retrieve photos from JA’s camera proving she was a blond right before the murder. (So she did dye her hair to be less recognizable).

3. Dr. Kevin Horn, the medical examiner. Apparently to remind the shot was last.

4. Detective Flores- the main detective on this case who sits beside JM in court. He may come in to prove the shelf JA said she stepped on to get the gun could not have supported JA’s weight.

I am waiting (impatiently) as they announced the hearing would be live-streamed at 11, then that was cancelled, and now according to ‘Wild About Trial” they may show it ?!!

5 thoughts on “Defense motions

    1. Wendy Melton

      The ending is bittersweet for me. I will miss Juan, I’ll miss the drama which is better than anything on TV however, I can’t wait for the verdict. I was so hoping that Juan had found the salon where Jodi visited to prove she had her hair colored. THAT, even though a small thing in the overall picture, would have definitely proved that she IS a liar and she LIED under oath. I know he did that with many other topics, but I was hoping!


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