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Arias Summary 5/20

The motion for a mistrial (because Patty was supposedly threatened) has been denied. Martinez pointed out that Patty refused to answer his questions regarding her and the defendant’s drug use. She then left for a few minutes with Nurmi and Wilmott (who are NOT her attorneys). When she returned she ‘took the 5th.’ This means she most likely wouldn’t have testified anyhow. She also apparently never claimed the income from pictures she sold to the Nancy Grace show.

Right after the judge denied the motion Nurmi stated he and Willmott wanted off the case…again. This was also denied. Then when the judge asked to call the witnesses Nurmi informed her they were not going to call ANY witnesses. The judge then asked if the defendant was ready to allocute and this resulted in the parties going back into chambers. We are now waiting.

The court adjourns for the day. Then the judge asks about telling the jury about Patty- apparently the defense wants a jury instruction regarding Ms. Womack. Martinez says it would not be proper as we don’t really know- it could be that the defendant had a ‘bad background.’ Nurmi mentions the jury will wonder why no witnesses as they said there would be two. The judge will indicate to the jury that Ms. Womack is ‘unavailable.’ Martinez asks to approach. Nurmi asks for a stay of these proceedings- it is denied. The jury is brought back in. Judge tells jury they cannot continue today and will resume tomorrow.

Back tomorrow at 9:30.


Jodi Has A Friend?


You may recognize her from a prior day in court- you know, the day Patti gave Mr. Martinez the finger? Well this is the stellar witness for Jodi Arias. I cannot wait for Martinez to go after her. I can’t remember looking forward to anything so much. Yes, Martinez can and will cross Jodi’s friends. I believe this may be one reason the family will not speak for her. Can you imagine her Mom having to tell the prosecutor that she never hit Jodi and didn’t even own a wooden spoon? But I digress…more about Patti…

Before I drop the bombs I need to give credit where credit is due. Chris Stark is someone I really admire. She has done more research on this case and had more breaking news about it than anyone anywhere as far as I am concerned. So because I respect her so much I just can’t steal all her research- I just want to give you a taste so that you will go to twitter and follow her. I promise you will not be disappointed. Follow her at: @stark3923.

Here’s a taste of what you will find, all tweeted by Chris today:

“PotHead” Patti

1. @stark3923-Chris Stark (research)


“This is Patricia Womack aka PotHead Patti. Patti laughs in court, wears daisy duke shorts in court, gave the finger to the prosecutor in court and believed JA was innocent until JA admitted guilt.”

2. Patti’s arrest:


San Luis Obispo Superior Court-

Criminal/Traffic Case #Mooo335247WOMACKPATR

DUI – Alchohol/Drugs- the drug was heroin.

She purposely spelled her name wrong: Patrisha Fawn Womack (Court Docs for this trial her name is spelled ‘Patricia’)

3. Chris has links to :

-Patti giving Martinez the finger in open court.

-Patti with tattoos /bra strap sitting next to Sandy Arias- both laughing in court.

-Patti’s transcript with Nancy Grace- where she says ‘you know’ every sentence and sounds drugged.

-Her facebook with lots of pictures.

-“Who is Patty” (twitlonger) where Chris goes into the pot growing with Jodi and details about the strange wedding where Jodi took the photos.

-The reason why Patti is doing all these interviews- 4 nationally so far.

Another tidbit I got by following Chris is ‘Tracey’ commented the following:

Tracey-@tandthoppers- “Patty is the one who was arrested after her 1st interview w/Nancy (Grace). Pills and Child Endangerment.”

 Funny how she had a real problem with being on the Court camera today since she has been on media and is all over the internet. When I started to research her I just typed ‘Patti Womack Jodi Arias’ into google and there she was!